Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design

Thu, Dec 8, 2011

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Raised feeders help your cat keep the correct posture while eating, which leads to better digestion. Having multiple cats, I have been looking for a nice raised feeder to accommodate several cats at once. The new multi-cat raised feeder from Catswall Design has finally met the need, and they’ve done it with style. And here’s your chance to win one! One lucky reader is going to win the raised feeder of their choice, either the 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-bowl version. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one you’d like. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on December 15, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,625 Responses to “Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design”

  1. 1501
    rebecca montague

    I didn’t know this site existed. Found it as a link on the Worlds Best Cat Litter Facebook page. I would love to win a 3 bowl feeder! Gonna see what else this site has looks like they have cool stuff.

  2. 1502

    I would love the 3-bowl feeder!

  3. 1503

    Oh, this is totally cool. My three cats would love the 3 bowl stand.

  4. 1504
    Michael A Pastuch

    The 5 bowl feeder would be nice

  5. 1505

    I would love the double bowl feeder for Buddy & Little John. Then maybe Buddy would stick to his own food and leave Little John’s for Little John!

  6. 1506

    I need the four bowl feeder even though I only have three cats, because my girl, Newt, eats so quickly and then yells WHERE THE HECK’S THE FOOD!!??? So an extra bowl for her would save me a lot of time!

  7. 1507

    I love it. I would need the five bowl to feed all of my cats!

  8. 1508
    Anita Morton

    I’d love the two bowl feeder! Thanks! They’re so cute, and functional.

  9. 1509

    This is so cool – will help my older cats eat w/out pain!

  10. 1510

    My babies would love to eat out of the two bowl feeder!

  11. 1511

    A three-bowl would suit my six-cat clowder – they wouldn’t have to take turns or bicker at the large feeder.

  12. 1512
    Holly Thomas

    I Like the Double Feeder! :)

  13. 1513
    Kathy Dettwiler

    Mine would love the 5 bowl feeder. They eat a lot. :)

  14. 1514

    we have a new addition to our cat family & would love to start her out right in learning to share with her big brothers! the 3 bowl feeder would be purrrr-fect!!

  15. 1515

    This looks like something that is ergonomically better than my current solution. Nice design.

  16. 1516
    Anne Brackin

    I have been concerned that my big cat is having to crouch to eat because he is having digestion issues. A multi-cat raised feeder would certainly help his health and the health of his companion. The two feeder would be ideal. Thank you so much for the chance to get one for free (whoever wins)! In this economy, it is hard for me to keep kitties in food and litter, much less vet bills and new dishes.

  17. 1517

    Ooooo…..the 5 bowl feeder please. It would make an interesting centerpiece on my table. That’s where my furry babies eat when I don’t have guests.

  18. 1518

    My cats and I would adore the “nom-nom-nom-nom-nom” version!

  19. 1519
    Sue O'Brien

    These are so great! Would love the 4 bowls for my 4 Rescue Kitty’s <3 I have bowls scattered all over the house…Thank You!

  20. 1520

    i would love the 2-dish for my kitties!

  21. 1521

    Each of our cats seem to like different flavors! This would be great and we wouldn’t have bowls everywhere! Life is grand.

  22. 1522

    Those are very cool. I could really use the 5-bowl feeder.

  23. 1523

    I would love the 2 bowl version. My aging cats are having more and more trouble lowering themselves down to eat out of the bowl on the floor :)

  24. 1524
    colleen pinto

    My cats would love the 4 cat one!!!!

  25. 1525

    I would love to have the 2 bowl version so the cats don’t fight over which bowl to eat of

  26. 1526

    I would love to have the 2 bowl version so the cats don’t fight over which bowl to eat out of.

  27. 1527
    Carolyn Killey

    We would need the 3 bowl feeder. We have only one cat at this time (waiting to adopt another), but found that our cats usually eat out of the same dish. The 3rd bowl would be used for special treats

  28. 1528
    Lisa Blackwood

    I would love to have the 5 bowl feeder for my 5 senior cats. I think the bowls would look adorable on their cat face place maat.

  29. 1529
    Christine Paul

    What a clever idea!!! My kitties would love this!!! I like the raised design as well! Sweet!!!

  30. 1530
    Lisa Sheppard

    I would live the 4 cat raised feeder. What a great idea!!! Did not know they existed :)

  31. 1531
    ashley verdi

    I would need the 5 feeder. I have a whole family of cats…5 to be exact…Maxy the great grandma,her daughter dutchess and her two kids princess & chuckie and of course my big baby Maya! They all love eachother very much and I have the drinkwell 360 so they drink water the same way the feeder is set up so this would go purrrfect with that and a great holiday gift!

  32. 1532
    Jennifer Ries

    I love love love the 4 bowl ;-) I have 3 cats and they are on timed feeding, once in the AM and then again in the PM. Since they are indoors only it helps with boredom over eating. I feed them 1 tablespoon wet each and 1/3 cup dry and it’s all gone in about 10 minutes. The cat design is awesome and since I feed my kitties on my dinning room table, this would make the perfect centerpiece for my kitty household. All 3 kitties are rescues and I wouldn’t have it any other way….
    Meowey Christmas to all and your little furry faces!!! >^..^<

  33. 1533

    OMG, I NEED the 3 tier cat feeder please!

  34. 1534
    michelle muskus

    I would love the 4 bowl feeder for my outside cats. I have 4 of my own inside plus somehow I have adopted all of these stray cats outside….I think they must tell each other to come to our house!!….I have anywhere from 2-6 cats show up all during the day and night and have also seen a raccoon and a possum at the feeder.It would greatly help reduce some of the mess out there and help me to stay better organized.Thanks and love the designs!!

  35. 1535

    I would like the 2 bowl feeder!

  36. 1536

    Well I only have the one kitten. so the 2 would be cool! My neighbor takes in feral cats and gets them fixed and healthy so if I was to win I would probably want the larger one to give to her as a gift! so never mind me, lets win one for the ferals!

  37. 1537
    Karen Nelson

    My four boys really, really want a 4 bowl feeder!

  38. 1538
    Mike Zampello

    And of course, all four of my cats won’t eat the same food! And only two of them will share. I also put out three water bowls and every week they seem to choose a different one and ignore the others. Cats, go figure. But that’s why I love them.

  39. 1539
    Bill Morris

    My three Maine Coons would love the three station one. It would definitely be better for their digestion.

  40. 1540
    Barbara Hitcho

    I really like this idea. Can you just see how much better for every cat to have a comfortable spot to eat at the “dinner table” and to be able to have a place to come together and say “Hello, here’s what happened to me today!” I love this :) My two cats eat and drink together and it seems that they enjoy doing it “together”. This raised-feeder item would make their dining experience so much more superb! Even if only a one cat family- food and water in the raised-feeder would be ideal :)

  41. 1541
    Dee Dee Larson

    The great cat litter company now has the greatest bowl feeders. I would luv the 4 bowl feeder for my 4 cats. Thank you for such great products. I wish I had found you years ago. Meow, D2

  42. 1542

    My Herbie would LOVE the 2 bowl… and he’s a big boy so not having to bend over would be so much better for him!

  43. 1543

    WOW…I love it!!! Never saw something like this. It would be ideal for my 3 cats of 8,7 and 8 months. Always a lot of food is on the floor after eating, but I think I live too far away to win such the 3-dish. Well…I only wanna let you know that i like it very much!!!! ( Live in the netherlands )

  44. 1544

    the 2 bowl feeder would be great for my fur babies.

  45. 1545
    Judy Norton

    My two senior furr babies would really appreciate these dishes. Such an interesting site. Thanks for new ideas.

  46. 1546
    Lisa Bradshaw

    Oh wow, love the three bowl feeder. And so glad to see how many people need multi-cat feeders – lots of kitties with forever homes out there!! This site has great stuff – off to shop :)

  47. 1547
    Deb Carr

    I would love the two bowl feeder. Very nice idea off the floor.

  48. 1548

    I would love the three bowl feeder!

  49. 1549
    Mayla Moore

    This would be the best gift for my mom! She has 9 cats (6 have been rescued in the past 3 years). I know she would appreciate the 5-bowl feeder. Thank you for your generosity!

  50. 1550
    Jennifer Danford

    My cats Molly and Chuck would love love love the three bowl feeder! Thanks so much!!

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