Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design

Thu, Dec 8, 2011

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Raised feeders help your cat keep the correct posture while eating, which leads to better digestion. Having multiple cats, I have been looking for a nice raised feeder to accommodate several cats at once. The new multi-cat raised feeder from Catswall Design has finally met the need, and they’ve done it with style. And here’s your chance to win one! One lucky reader is going to win the raised feeder of their choice, either the 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-bowl version. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one you’d like. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on December 15, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,625 Responses to “Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design”

  1. 1551

    I LOVE the World’s Best Cat Litter, and I love this feeder! When I am chosen, I would love the 4 bowl feeder…leaving 1 for water! I have 3 cats and they have a hard time w/our water bowl, so this would be perfect! if not, the 3 feeder is great too! all rescue cat! Thanks so much!

  2. 1552

    I will need the feeder for five kitties please :)

  3. 1553
    Hannah E

    we would like the two bowl design please

  4. 1554
    Susan Trimble

    These feeders are adorable! My 2 kitties are going to turn 10 yrs old in March and their vet recently said raised feeders would likely help with Kelly’s digestive issues. Kyle and Kelly adopted us when they were 5 1/2 months old and our family fell completely in love with them. Right now, I have their bowls raised on a little, rather unimpressive platform, but these feeders are beautiful and functional. The 4-bowl feeder would be perfect for their food and water!

  5. 1555
    Maura van der Linden

    Would love to win the 4 bowl feeder. My furry army would really like to get their faces off the floor!

  6. 1556
    Kenneth Sykes

    Cats Rule. My Squeaky and Princess would like this. Please adopt a animal.

  7. 1557

    My senior cats could really use this to make it easier for them to get to their food.
    Great idea.

  8. 1558
    Sheila Bass

    I think this product is a great idea!! I agree that if a cat eats in this position the digestion will be better. I have three cats and it would be cool to have them eating at the same time..kinda like going out to dinner :D I hope my cats and I will be the blssed recipients of this feeder. It will get much use since I have two out of three greedy big boys :D Meowy Holidays to all!!!

  9. 1559
    Bruce Porter

    I’ve seen similar for pups, but never for kitties. The two bowl would be purrfect for my boys.

  10. 1560

    i would like the 2 bowl feeder so drew(1 of our eldest)can share with her son columbo

  11. 1561
    Sarah Prodell

    I would love the three-bowl feeder for Wiley, Elsa and Boone (who is calling me at this very moment for treats!).

  12. 1562
    Ellen Porcari

    I’d love a 3-bowl feeder. I have BIG cats and I think the raised bowls would be great for them.

  13. 1563
    nancy rosky

    I would love the two-bowl feeder! My 17 year old has a hard time bending now and the 7 year is just a goof who knocks her bowl over, thus allowing the 17 year to eat food that he’s not supposed to!

  14. 1564
    janice lancaster

    I could really use the 5 bowl one, and it would really look cool viewed from above–I imagine a 5-to 8 kitty wagon wheel effect and smile!

  15. 1565
    Mary Steele

    Would love to have the four feeder for my kitties. Thank you

  16. 1566

    I’d love the 5 bowl feeder. I just found this site today and it looks like so much fun stuff is available. We rescue cats so this lazy susan style feeder would be great for their breakfast and dinner.

  17. 1567

    We would LOVE the 4 bowl feeder!

  18. 1568

    How cute!! I would love to win the 5 cat bowl! My sister and I both have 5 cats and I would love to give her this for Christmas (she wants one too!!)

  19. 1569

    My kitties would love the two feeder bowl. This is a very unique design.

  20. 1570
    Arleen Walker

    would love to win the five cat feeder. a raised feeder sounds like a good idea.

  21. 1571

    The feeder for three would make me shout with glee!

  22. 1572

    Love the 3 feeder…2 cats and one for water. Love your litter! Except the dogs think it’s edible!?!

  23. 1573

    i would like the 5 bowl feeder please.

  24. 1574
    Sue Marchant

    I have 3 large cats I think the 5 bowl feeder would be ideal. 3 bowls of food 2 bowls with water. I use World’s Best for multi cats and love it. My kitties like it too!

  25. 1575

    the five one since I have 4 cats. One bowl for water, that’s purrrrfect!!! ;-)

  26. 1576

    I would love the five feeder!

  27. 1577
    Cindy C.

    This is Awesome! =) I would love the 4 bowl design!!!

  28. 1578
    Polly Harlan

    What a great idea, proper posture and good digestion are important for kitties. The best part, they get to eat from the cutest feeding stand ever…I would like the one for two cats!!

  29. 1579
    Martha Guelden

    Iwould to have the 2 bowl design

  30. 1580

    The four feeder would be wonderful. Very attractive feeders BTW.

  31. 1581
    Francesca Barenghi

    I love the 5 bowl feeder. It’s a great idea for kitten and many adult cats !

  32. 1582
    kathy johnson

    this feeder is so darn cute the 2 feeder perfect for us

  33. 1583

    I would love this feeder looks cool for my cat Thanks

  34. 1584
    angie lilly

    well…seeing as how I have 7 fur babies LOL I would want the 5 bowl one! SO cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. 1585

    Would like the 4 cat feeder…have 3 cats and we love World’s Best!! Have been using it for quite sometime and have recommended it to other cat owners. Our cat sitter loved it so much that he stooped to thievery(we left him with 8 bags, had two left when we got home and we were only gone 6 days!)and then he called to tell us that his cats love World’s Best!!!

  36. 1586
    Carolynn Foss

    Great idea!! Can;t believe it took someone so long to think of it. The 2 cat system would be great for my furry friends-Thanks!

  37. 1587

    Love these, where can they be purchased???

  38. 1588

    Love this design. I have five “fur babies”, all from the same litter that are becoming seniors. This would be fantastic for them to all chow down. Great product concept.

  39. 1589

    I would adore having the 4 bowl feeder for my wonderful 3 cats! They would love this and I hope to be the winner of this unique device!
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  40. 1590
    Gina Tansey

    I would need the one for 2 cats. This would be wonderful because one of my cats likes to push around the bowl when its empty and it’s so annoying…

  41. 1591

    I would get the 2 bowl one!

  42. 1592

    To promote cooperative dining two of the 4 cat feeders would work quite well.

  43. 1593

    About time somebody got a clue. I would love the 3-cat feeder or 4-cat feeder (never know when a new kitty might appear)! They look great and would make feeding time at the ranch a little less chaotic!

  44. 1594
    Debra Hoffmann Knowles

    I would love the 5 place one! I have 6 cats, and this would be great for putting out food and water for them!

  45. 1595
    Jennifer Y

    Great idea! The 4 bowl one would be perfect for my 4 cat household!!

  46. 1596
    Amy Jaslow

    These would be great for my older cat! Not sure which one I would get. I have 5 cats, but I don’t think that they can all eat peacefully quite this close : ))

  47. 1597

    WOW !! This item has gotten more responses than just about anything I have seen here. I see why. It is a fabulous idea. I would love the four bowl design.

  48. 1598


  49. 1599

    I’d love to win the 2 bowl feeder as I only have 1 cat. But a raised water dish hopefully won’t spill as easily as ours on the floor right now.

  50. 1600

    Never really certain when you say that a winner will be announced on a certain date if you continue to take entries to that date or cut off the day/night before. Anyway, hope I am not too late to enter for this, which would certainly be a stylish addition to the feeding station!

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