Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

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There are so many life changes that can cause our cats to become upset and agitated on an emotional level — everything from moving to a new house, adding a new cat to the family, the arrival of a baby, or even just a thunder storm. These stresses can eventually lead to physical problems as well. What if there was a way to naturally and safely reduce your cat’s stress to help them live a calmer, more balanced life? That’s exactly what Spirit Essences can do for you. Without any drugs or chemicals, using just a safe, non-toxic natural remedy.

So, what are Spirit Essences exactly? They are vibrational essences, meaning they are remedies that are infused with the energy from natural elements like flowers and gem stones. You may have heard of Dr. Edward Bach who pioneered flower essence therapy in the 1930s. Spirit Essences use flower essences similar to those developed by Dr. Bach, but they also take advantage of a wide variety of other vibrational essences to create remedies specifically for treating animals.

Spirit Essences was founded by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve in 1995. In addition to conventional veterinary training, Dr. Jean studied veterinary homeopathy, homotoxicology, Reiki, and many other facets of holistic medicine. In 2002 Dr. Jean partnered with cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy who became the President of Spirit Essences and is now the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell (season 2 airs in January!), and who uses the remedies frequently in his work as a cat behavior consultant. Jackson has been using the essences for many years in his practice and has come to appreciate their power as well as their gentle, safe method of creating noticeable change for his clients.

Spirit Essences remedies are very easy to administer. You can add the essences to your cat’s water or food, spray the room with a mister, or apply them directly to the cat’s fur while you pet them. Most issues can usually be resolved in 2 to 6 weeks with regular application. Read all about how the essences are made and what you can expect from using them on the Spirit Essences website FAQ page.

There are a variety of Spirit Essences designed specifically for cats. There’s one for separation anxiety, and another for scaredy cats. If your cat has obsessive-compulsive behavior such as over-grooming, you might need the Obsession Remedy. From Healthy Helper, to Nervous Nelly, to Bully Remedy, there’s a Spirit Essence for every issue. You may be having a difficult time deciding which remedy to choose, so Jackson is going to help. Five readers are going to win a Spirit Essences remedy specific to their issue, plus Jackson will offer personalized advice for your situation.

Here’s how to enter: leave a comment on this post describing the issue you are having with your cat that you think Spirit Essences might help. Jackson is going to choose five comments and he will recommend the appropriate Spirit Essences formula. Each winner will receive the Spirit Essences that Jackson recommends. We’ll post the winners’ entries along with Jackson’s customized tips here on Moderncat for everyone to read. Please only leave one comment and try to be brief when describing your cat’s issues. We will choose the winners next week and post the recommendations the following week. Comments must be submitted by December 22, 2011 in order to be eligible. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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458 Responses to “Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!”

  1. 451

    My cat is 9 months old. He bites and scratches me every day. He winds up like a cobra and pounces at me when I’m not expecting it…scares the heck out of me. I exercize him 15 minutes a day using Da Bird and little jingle balls but he won’t stop biting me! Yesterday he almost bit my eye and left a deep gash in my cheek that will DEFINITELY scar….He also knocks things over ALL THE TIME! I’m scared he’s going to knock something over when I’m not around and cause himself harm. I’m not sure what to do. I’m tempted to just give him away but I don’t want him to be put to sleep because of his FLV. He’s perfectly healthy but people won’t look past that….too much of a risk….HELP!

  2. 452

    My older cat (6yrs) is very aggressive towards my younger cat at times (but not all the time.) They were introduced as adults and he will try to mount her and bite her neck. She will growl and hiss and they will chase each other and fight. He is a bit of a bully towards her. (He’s also almost twice her size) The fighting seems to be mostly over me. When I first got him he was very insecure and would not leave me alone for 5 minutes. He gets very jealous very quickly. He was orphaned as newborn kitten hand raised by humans (a rescue cat). I’m his second (technically third) home. He gets along well with human visitors. Extremely vocal.

    His other issue is that he’s extremely sedentary and hard to motivate to move. (I think when he chases her that’s the only time he actually gets any significant exercise.) it’s hard to get him to respond to toys or he does for 30 seconds and then just watches me. He’s clumsy. I ration his food (raw meat diet) but he’s overweight.

    I think my younger cat (3 yrs old) overall is healthier, she’s athletic, active, great climber and jumper, has good appetite control. Small and delicate. Extremely Shy around human visitors Came to me very thin having lost a lot of weight with having a litter. (She’s now spayed) Not an orphan – (came from a home that bred show cats and breeders – purebred Siberian) but also rehomed as an adult. She is very jumpy to any noise – an overactive startle response, but otherwise seems more secure than my older cat. I don’t know if that’s because of the attacks of my other cat or in part because of her home before mine. Unlike my other cat who glued himself to me very quickly, it took her a good year to fully warm up to me but now she is very loving. She’s very quiet (The one time she made a sound my other cat and I looked at her in shock) She does purr and growls audibly but almost never makes other sounds.)

    I’ve debated getting the spirit essences but havent’ quite been sure which are the best to use.

  3. 453

    We have two Siberian Forest Cats (sisters) that we rescued when they were 20 months old. They’ve always been skiddish but recently, after moving to another state, they will freak out when we have visitors, immediately running and hiding in a closet. One of them, Soleil, is even growling, hissing and howling like a terrified Halloween cat when anyone (including my husband or myself) come near her when she’s hiding from company. The howling sound is awful!!

    Last week I decided to try Jackson’s Scaredy Cat remedy. It is truly helping! Haven’t heard Soleil howl since using the product, even with all the guests in our house for the holidays. Both cats seem more relaxed and friendlier with us. Going to continue to use it and hope we see our girls even happier.

    I’m curious if Jackson would recommend that we add an additional product besides Scaredy Cat…. perhaps his Nervous Nelly remedy?

  4. 454

    I have 2 rescue cats, ages 2 & 12. The 2 yr. old is very sociable, smart, & loves to chase the older 1, who I might add only goes along when she’s in heat. Why I never got her fixed is beyond me, as the 2 yr. old is. Anyway, the older girl is only sociable to me, & hides when there is company. I do catch her over grooming at times. She has always been this way, but was w/another older female until 2 yrs. ago. I honestly don’t know which product I would choose, but I would love to try it,

  5. 455
    veronika kish

    We live in a tiny one room apartment and one of my two cats is currently taking an anti-depressant to treat her fur chewing from separation anxiety. I feel terrible for having to live somewhere that is too small for them with two adults and not enough space to roam around that they deserve. I wish I could find a natural remedy for her that would calm her down and help her to relax.

  6. 456

    My 2 year old bengal cat howls at 2 am every single morning. My bf is so mad about it that he has threatened to get rid of my cat while i am at work. I have tried everything i can think of. From feliway. Playing with my cat for over 2 hours. Taking her on walks. I am at a loss. I love my cat sooooo much and am now afraid to go anywhere. I will never give her away. She is my cat. Help..

  7. 457

    My husband I adopted our first pet ever about 3 months ago after my husband’s dad passed away. She is a 1.5 year old Calico. We love her to pieces and she has been such a blessing in our lives. We’ve been dealing with my husband’s terminal illness financial woes & whole host of other issues, and she has brought so much joy and life into our home.

    Since she moved in with us, we have done tons of research & switched her away from clay based litter & onto to natural food, something her previous owner could not afford to give her. We’ve also bought her a sisal post, toys, a cat tree to keep her occupied. We have a lot of windows that she absolutely loves. But she also gets very bored easily & doesn’t play on her own unless we’re at home. I know she is very lonely when we’re at work. Although she’s a mild cat lately, we’ve noticed substantial twitching of her paws and back. She also has started to bite her tail & licks her paws obsessively. Her vet says nothing is wrong and her tests came out clear. We don’t want to subject her to MRIs and harmful meds, and I hope we can benefit from Spirit Essences products. Thanks!


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