Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

Health & Nutrition

There are so many life changes that can cause our cats to become upset and agitated on an emotional level — everything from moving to a new house, adding a new cat to the family, the arrival of a baby, or even just a thunder storm. These stresses can eventually lead to physical problems as well. What if there was a way to naturally and safely reduce your cat’s stress to help them live a calmer, more balanced life? That’s exactly what Spirit Essences can do for you. Without any drugs or chemicals, using just a safe, non-toxic natural remedy.

So, what are Spirit Essences exactly? They are vibrational essences, meaning they are remedies that are infused with the energy from natural elements like flowers and gem stones. You may have heard of Dr. Edward Bach who pioneered flower essence therapy in the 1930s. Spirit Essences use flower essences similar to those developed by Dr. Bach, but they also take advantage of a wide variety of other vibrational essences to create remedies specifically for treating animals.

Spirit Essences was founded by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve in 1995. In addition to conventional veterinary training, Dr. Jean studied veterinary homeopathy, homotoxicology, Reiki, and many other facets of holistic medicine. In 2002 Dr. Jean partnered with cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy who became the President of Spirit Essences and is now the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell (season 2 airs in January!), and who uses the remedies frequently in his work as a cat behavior consultant. Jackson has been using the essences for many years in his practice and has come to appreciate their power as well as their gentle, safe method of creating noticeable change for his clients.

Spirit Essences remedies are very easy to administer. You can add the essences to your cat’s water or food, spray the room with a mister, or apply them directly to the cat’s fur while you pet them. Most issues can usually be resolved in 2 to 6 weeks with regular application. Read all about how the essences are made and what you can expect from using them on the Spirit Essences website FAQ page.

There are a variety of Spirit Essences designed specifically for cats. There’s one for separation anxiety, and another for scaredy cats. If your cat has obsessive-compulsive behavior such as over-grooming, you might need the Obsession Remedy. From Healthy Helper, to Nervous Nelly, to Bully Remedy, there’s a Spirit Essence for every issue. You may be having a difficult time deciding which remedy to choose, so Jackson is going to help. Five readers are going to win a Spirit Essences remedy specific to their issue, plus Jackson will offer personalized advice for your situation.

Here’s how to enter: leave a comment on this post describing the issue you are having with your cat that you think Spirit Essences might help. Jackson is going to choose five comments and he will recommend the appropriate Spirit Essences formula. Each winner will receive the Spirit Essences that Jackson recommends. We’ll post the winners’ entries along with Jackson’s customized tips here on Moderncat for everyone to read. Please only leave one comment and try to be brief when describing your cat’s issues. We will choose the winners next week and post the recommendations the following week. Comments must be submitted by December 22, 2011 in order to be eligible. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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458 Responses to “Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!”

  1. 101

    I have six cats, 2 feral & 4 bengals, recently they have begun marking items all over the house…..they are also getting into each other’s space and we have many minor skirmishes. I can use any help that you could offer, my vet is suggesting prozac and I would prefer not going down that road

  2. 102

    Both of my cats are scaredy cats. Mose and Amy are brother and sister from the same litter and are about 12 years old. They have been totally indoor cats for about five years because there are coyotes where I live. They were left on my vet’s doorstep when they were too young to be separated from their mother, and they were initially raised in cages at the vet’s. Although they received some handling by people at that time, I suspect they may not have gotten enough. They both run and hide if they hear the doorbell (even a doorbell in a TV program) or even the sound of a truck coming down the street (it might be FedEx and the doorbell might be about to ring!!), but Amy is more scared than Mose; she will go to a hiding place such as the back of a closet and won’t come out for hours unless I coax her out. They both hide from visitors, although Mose sometimes ventures out after an hour or two, if the guest stays that long. They both cringe when being petted, even though they ask to be petted and like it. Mose also is easily overstimulated by petting and will bite or scratch; I’ve learned the hard way to sense when it’s getting to be too much for him, but visitors are at risk. It’s challenging to take them to the vet because they are so hypervigilant. I usually don’t try to take them on the same day because once I’ve gotten one in a carrier, the other has hidden from me. I’ve seen “My Cat from Hell” (can’t wait for the next season!), and I’ve been getting cat trees for them and want to construct some paths up high for them. That gives you a good idea of the most serious problems. I would really like to have a housemate, but the last time I tried it, it was just too hard on Amy and Mose. Amy spent the entire day in the closet and only ventured out at night after the lights were out, and Mose hid out most of the time too. But more than anything, I would simply like them to be able to have a better life with less stress and anxiety – and to be able to enjoy affection from other people besides me! All three of us would love to win and receive a helpful essence (perhaps the Scaredy Cat one?) as well as your advice, which I’m certain would help. Thank you for making this generous offer!

  3. 103

    My Isabella has interstitial cystitis. Any suggestions for flare ups? I give her antibiotics and pain meds, but I would love to try something more holistic. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  4. 104

    Oh, boy, Jackson, I hope you pick me…the problem is, I’m not sure which Spirit Essence is the best choice for our problem child.

    Tessie is our oldest, an 8-year-old European Burmese/Burmilla/Asian (the name of her breed is still evolving). We have 4 cats, three females, one male, two of these are Abyssinians.

    Tessie, being a Burmese, is super attached to us, and since we went on our last vacation, she’s started over-grooming her belly…not so much “overgrooming” as “plucking her stomach bald.” We have given her lion cuts which helps somewhat (at least it cuts down on hairballs) and she LOVES how she looks with her fur trimmed short!

    So: Separation Anxiety, because she doesn’t like not having humans around, or Over-Grooming because she over-grooms because she doesn’t like being without humans?

    Now, add to that, the fact that she bullies our one-eyed rescue Abyssinian, Angel. And we’re not sure why. Angel’s the youngest female, but not the youngest cat (the male, Jacoby, is) and she doesn’t try to assert her dominance or challenge Tessie in any way (she was low cat in her foster home, and avoids confrontation). But Tessie just doesn’t like Angel. If Angel and Jake are play-fighting, and Angel is “losing,” Tessie inserts herself into the play battle as an excuse to smack her…but Tessie isn’t really playing, at least not according to her body language.

    Tessie gets lots of attention, play time, has her own special places to sleep, all of that, and she’s fine with the other female and the male; we think she may not like Angel’s one eye?

    So maybe Bully Remedy is what we need? I don’t know.

    All right, Jackson, what do you think we need?

  5. 105

    I have two resident cats and have taken in two foster cats. After a 1month introduction period, all four were mingling together, each pair mostly indifferent to the other. This lasted for appx 3 months, long enough for me to fall completely in love with the fosters and on the verge of adopting them forever. BUT then something happened that has caused my high strung Fiona to hate hate hate one of the fosters. Just seeing him sends her into spitting, growling and hissing, she then turns her rage on the other cats. We are relatively calm now with the foster isolated from the rest, but it breaks my heart. I want nothing more for these fosters to have the best possible future and if their stay with me is temporary I want to make it as pleasant as possible until I can find them a home where they are loved as much as I love them. Have tried pheromones (2 months) to no effect, and rescue remedy with no clear effect (I probably didn’t give it enough time).

  6. 106

    Two cats in the home, and Aerin seems to pick up on when I’m going to be gone…and apparently overgrooms when I’m not looking. Have tried a fish oil supplement that is supposed to be soothing to the skin and fur – but think something like this might help too.

  7. 107
    Lydia Butynski

    I need this to help me with my own anxiety! OH ya my cat is crazy too!
    The world has to stop moving for him to take a piss.

  8. 108
    Susan Smith

    I have 2 females and am about to add a third, young male. Sassy is the oldest (17) and she is a sedate, “grand dame.” Rubydee is 6 and she is a “psycho-kitty”. Don’t know yet how Oscar will be (7 months) but he appears to be very laid back and loves people. The hope is that Ruby will find a playmate in Oscar so she stops tormenting Sassy. Ruby can go from sweet (teeny-timy “mew”) to full-blown kamikaze kitty in no time flat. She’ll twine and rub around your legs or against your hand and then – she strikes! It’s not playful; she actually draws blood! She leaves her mark entirely on humans, never other cats, though she has been known to stalk and leap on Sassy who wacks her and growls/hisses. Any way to even out Ruby’s “bi-polar” tendencies would be helpful!

  9. 109
    Christine Colley

    I have no issues right now with my

  10. 110

    I have 3 cats and they have always been nervous around new people. We live north of Birmingham, Al and ever since the tornadoes in April, they have really become scared of thunder storms. My oldest even started urinating on the bed for awhile. I wad able to stop that with a plug in for anxiety.

  11. 111

    This is wonderful. I have a 8 month old kitten, a 2 year old and a 3year old. while the 3 of them get along pretty good most of the time. but my poor middle kitty always seems to get beat up by the other 2. so i think she would benifit from this alot. thanks for the oppertunity to win this!!!!

  12. 112
    jadedea jade

    Hey Jack!
    Maybe you can help us all if we don’t win. I have 3 cats. One female around 5 years old. Shes a japanese bobtail and very skinny around 8lbs (she watches her weight). We got two male brothers when they were very young around 10 weeks old I think (not sure of the age but they were tiny enough to grab with one hand). She adjusted to them well watching them and taking care of them like a surrogate mother which i was hoping would happen. The boys are now a little over a year old. Jimmu has grown 3 times larger than the female cat. Hes bigger than his brother. He was the largest of the litter while his brother was the runt. The smaller of the two seems to have no issues although he sometimes picks fight but when he loses he moves on. Jimmu has literally turned into ‘fraidy cat. he is afraid of everything. It took me months for him to not freak out when I hold him. he now likes to pee in corners where there are no litterboxes. ive tried the vinegar and water, baking soda combo and it doesnt work. I even got sensor air cans that blow harmless air when set off but he seems defiant. I even changed the litter and type frequently but he randomly pees in corners. The female cat seemed to have lost weight she just seems too skinny for me and now she has licked herself bald on one side of her body. we took her to the vet and the vet says shes ok with weight and appears healthy. I want to take them both to the vet but ive been unemployed for a few months now.

    The female cat has never had problems with moving and living in new places. we got her when i was stationed in japan. when i got out the military she flew with us to arizona and then d.c. and we stayed with family and friends. Shes moved with us 3 times so far. the boys i think they were ok with moving as they were still pretty young.

    so my issues are my female cat has licked herself bald on the right side of her body (as far as she can reach) and the biggest of the boys is afraid of everything and is peeing in corners. ive had to rip all the carpet in my hallway and the wood in my kitchen is rotten and warped from the cat pee and the constant vinegar/water washes.


  13. 113

    My orange tabby Cletus is a scaredy cat. He’s lived with me and his Ragdoll sister for five years now and I’ve always socialized my cats with people and other animals. BUT, now that my boyfriend and I have moved in together Cletus has been forced to deal 24/7 with my boyfriends very gentle Australian Shepperd, Dusty. I’ve put up cat shelves to give Cletus an extra lane to travel through the house but he will still puff up and swat at Dusty’s face and I really worry he’s going to get him in the eye soon. Is the Scaredy Cat formula the right choice here?

  14. 114
    Wendy W

    Ok I have to young cats,both male & neutered. First there was Salem, our black cat. We had from for about a year & half before getting kitty #2. Before the second cat come along, Salem was a very confident cat. Very social, loved everyone and I was his favorite person it seemed. Back in june we brought home Blik, our gray kitten. We kept the cats separated like we were told to do but the cats cried and meowed to see each other so we allowed short visits for about 2 weeks. After that we let cats be together. They get along great but Salem as been cold to me ever since Blik came into the house. Salem treats everyone good, and now has made my son his favorite person. At the same time Blik has made me his favorite person. I get everything from the cold shoulder, to hissing when being closer then 2 feet from Salem. The only time he is nice to me nowadays is when I feed him. I am the only person in the house who feeds the cats, gives treats, plays with them or has to give meds. My big concern is why does my cat seem to not like me, since I am the one who cares for him, I want a better relationship with him. Anything that can be recommended to bring my black kitty around would be greatly appreciated.

  15. 115

    I have 3 cats – two females are about 8 years old and the third was a more recent male addition at 3 years old. The new cat I got was extremely playful (he was a 3 mos. rescue) and while my one cat, Rayna, was still very playful before I got him, she immediately stopped playing as much once the kitten, Willy, arrived. That didn’t deter Willy from trying to play with Rayna. About a year and a half after I got Willy, Rayna started overgrooming and now has the bald-belly syndrome. We moved about 6 mos before the behavior started too. I think the overgrooming is from Rayna being stressed about having to constantly be on guard because Willy might decide to play/attack at any moment. I’m not sure why it didn’t manifest earlier, but maybe it there was a stressed out threshold that wasn’t passed until over a year later (and maybe the move added to it). I haven’t ruled out that it’s an allergy, but I’m thinking it has to do with stress from Willy. She’s also always been a skiddish cat so that may help. I’m not sure if she needs the obsession remedy or the nervous nelly one – or if I need the bully remedy for Willy. I think it’s more about wanting to play than to bully, but it’s probably a bit of both. I guess I’d pick the obsession remedy, but I’d love some advice.

  16. 116
    Christine Colley

    I have no issues right now with my cat. However we are scheduled to have 2 labs visit over the holidays. Sisyphus (aka “Sissy Puss”) will have to stay in a very small room for 4 days because she only has 3 legs and neither the dogs nor the cat have ever been exposed to the other species. We are keeping our fingers crossed…

  17. 117

    My senior cat still bullys the two stray kittens we have taken in over the last two years. No longer kittens, they are bigger than her and want to play, but she continues to his and growl when they are near. Maybe the essences would help her mellow out!

  18. 118

    Two days before a huge snowstorm in Oct, we found a young male (~8 months) unneutered cat near our local nature preserve. He was vary skinny and obviously knew a meal ticket when he saw it. So we rescued him, got him shots, checkup, and had him neutered.

    Unfortunately after 6 weeks, and two attempts at introduction, he and our other six cats cannot seem to live in harmony. He constantly jumps at/attacks the other cats, and they hiss and growl; and two will actually get physical. We try to give him a lot of play time, while not neglecting our other residents, but we don’t see any change. How can we change his aggressive behavior? Is there any way to integrate him into our house and achieve peace?

  19. 119

    Oh, the issues my cats have! My top two concerns are as follows. One of my kitties, Ms. Piggy is a spayed, dilute calico (quite sassy at times!). She is 6.5 years old and we’ve had her since she was months old. She was found as a feral but most her siblings were killed in some kind of an animal attack and/or passed away from serious illness. She is the ‘beta’ cat in our household and seems fine with that position. Since she was about 1 year old she very consistently sprays, but always from WITHIN the litter box. We have had to get covered litter boxes and put uncovered ones in bathtubs we don’t use because of this issue. I’d much rather have her spray in her litter box vs. somewhere else in the house but the smell is terrible and the amount of cleaning I have to do multiple times a week because of this issue is getting really frustrating. She has been spraying since before our first set of foster kittens. Even when it’s only her and her older sister, with 3 litter boxes she still sprays. If we have foster kittens with extra boxes she still sprays. When there are no outdoor cats (mine are all indoor-only cats) she still sprays. I keep litter boxes clean, kept in well ventilated but quiet areas and she still prays. I’ve done a lot of research and gotten a lot of advice none of which has helped so far! I really need a solution to this problem.

    The other issues is that we must travel by air with our cats in the next 6 months and the travel time will be about 30 hours. Ms. Piggy seems to come down with a persistent ‘cold’ when she’s stressed out and one of my other kitties has FeLv so i want her to be as stress free as possible.

    We definitely need help!

  20. 120

    Oh, yes, we could use this.

  21. 121

    Sorry to burst any bubbles–and I very much respect Jackson Galaxy–but I’ve tried Bach’s Rescue Remedy on my cat and it didn’t do a thing. And frankly, there’s a lot of doubt whether or not homeopathic medicines do anything at all (for people either). Just sayin’.

  22. 122
    Diane S

    I have two ragdolls and my big boy (16 lbs) is a scardy cat of people, everyone except my husband and I. My 90 year old father in law lives with us and he panics when he comes into the room. He hides for everyone else. he is such a gentle sole but he hides in my bedroom all the time, he will come out late in the evening to play with the other cats and spend time with me. He loves to cuddle with my husband, I would love to have something to bring him out like my other Rag who greets everyone even the grand children.

  23. 123

    Eliot is a very jumpy cat who tends to react aggressively when startled. I have done everything I can to reassure him and tried to give him escape routes so that he doesn’t have to attack, but he just doesn’t seem to understand. I’d love to see him a little more relaxed and much less aggressive.

    Thank you!

  24. 124

    Gabi is one of two 7 months old rescued feral who seeks closet corners to spend his day.
    He is sweet in the afternoons and evenings when sleepy and will enjoy a snuggle if you get him. He will not approach you unless seeking food. He maintains a two feet distance between himself and family members and gets completely spooked when guests come in.
    What would it be? Scaredy Cat? Safe Space for Cats? Feral Cat Rehabilitation? Thank you!

  25. 125

    My cat Nacho (a bengal) is adorable most of the time…especially when he’s sleeping. Many times when he’s up and about he’s a cranky-pants. If I don’t pay attention to him when he wants me to (for example, if I’m working on the computer, or if I have band rehearsal at my house) he’ll either try to sneak up and bite me (hence his nickname Count Nachula) or he’ll pee on something. Joy! Jackson, can you please make some suggestions here? I love Nacho but he’s driving me crazy!

  26. 126

    Benjamin, one of my four cats, has issues. He is a scaredy cat–very shy around people, though he responds well to petting and wants attention. I can’t figure him out. He sometimes seems obsessed with Stan, one of the other guys. Benj tries to cuddle with Stan, sticks his head in his face for grooming, etc. and sometimes cuts him off when he’s walking–He seems to really want Stan’s attention. Sometimes Stan accommodates him and sometimes not.

    Lately, I will hear a gutteral growl and find Benj on his back with Stan standing over him. Stan is a pretty laid-back guy and has doesn’t like to even play wrestle with the other cats. I’ve never seen him touch Benjamin, but he does puff up. Clearly, there is something going on between the two of them. (Maybe Stan needs his own Spirit Essence.)

    Finally, Benjamin has beeen sporadically marking for several years. I’ve tried medication, but he is very difficult to medicate because of his shyness-even compounded medication swiped on his ear has been a tribulation.

    I think despite all this, Benjamin has a good quality of life. He is a great, funny cat, and he is good friends with one of the others and gets along with the fourth. He’s healthy, active and engaged. I’m not sure what else I can do for him, but I want very much for him to be happy.

  27. 127

    My 14 year old cat Mar (who survived cancer) hates going to the vet. We have to wrestle him into the carrier and last time he sprayed (something he never does) in the carrier. It is very hard to get him to calm down once in the carrier.

  28. 128

    Rosie was rescued from the street at less than a year old. Although she has settled into life with me and her older “brother,” Purr, and is very affectionate and playful, she is quite fearful compared to any of the other cats I’ve ever shared a home with. Nervous Nelly is a good term for her — she gets alarmed and prepares to run whenever she hears a doorbell on TV or even if I walk towards her too quickly. When I first brought her home, it took a solid two weeks before she came out of hiding. She loves being around other cats, but people are not to be trusted.

  29. 129

    This would be great! Hubert seems depressed of late and we ARE getting a new kitten for christmas.
    Thanks for the offer! YAY

  30. 130
    Sandy Johnson

    When Shirley passed 2 years, her mom LaVerne, got very lethargic. I brought a new rescue kitty into my home. Fonzie, now 2, will ponce LaVerne and take bites of her fur. LaVerne can be sitting on my lap and Fonzie on my chest and suddenly he’ll take a bite of her. He’s also very much afraid of the vet. I’m fortunate to have a vet that makes house calls. LaVerne loves any and all company, it just means more hands to pet her. Fonzie takes awhile to warm up to people – but with Dr Good, he justs runs and runs and makes getting his checj-up and shots near impossible. Any help would be appreciated. LaVerne would love to have a companion that didn’t constantly bite and pull her fur out.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  31. 131

    Fantastic products….Love the names! I would love to have a set of these along with your advise. Anything that helps my babies helps me!

  32. 132

    My cat Hermione grooms her lower tummy constantly. She has a birth defect in her “female” area and I think she must have kind of a constant itch. We’re working hard to get her to lose weight, too, because it’s harder for her to groom, but it’s a long process making sure she doesn’t lose too quickly. Poor girl.

    I’ll have to check these out more thoroughly. It would be wonderful if there is really something “natural” that can help.

  33. 133

    My cat Noodles has a weepy eye due to feline herpes. If he stresses, his eye becomes swollen and inflamed. I have to make sure his stress levels stay down. He’s generally a happy boy, but occasionally I’ll see his eye getting weepier and I start to worry. Something to help soothe his anxiety would be great. Thanks.

  34. 134
    Courtney W.

    My 3 year old neutered male indoor cat Nemo has begun to urinate indoors in a corner. He’s never gone outside the litter box until a week or two ago when my new boyfriend starting spending a lot of time at my house, so I’m assuming Nemo is trying to mark his territory. Last night I’ve started putting Nemo in his cat carrier to keep him from ruining the carpet. I let him out when I’m able to supervise him so he gets plenty of chances to get out of the kennel, but I feel bad locking him up. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!

  35. 135
    ali mckenzie

    My 15 year old cat is very nervous and skittish…she has been like this all her life and other cats take advantage but beating her up…she is very sweet and loveable but i wish she had more confidence

  36. 136

    Wow, I am familar with Bach and have used it myself during hard times. This is awesome I am going on vacation to visit my family and Bookie need the one for nervous nelly. She has separation anxiety. I am so happy that this man can understand the feelings of our babies. I will ask him what Bookie needs. thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!

  37. 137
    Rebecca MI

    Sure why not win – and a consult with Jackson would be awesome – recently all the boys are picking on my one girl and really they seem to tag team her. Not really fair, not sure what to do other then time outs when I am there. She did have a safe place but now a couple of the boys can get up there too.

  38. 138

    My cat Miles is a scaredy cat; he’s the poster-boy. He’s afraid of anyone coming in the house, and he’ll never come out. However, he is bossy with other cats and is very food aggressive. He is constantly trying to steal food, including mine.

  39. 139
    Jacquelynn Franklin

    I have 7 cats. I have 2 cats that need help. Jerry Lee over cleans his tail when he is stressed, to the point where he pulls out all the hair on the tip and makes his tail bleed. We have bought a supply of baby socks, that we put on his tail as a deterrent to remind him to leave his tail alone.Beau Beauu has anxiety attacks when heseess me put on my shoes to work out at the gym. He cries and gets needy (kneady). Even though my Husband and 2 teenage son’s are home for the 2 hours I am at the gym, he stands at the front door and window and cries (loudly) until I get home. This behavior then stresses out Jerry, who will then start in on his tail!
    Please help!!

  40. 140

    I found 5 kittens (and the mom) under a pile of wood about 3 years ago..They were about
    a month old and were scared by everything(especially by me:) ) I spent the whole summer trying slowly to aproach them with no great success… I was able to catch 3 and relocate them on a farm and kept the mom and two babies… They live in my house now and go outside(and come back when I called them)! I have no problem with the mom ,she seems grateful that I took her in but her 2 babies remain very scared even after all of this time..
    I can’t almost never pet them even if they sleep on my bed all night!!
    I have tried everything,researched a lot but come to accept that maybe that’s how they will always be…
    But maybe this could help?

  41. 141
    Jennifer Jones

    My mother’s cat, Kasha, becomes very angry when my mother leaves the house for more than 10 minutes. After my mother returns, she’ll bite my mother’s feet and won’t let anyone touch or play with her for several days. It’s gotten to the point where my mother won’t take a vacation because she doesn’t want to upset the cat! My kitty, Gracie, also dislikes being left alone. She will jump on my legs when I am trying to walk out the door and she’ll “cry.” I would love to try this product to see if it would work. Thanks!

  42. 142

    rescued a cute bobtail but he is terrorizing my other two cats. This house hold could use Spirit Essences to help give all of us some peace and well being.

  43. 143

    I have a 17 y.o. cat that has lost half her body weight over the past four or five years. She’s a very finicky eater.she wants something to eat but whatever I put down for her isn’t what she wants. I have to occasionally give her medication to increase her appetite. My other kitty is almost five and has allergies. She has itchy skin which she sometimes over-grooms and sometimes pulls her hair out in small areas. She also has stomatitis.

  44. 144

    one overweight cat who obsesses over his blanket – one hyper cat who torments the other into eating and clutching his blanket!

  45. 145

    2 cats. One is fine. Zoe, the problem kitty, loves me but hates all other people, felines ,things, and ideas. Threatens and hisses, in years past would attack or scratch. Extreme territoriality. After 7 years, “coexists” with the other cat but growls at people that I bring to the house, gets mad at the other cat if she wants to be petted, tries to establish territories through the house that are exclusively hers etc.VEry affectionate with me and will sit on me or by me and purr for hours.
    I was told when she was little she was abused and the rescue people tell me that when she was first returned to the shelter, she attacked everyone and had to be isolated. After about 6 weeks she could be with other animals. Both my housekeeper and members of my band have been bitten or scratched.

  46. 146
    Thom Watson

    I’m //extremely// disappointed to see such a post on a site that usually encourages responsible pet ownership. The product’s own website admits that the product is akin to homeopathy. Homeopathy is quackery, pure and simple, and has no place being recommended on a blog that otherwise works to support pet rescue, pet health and pet comfort. If you are experiencing behavioral issues with your pet, see a veterinary professional, do not use or trust unscientific snake oil remedies. To recommend such a product is the height of irresponsibility.

  47. 147

    With 7 cats in residence, 6 of them feral, Jackson has talked me “down off the ledge” a couple times over the last few years. I don’t need a consult with him, just wanted everyone to know that we have been using Spirit Essences for the last 6 or 7 years and they do work over time. Some cats respond quicker then others, (just like people do) but the key is to keep using them until the desired result is reached. You may need to try a few different ones to see what works – a small price to pay for a harmonius household and healthy, happy cats. Animals respond to vibrational energies extremely well with no toxic side-effects and potential organ failure as will eventually happen with drugs. So, to all Cat Guardians, go get your “Jackson” on and start using these!! >^..^<

  48. 148

    I have two seniors and one youngster. One senior and the youngster hate the new rescue. HELP>>>>>>>

  49. 149

    One of my cats, Henry, is a scaredy cat and seems to be allergic to everything. I have been taking him to the vet to get shots but I want to try something other than steroids. He is a very happy kitty but I wish he was more comfortable at home.

  50. 150

    We have a 2 year old male cat (Maui) who has always been very dominant and in charge of everything in the house. He’s also a bad biter. Three months ago, we brought a 2 year old female cat (Kiele) into our home. Kiele is constantly stalking Maui, and chases him to the back bedroom whenever he comes out. Maui is now afraid to even walk around the house, and is always on guard. He spends most of his time hiding in the bedroom. It is very sad to see our once “in charge” kitty now afraid to walk around his home. They are both playful, full of personality cats, and we would love for them to get along comfortably.


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