Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

Health & Nutrition

There are so many life changes that can cause our cats to become upset and agitated on an emotional level — everything from moving to a new house, adding a new cat to the family, the arrival of a baby, or even just a thunder storm. These stresses can eventually lead to physical problems as well. What if there was a way to naturally and safely reduce your cat’s stress to help them live a calmer, more balanced life? That’s exactly what Spirit Essences can do for you. Without any drugs or chemicals, using just a safe, non-toxic natural remedy.

So, what are Spirit Essences exactly? They are vibrational essences, meaning they are remedies that are infused with the energy from natural elements like flowers and gem stones. You may have heard of Dr. Edward Bach who pioneered flower essence therapy in the 1930s. Spirit Essences use flower essences similar to those developed by Dr. Bach, but they also take advantage of a wide variety of other vibrational essences to create remedies specifically for treating animals.

Spirit Essences was founded by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve in 1995. In addition to conventional veterinary training, Dr. Jean studied veterinary homeopathy, homotoxicology, Reiki, and many other facets of holistic medicine. In 2002 Dr. Jean partnered with cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy who became the President of Spirit Essences and is now the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell (season 2 airs in January!), and who uses the remedies frequently in his work as a cat behavior consultant. Jackson has been using the essences for many years in his practice and has come to appreciate their power as well as their gentle, safe method of creating noticeable change for his clients.

Spirit Essences remedies are very easy to administer. You can add the essences to your cat’s water or food, spray the room with a mister, or apply them directly to the cat’s fur while you pet them. Most issues can usually be resolved in 2 to 6 weeks with regular application. Read all about how the essences are made and what you can expect from using them on the Spirit Essences website FAQ page.

There are a variety of Spirit Essences designed specifically for cats. There’s one for separation anxiety, and another for scaredy cats. If your cat has obsessive-compulsive behavior such as over-grooming, you might need the Obsession Remedy. From Healthy Helper, to Nervous Nelly, to Bully Remedy, there’s a Spirit Essence for every issue. You may be having a difficult time deciding which remedy to choose, so Jackson is going to help. Five readers are going to win a Spirit Essences remedy specific to their issue, plus Jackson will offer personalized advice for your situation.

Here’s how to enter: leave a comment on this post describing the issue you are having with your cat that you think Spirit Essences might help. Jackson is going to choose five comments and he will recommend the appropriate Spirit Essences formula. Each winner will receive the Spirit Essences that Jackson recommends. We’ll post the winners’ entries along with Jackson’s customized tips here on Moderncat for everyone to read. Please only leave one comment and try to be brief when describing your cat’s issues. We will choose the winners next week and post the recommendations the following week. Comments must be submitted by December 22, 2011 in order to be eligible. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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458 Responses to “Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!”

  1. 351

    A Nervous Nelly that likes to pee outside the litterbox is what I have.

  2. 352

    3 Male Neutered Cats at home. Oldest Siamese (9 years old) is neurotic – he feels “safe” when hiding in our closet or when laying in his hallway bed. When new people or things are in the house he prefers to hide from everyone. He seems to want affection, but seems distrustful of accepting it – and never fully relaxes when receiving it – always in “jump and run if necessay” mode. He will pee on things that are soft like bedding, pillows, clothes, sofa if they have my smell. He has gone so far as to pee on me while I am asleep (so he is no longer allowed in my room at night) and when guests were over twice he jumped on my lap and marked me. He goes through periods where he is fine and we think everything is getting better and then he relapses. He has been this way for years. Our solution has been to limit where he can go unsupervised – this will not be possible in the future as we will be moving to an open floor plan house in 8 months. We also dislike having to limit access so much as it affects the other two cats who do not have this problem. (1 cat is Deaf and very connected to this one, the other is the youngest but the “boss” and doesn’t fight with them but doesn’t let him in his spaces either.) the Spirit Essences sound like they could help – but which one is best for him?

  3. 353

    I have 4 kitties: Tyler (male 17), Sheena (female 12), Tibbie (male 7), and Angel (female 3). We adopted Angel Thanksgiving 2010 just after another one of our kitties passed away. Angel is small and was abandoned by her former owners. She was frightened of our other kitties despite their initial friendly overtures. Tibbie and Sheena finally got sick of her growling and hissing and attacked her (no injuries but lots of panic). Even medication from the vet didn’t solve the problem. Eventually we had to separate them and spent a year cycling kitties from room to room to make sure everybody got human time and run-around-the-house time. We recently moved. We put everybody in calming collars and installed a Feliway diffuser. The move seems to have erased territory lines and we no longer have to separate the cats. But Sheena will sometimes still go after Angel and Angel still sometimes hisses at Tibbie. We need something to calm these residual bits of aggression before they build into something worse and so we can wean the cats off their meds.

  4. 354

    Griffin is a big beautiful Russian Blue that I adopted a little over a year ago from a foster home when his owner could no longer keep him, due to his anxiety over other animals brought into the house – he was urinating blood, and acting up, and had been given prozac or vallium or some such, which he would also get when he went to the vet. I haven’t taken him to the vet yet, but I am afraid about that! My real problem – he gets pushy and aggressive when I leave. He seems to be an alpha cat to a degree I’ve never experienced. He’s good with me now, generally (follows me around like a dog), but can scare other people in my home. (He’s cornered one caregiver and bitten another, while I was on a trip.) Every time I go out, he knows when I am getting ready to leave and gets ALL worked up. Tries to tackle me about the legs with his body, grabs at me (with claws), tail and back puff up, and he gets vocal, and… I swear he tries to trip me. Help!

  5. 355

    It’s boys against the girls in my house. I have 2 boys (age 5) who are brothers, and they pick on my 2 girls (age 9 & 15). My eldest girl is sickly and I just want her to be able to live in peace. Please help!

  6. 356

    Our Spike has problems with stress causing cystitis when there are big disruptions at home or to his routine. Then, his sister Buffy gets stressed and starts overgrooming. Hoping that the Nervous Nelly may help.

  7. 357

    Sure would love to try these. With 17 indoor cats, this would be a great testing grounds.

  8. 358

    I have an 11 yr old that we see eat regularly but she’s scrawny, and a 3 yr old that we seldom see eat but he’s a fatty fat cat. Any suggestions there?

  9. 359
    Rosanne Marie

    Three years ago my gentle, timid orange tabby was stolen from my yard by a mentally disturbed tenant. This event led to my present life of cat rescue. There’s a chance that this cat was dumped locally and has found his way home. I have seen a similar orange tabby trying to enter my home through the cat door, but his sister, always a rival, prevents him from returning with her vicious attacks. She does not react like this to any of the other strays that wander around, so I’m very suspicious. She guards the property constantly watching for this cat.

    If it’s him, he’s been in the wild for three years now and I fear for his life. I’ve wanted help with this but my current life of feral feeding and cat rescue has left me counting every penny. Can you help me, Jackson? I have tried keeping the sister inside but she was born of a feral mother and panics when confined. I have tried trapping outside but this lost boy is very timid and there are many stray cat feeders in the neighborhood so he can probably find food. Having saved so many cats, I’m desperate to save my own. Thank You!

    I’ve attached my animal rescue website so that you can see the work that we do.

  10. 360
    Paula Marie

    One of my cats is terrified of going to the vet. Under normal circumstances, he is the sweetest, calmest, most affectionate and lovable boy–no problems whatsoever. My “teddy bear.” But at the vet’s office he turns into the Tasmanian Devil–Dr. Jekyl becomes Mr. Hyde–growls, hisses, lunges and will bite and scratch anything that comes near him. Even just sitting in the crate at the vet’s office, with the crate covered with a towel, he yowls and growls. Once, some teenagers in the waiting room commented that “the thing in the crate” sounded like something from some horror movie. Consequently, he gets a less than thorough exam. Then it takes him 2-3 days to recover from the ordeal. Even back home, after the vet visit, he will hiss at me (AND his completely innocent little sister) for the next few days until he forgets about the whole experience and until the smells wear away. What to do? I have tried everything.

  11. 361

    Calvin is a lover — but he’s also a fighter. A Bully Remedy would be a wonderful thing!!

  12. 362

    I often think wwjd (what would jackson do)when working with stressed and fearful cats at our shelter. I know these cats are much, much more sensitive to their environment and can sense things we can’t plus I believe we are affected by lots of things we are not concious of so I would love to have some Spirit Essences to add to the tool box.

  13. 363
    Jacqueline R.

    I would LOVE to try this for my kitties who don’t get along!!!!!!!

  14. 364
    Jacqueline R.

    I foster kitten’s for work & my male cat has always been very loving & paternal towards them. However, my I recently had a new roommate move in with her cat. Her cat is very dominant over my sweet, dosile boy & since she’s moved in he has been spending increasingly more time secluded or sleeping. He barely plays anymore or comes to lay with me which he ALWAYS did. It’s been 4 months now & I’m starting to worry about his well being & have been trying many different things to try & either increase my cats confidence or decrease her dominance & nothing has worked. We currently keep them seperated most of the day but the house is not big & I know they both hate it. I’m hoping to try the keep the peace formula so that my boy will return to his old self!!

  15. 365

    My one cat has been high-strung since her last trip out of the house … three months ago! Calming essences would surely help :-) And I could use advice about my other furry … she is obsessed with food – especially everyone else’s :-(

  16. 366
    Mari Peloquin

    You know.. Jackson Galaxy is the cat’s meow! Really! I’m so looking forward to My Cat From Hell in January. I don’t have cats from hell, but I’ve learned so much! Thanks Jackson!

  17. 367
    Susan A

    My cat has a condition that the Vet is calling Feline Hyperesthesia. He starts off by shaking his head and rubbing his ears, then he will lick his paws, chest, ribs, turn and lick at his mid back then the skin starts to twitch from the back all the way down to his tail (rolling skin syndrome). This is where it gets worse….. He then starts wagging his tail frantically, then his eyes dilate and he looks at the twitching tail with a look of frustration…. Here is the worst part. He will grab his tail with his teeth and pull causing a long gash and of corse blood flicking off of the tail all over the room. : ( He has been to the vet in the past where they shaved all the hair off the tail and then had to glue the cut shut then put a cone on his head until it healed. I have tried chiropractic work, accupuncture and have him on high quality foods (cans) and also raw meat. This has helped a little, but he still attackes himself several times a day. The next step is the vet putting him on seisure med’s or cutting off the tail. You can youtube an episode of a cat with a hyperesthesia attack and see the cats in action. It is very sad. Other than when he is in an episode… He is a beautiful, happy, loving, sensitive cat. Thank you for listening….

  18. 368

    I have two cats, a beta male and a very dominant female (both fixed). I live in a 500 square foot apartment have 3 cat trees of @ 48″ and one six footer to keep them entertained (yes more cat furniture than human). However my female cat will still pick on her brother. The other day he was peacefully sleeping and she walked up behind him and bit on his butt. She will also stalk him around the litter boxes (I have multiple but I feel like he has to feint he is going to one and then dodge to the other while her back is turned.) I have thought about leash training but she gets violent when I try to place the harness on her just so she can get used to that before moving forward with the actual leash. I don’t want to do kitty valium and am hoping there may be a more natural product that can calm her aggression/territoriality .

  19. 369

    Not sure if my comment went through, so sorry if this is a duplicate:

    I have 4 rescues, #2 and #4 have butted heads ever since #4 came along. I think the pecking order in our house is totally messed up – I really couldn’t name who is the head honcho! I wish I could reestablish #2 as HOH (#1 is a female) but it just seems impossible. I try to treat them all equally, give them all attention and love, but #4 is still totally jealous! I think he was starved for love his first few years! Anything would help!

  20. 370

    id like to try the scaredy cat, i work for Austin pets Alive, an animal rescue group who is no kill in Austin, TX. we get so many scaredy cats when they come in, i would love to try a holistic way to help them feel better!

  21. 371

    I have three cats and one of them is, I think, part Siamese (something like that) and needs an incredible amount of stimulation. He needs constant attention, and when he’s bored he picks on the other two cats. They could be fast asleep and he’ll jump on them and chase them through the apartment. Sometimes the fur LITERALLY flies – I’ve actually had to get the vacuum cleaner out to break up a fight! (nothing else works, that’s how bad it gets.) Not to mention, sometimes he drives me insane too! He’s constantly in trouble – he has an incredible psychic ability to do exactly what I don’t want him to do! It’s like he can read my mind, or has some kind of inbuilt radar that tells him “She’s just put a glass of water on the coffee table! Hurry – run in immediately and knock it over!” (I know a lot of cats have that, but trust me, his is really finely honed!) But don’t get me wrong – I adore him! He’s such a funny cat, a total character, and for the most part really sweet. And extremely affectionate. Almost too affectionate…I work at home and he’s literally on top of me (butt in my face!), every 5 minutes! He came over and sat with me as soon as I started writing this – I swear he knew something was up! (and he’s on his best behaviour!) I won’t get into my second cat’s issues and the fact that he peed on my head once to get me out of bed to feed him…(it worked. I’ve never moved so fast in my life…!) Sigh. The cats make the dogs look like angels! I’m hoping the Bully Remedy might help him – let the other two cats have some peace, and keep me out of the loony bin! But most importantly, allow him to relax and enjoy some peace too. (P.S. He’s not a kitten – he’s 11!)

  22. 372

    I would love to try this! Maybe it would help Mario deal with his problem standing up to Quinn, Muzbe and Yuki!

  23. 373

    Our kitties wake us for food and attention sometimes 2-3 times a night. Waking at 5AM to continual scratching at our door is now the norm. Help!!! Also the youngest kitty is eating/food obsessed, even though he is a healthy weight, he makes being in the kitchen a nightmare!
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  24. 374

    Jackson you are so brilliant at what you do,I pray you can help me! I am at my witts end and exhausted. We have 3 Maine Coons, one female and 2 7 mo old boys. In the last few months one kitten has become aggressive trying to hump his brother and playing roughly. The affected kitten has withdrawn, no longer plays but sits in the perimeter and watches, constantly cowering in fear.I play referee more often than I care to admit! He grooms excessively, eats poorly and is having trouble gaining weight (we have seen the vet). This kitten is a sweetheart and a lover but no longer sits in my lap and just looks sad, how could anyone be happy in this situation. I love all my babies dearly but feel this little guy deserves a better life than this! What am I to do? Bless you for all your inspiring love and inspiration, love you!

  25. 375
    Ginger S

    We share our home with 6 rescue cats, 2 males, 4 females. The problem we are having is the two oldest cats (Mama and Snickers), both female, continue to beat up one of the other female cats (Mazee)every chance they get. And the second oldest female(Snickers)also beats up the newest female to the household (Kitten). Is there anything that can be done about the aggression between these cats short of giving away one or two?! Any help would be appreciated :0)

  26. 376

    I took in two young strays 5 years ago. We love each other…as long as I don’t try to touch them. Touch makes them very anxious/stressed/scared. I love them very much and would like to be able to reduce the anxiety for them.
    I know there is hope because they truly love me, show physical signs of happiness in my presence (purr, happy tail)…but they just need to take the edge of their nervousness.

  27. 377
    Carla Turner

    I love holistic healing!

  28. 378
    Patcharee Wilkins

    I am fostering my second cat and thinking about adopting him, but I plan on fostering more. Harvey, my cat, has been by himself for 2 years and is having trouble accepting others. HELP!!

  29. 379

    The spirit essences for scaredy cats is the one i’m looking for! I really wish he would feel more mellow around the house and less troubled by foreign people, objects and other things.

  30. 380
    Liz M

    Tabitha (age 13) has the worst time at the kennel. She gets defensive, growls, stops eating and on two occasions I’ve had to wear thick leather gloves to get her out of the “kitty condo”. She is a sweet cuddly girl when I’m around but if I leave for more than 24 hours she gets agitated and if I leave her at home, she uses the entire house as a litterbox.

  31. 381

    oh my goddess i so need his help…i have 1 cat that no matter what only poops outside the litter box. another cat that will pee on my pillow if she doesnt get her attention…another that sprays all over the place…i so need his help..please please

  32. 382

    About Blackbird started over-grooming. His tummy was completely hairless as well as parts of his back legs and his back. He’s currently on prednisone but I would like to take him off of it.

    Mitzi has a bad habit of peeing right next to the litter box when I go to work. This does not ever happen if I’m home. I’m guessing she’s having separation anxiety or else upset that I left her with her arch enemy Sugar.


  33. 383

    I have two cats – both with some “issues”. My female cat lost her older “buddy” when he unexpectedly passed away. He was mellow and gave in to her demands for attention and grooming. I adopted a new younger male cat, but he has a different personality. I wasn’t aware until I went to pick him up that he’d been raised for 9 months competing with 8 other cats for food and attention. He has weird behaviors like dragging strange objects around the house – i.e. nails, sink strainers, paint rollers, anything he can find, and is also a “bully” cat. He plays too rough and is irritating my other cat and causing her stress. Let’s just say they both know how to push each other’s buttons. I also have a new work schedule where I’m gone a lot. So my house is being destroyed! What kind of essences would work for all this? Help?

  34. 384

    I’m not sure which remedy would work for my female cat. She came to live with us after running away from my brother’s house and living on the streets for about 6-8 months. She will hiss, chase and growl at her brother (litter sibling) for no apparent reason. Both were hand raised from 2 weeks of age. I just wish she would live peacefully with her brother. Can you help me.

  35. 385

    I am looking for advice on how to help my cat relax.On New Year´s Eve and after midnight it is a big tradition here in the Netherlands to let off fireworks. My poor cat is terrified,the noises and explosions go on for hours……She was originally a stray and tends to be a bit jumpy if she hears strange noises,sneezing,car doors etc etc.She doesn´t mind me singing though!I try to make comfortable nests for her in all the rooms….. last year I got some homeopathic pills from the vet,but didn´t notice any distinctive change in her behaviour,I would appreciate any new advice, thanks

  36. 386

    I think I could use the bully for my boys who are so mean to a sweet little stray that we allowed to move in.

  37. 387

    We have 4 boys and 1 girl. The girl and 1 of the boys are “my” kitties. They are intensely jealous of each other, even though I make an effort to give each one their own time with me. If the boy gets a chance, he will jump on her. He did this one day last week before we could get to him. She was so frightened that she peed everywhere. Now, we keep them in separate area of the house (she in our bedroom and bath; him everywhere else). We have another 8 year old boy that goes between both areas. The other 2 boys follow the lead of the bully boy – so they are in the non-bedroom/bath part of the house. They’ve been together since they were 7 weeks old. And, this only started a couple of months ago. (We’ve taken her to the vet and there are no medical issues.) Help!

  38. 388

    I have a ten year old male tabby named Teagan. Teagan was born deaf. I also have a thirteen year old female Siamese named Emma. Emma came from a kitten mill where she was a brood mother for expensive Siamese kittens. She was absused and kept in overcrowded conditions which has made her terrified of all cats. Teagan was a five month old kitten when he came into Emma’s and my life. It has been ten years. She is still afraid. Even worse Teagan is feeding on her fear and is now bullying her. He’s attacked her on more then one occassion and seriously injured her twice. Emma is now our upstairs cat and Teagan is now our downstairs cat. Emma is now throwing up almost every meal. The vet had me change her food in case of allergies bt while it helped some it didn’t solve the problem. Please help us. I’m terrified that I’ll come home one day to find that he’s gotten to her and killed her.

  39. 389

    I have 5 wonderful cats. They for the most part are all loving & affectionate with my husband & myself. Now when we get out the cat carrier to take then to the vets they turn into something like a wilderbeast (for lack of a better description) they howl like crazy all the way to the vets office & all the way home & then they hiss at us & the ones that went that time around (we take them in a couple at a time) get hissed at from the ones that did not go to the vets that day. It is quite the ordeal taking them to the vets I wonder of easy traveler is for us & our 5 kitties? :) We are just afraid they are going to give them self a heart attack howling like this.

  40. 390
    Cathy A

    I have four cats in my home. My oldest kittie (female) and my male get along with everyone, but my two youngest girls (both rescues from Puerto Rico) do not get along. It has gotten to the point where I have to keep them in separate rooms and have them take turns being out in the house with the rest of us. This has been difficult to accomplish, especially as I have health issues and sometimes have difficulty getting them settled where they need to be (I can’t pick them up easily due to a major back problem) I have tried, without success, reintroducing them to each other, but it always results in a cat-fight. We have also tried several different flower essences, including Rescue Remedy and a couple of other combinations that have been suggested to us. We have also tried Reiki, which seemed to help some initially, but did not last. I feel so helpless when it comes to these two girls, who I love dearly. I would just like to have them live in the same area and tolerate each other.

  41. 391

    Would love to give these a try!

  42. 392

    With 8 kitties, I probably have a little bit of everything, but mostly they are scairdy cats. I think that would be a huge relief to them, if we could get something to help with that since they don’t always seem to believe me when I tell them it’s okay and there’s nothing to worry about when things like fireworks go off.

  43. 393

    My boy Jack is from a feral colony. I adopted him at 6 months and he has slowly adjusted into a house with roommates, another not-too-cuddly cat, a friendly but cat chasing Westie and a guinea pig. He will snuggle on his own terms with me but is very skittish and flees at the slightest movement or noise. Anything that could give him additional peace of mind would be wonderful. He is such a sweetheart and I want him to be happy!

  44. 394

    We have 12 house cats. Some of them just don’t do well with the others. We have 2 cats in one room, 2 cats in another room, 4 cats downstairs and 4 cats upstairs. Would love for all of them to be able to be together without the hissy fits and some picking on others… We also have 3 tack room cats and one cat that is loose 24/7. The tack room cats are older and have bad house manners. Would love all the help we can get. Thanks so much.

  45. 395

    we have 5 rescue cats. we started with one, adopted a buddy for him, adopted 2 sisters (one is blind w/no teeth at 2 1/2 yrs old) and then the 5th was abandoned by her mother on our back porch. The last adopted started out very loving and sweet with the blind cat but she has gotten very big (about 14lbs.) and she tries to chase and wrestle the blind one (about 6lbs). the blind cat follows me around everywhere when I am home (luckily, I work out of my house) because she is very nervous and scared about being “jumped” by the bigger cat. I can’t always be here and it makes me worry about my little blind one. I come home to find her hiding and scared to come out.

    This homeopathic remedy would help me enormously with either getting the blind one not so “scaredy cat” or get “the bully” to calm her wild ways.

    I could use some advice whether I win or not.

    Thank you for all you do for the cats of the world!

  46. 396

    My male car, Simon, gets extremely jealous when I show my girl cat, Sammy any sort of attention. He then chases and attacks her off and on throughout the evening. I hope the bullying essence might work. Simon also has allergies and pulls hair out of the same area constantly, I’ve been applying coconut butter and it seems to help. It sounds like the obsession essence might help also.

  47. 397
    Hazel Lucy

    I’m a believer in aromatherapy for everyone!

  48. 398

    Petra, our newest cat (now age 2), hits everyone for no reason. Our almost 12-year-old cat Misha won’t come out from under the bed except at night, when the bedroom door is shut so that Petra and Kali (the 3-year-old) can’t bother her. Kali got along all right with Misha before Petra came along. Now, though, Kali goes under the bed and stares at Misha, then Misha growls, and Kali gets mad and starts stalking her. I need them all to calm down and get along!

  49. 399

    My year old Humphrey has a hereditary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, which fortunately is not affecting him yet and he is on a blood pressure medicine daily for it. He has anxieties when I leave home and from having female foster cats in other rooms. He urinates in both cases. Otherwise he is a loving, active boy. I would love to try these essences on him to calm him when he’s feeling tired or is uneasy about maintaining his dominant status. Thanks and good luck to all entries.

  50. 400

    I have a white deaf cat named Casper who is approximately 3 years old. My other cat, Spike, is nearly 9. For the past 3 years we’ve been struggling to keep them calm. Casper doesn’t seem to realize that Spike just does not want to play, EVER. We frequently have vicious fights with fur tufts flying all over. Spike wants to sleep, eat, snuggle and occasionally spend some time out in the grass. Casper wants to play with toys, with our legs, and Spike. He just doesn’t seem to understand that Spike does not want to play too. Also, Casper can be SUPER frisky running around knocking things over and breaking things, fighting with himself in a mirror. Shouldn’t he be growing out of this behavior? He’s caused himself harm, whether it being stepping on the broken glass of a vase or scratches between the eyes from Spike defending. In the summer Spike almost never wants to come inside, we’ve even had to feed him on the porch. In the winter he hides in my bedroom because he feels safe and protected by me. For months Spike had a bladder infection from stress and anxiety. He’s afraid to be in his own home. We’ve used Feliway and calming aromatherapy collars, but nothing seems to work but separation. Please, any advice would be great.


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