Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

Health & Nutrition

There are so many life changes that can cause our cats to become upset and agitated on an emotional level — everything from moving to a new house, adding a new cat to the family, the arrival of a baby, or even just a thunder storm. These stresses can eventually lead to physical problems as well. What if there was a way to naturally and safely reduce your cat’s stress to help them live a calmer, more balanced life? That’s exactly what Spirit Essences can do for you. Without any drugs or chemicals, using just a safe, non-toxic natural remedy.

So, what are Spirit Essences exactly? They are vibrational essences, meaning they are remedies that are infused with the energy from natural elements like flowers and gem stones. You may have heard of Dr. Edward Bach who pioneered flower essence therapy in the 1930s. Spirit Essences use flower essences similar to those developed by Dr. Bach, but they also take advantage of a wide variety of other vibrational essences to create remedies specifically for treating animals.

Spirit Essences was founded by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve in 1995. In addition to conventional veterinary training, Dr. Jean studied veterinary homeopathy, homotoxicology, Reiki, and many other facets of holistic medicine. In 2002 Dr. Jean partnered with cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy who became the President of Spirit Essences and is now the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell (season 2 airs in January!), and who uses the remedies frequently in his work as a cat behavior consultant. Jackson has been using the essences for many years in his practice and has come to appreciate their power as well as their gentle, safe method of creating noticeable change for his clients.

Spirit Essences remedies are very easy to administer. You can add the essences to your cat’s water or food, spray the room with a mister, or apply them directly to the cat’s fur while you pet them. Most issues can usually be resolved in 2 to 6 weeks with regular application. Read all about how the essences are made and what you can expect from using them on the Spirit Essences website FAQ page.

There are a variety of Spirit Essences designed specifically for cats. There’s one for separation anxiety, and another for scaredy cats. If your cat has obsessive-compulsive behavior such as over-grooming, you might need the Obsession Remedy. From Healthy Helper, to Nervous Nelly, to Bully Remedy, there’s a Spirit Essence for every issue. You may be having a difficult time deciding which remedy to choose, so Jackson is going to help. Five readers are going to win a Spirit Essences remedy specific to their issue, plus Jackson will offer personalized advice for your situation.

Here’s how to enter: leave a comment on this post describing the issue you are having with your cat that you think Spirit Essences might help. Jackson is going to choose five comments and he will recommend the appropriate Spirit Essences formula. Each winner will receive the Spirit Essences that Jackson recommends. We’ll post the winners’ entries along with Jackson’s customized tips here on Moderncat for everyone to read. Please only leave one comment and try to be brief when describing your cat’s issues. We will choose the winners next week and post the recommendations the following week. Comments must be submitted by December 22, 2011 in order to be eligible. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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458 Responses to “Introducing Spirit Essences for Your Cat’s Mental & Emotional Health ENTER TO WIN! Prize Includes Personalized Advice from Jackson Galaxy!”

  1. 401

    Groucho used to exhibit behavior just like you would expect with that name, but 3 weeks ago his brother, Harpo, died from intestional cancer. Now Groucho spends most of the day asleep, he is not interested in any cat toy and his appetite has decreased measureably. Even though I snuggle with him and give him lots of scratches, he just is not his old talkative and bossy self. I miss the old Groucho, and he and I both miss his brother Harpo. Can you help us, please?

  2. 402

    We rescue special needs kitties, we have 8 cats in our house, for the most part there is harmony but we do have some occasional bullying which can lead to peeing outside the litterbox. There is some possessiveness over me, I give them all tons of loving, but they all want to sleep on top of me and get jealous at night. I wish that I could get something that could calm them some. Thanks for ready!

  3. 403

    i would love 2 have the one for sepeation anxitey my cat was found wondering the road after him and his brothers and sisters were thown in a gabagebag in the middle of the road he was the only survivor.Since my ex husband brought him home he howls like a dog evry time i go out witch is not ofter even leaving the tv on for noise dosent help. i live in an appaetment and they neigbours are starting to complain.i would love this product to help out my little guy.

  4. 404

    Layla (one of 4 cats) no longer gets along with 2 of the other cats. They all got along fine for 2 years. Then there was a fight and ever since she hisses at them, a fight ensues and when she gets scared she loses control of her bladder and pees wherever she is.
    This has been going on for 9 months. I have separated her, added a screened door to where she stays, lets them mix socially under supervision, but as soon as one of the 2 cats approach her she hisses very aggressively, crouches down etc and from there the fight happens and then the peeing.
    I’ve tried other “essences”, looking forward to any help you can provide because I am out of ideas

  5. 405

    This would be great for my sisters cat who seems to have anxiety.

  6. 406
    Elizabeth Flynn

    My boy, Cian, is a little *scaredy cat*. He is so nervous most of the time. We would love to try the one specially made for *scaredy cats* to see if it would help him. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. 407

    I have 8 rescued kitties, and thus several problems. One is that even though the 4 kittens and their mother were raised together here and are now 1 1/2 yrs old, the runt, Peanut, won’t use the litter box. I figured out she hates the litter, so I put a small box filled with only newspaper next to the regular litter box and that worked great…she pees in it regularly. However, she won’t poop in it and insists on going either under my bed or behind the bathroom door. I’m so frustrated right now, help! (The others all use the regular box with no problem.) I also have a older cat who is very insecure and hisses at all the cats and refuses to use the box but will go on the paper outside the box. I clean out all the boxes every day.

  8. 408

    Would love to try something that would calm my two boys,Sparky and Rocky, when they go to the vet. They do so much hissing and growling. Now their sister Missy is a little angel at the vets.

  9. 409
    Dorothy Aldridge

    This Bully Remedy just might be the thing for my situation! Me and my boyfriend rescued a stray cat (Travis) last year, bringing him home to join four other rescued cats. Besides Travis, there is one other male cat, and three females, and the females he will chase and occasionally get into a cat fight with. The females, when they see him, will either go run and hide, or will make this humming noise when he gets to close, then will hiss at him. I think the boy is just confused, and while he may just want to play, here they are hissing at him, and showing fear, so he may feel threatened by that, and react the only way he knows how.

    It’s taken many months, but one of the girl cats, who Travis will occasionally get in a cat fight with, will go up to Travis, and gently head butt him, and will eat next to him.

    We’d basically like to find out what we go do to bring some harmony to our household!

    Thank you,

  10. 410

    strummer is my “sensitive” boy.
    he requires alone time, doesn’t like to be held/cuddle, and noises spook him.
    he hides behind water heater in the laundry closet inside the bathroom.
    i refer to this as his kitty fugue state.

    sam gets into any kind of food, just like a dog.
    he also checks out the litterboxes obsessively, such as flinging litter on strummer’s “business”, or going back to check on his “business” multiple times within the first 15 minutes of going.

    they are both neutered, clawed male housecats under 5.
    strummer’s been with me for 4 years, and sam came along about 3 years ago.
    sometimes, they are able to groom each other for a few minutes but then go into what can only be described as a freddy krueger wrestling match.
    otherwise, they are pretty apathetic of each other, hanging out in different parts of the house.

  11. 411

    Mog licks and eats everything. He has had surgery twice for foreign bodies lodged in his gastrointestinal tract. I try to keep my house purged of any kind of string or foam, but still he eats post-it notes, plastic bags, tape, etc. He licks cardboard, receipts, photos and anything else containing glue or chemicals. When all of these things are out of reach, he will attempt to eat the carpet, my sandals, or the dust jacket of a book.

    When cleaning the litter box, I must inspect it carefully to see if he’s found a new source to satisfy his neurotic issues. Yesterday I found a bandaid (gross!), and a gift receipt for a christmas gift. (No returns on that one!)

    What can I do to steer my cat away from this irritating and dangerous urge he feels to chew non-edible objects?!

  12. 412

    My oldest and most beloved female cat is 13 years old. She has a sweet loving personality and is attracted to cuddle with people who need healing. I also have 2 younger female cats, 7 years old from the same litter, and they both attack my oldest kitty, keeping her from reaching the litter box and generally making her passage through the house treacherous. They are constantly vying for dominance and she is afraid and unhappy. I hope there’s a product that can help!

  13. 413

    A 14-year-old male we rescued earlier this year who appears to be pretty anxious in general. He had a very difficult time adjusting to moving in with us and seems to love routine. We are very worried for how he will act when we move.

  14. 414

    My household is in need of the Bully Remedy. My family has taken in numerous neighborhood strays. They have all been spayed/neutered, had shots, and are well fed and cared for. We built a catio, fenced in an outdoor “run”, installed a pellet stove in the garage, have kitty doors into our house… There are a few males that pick on each other and have started marking.

    You may be wondering why we keep the cats enclosed. We have a neighbor that traps cats and the local SPCA picks them up. If the cats are feral the SPCA will euthanize them because they won’t be able to find them homes and they do not have the resources to keep them.

    It is difficult to find homes for cats. Our local shelters are beyond capacity and I will not take them to the SPCA just to be killed when I have the means to care for them. I would just like to have a bit less stress among a few of them.

    It would be beyond wonderful to have your advice on keeping my cattery in harmony!

  15. 415

    Healthy helper would just be perfect for Gary. He ist close to 18 years old and meanwhile living with several health issues: his hip aches, his kidneys are no more functioning as they should and his heart is working heavily to keep him going. But despite all this Gary is a true freind and a gentle giant, who enjoys every minute he can spend with us.
    He is a rescued cat who wasn’t treated well in his former live which lasted 13 bad years. Now we want to give him as much happy and painless years as possible. And it sounds, as if your remedy will help !
    Daisy-Bates and Gary

  16. 416

    Last January my close friends mom passed away suddenly. Her dying wish was for her daughter to find a home for her kitty Lily. I took her in thinking I would find her a good home. Not knowing that the good home I would find was right here. Well I have 2 other cats. Bishop and Lily are okay around eachother but Lily and Lexus have beef. There is a real territorial thing going on between the two. Lexus won’t let Lily come upstairs into her area and Lily won’t let Lexus downstairs into her area. When one tries the other gets aggresive with the other. This makes for some stressful situations. I REALLY want them to get along…….

  17. 417

    Both my cats are now over 13 years old and live indoors only; I live alone. Madeleine is loving and demanding and always at my side. Yvonne is very shy. She will come to me when I’m in bed and demand to be petted, however, you can only use one hand. If my other hand goes to touch her she is outta there. I give her space and play with her via a lazer light and other toys. The challenge is when I want to clip her nails each month or the annual visit to the vet. It’s so hard to “catch” her. I have to be deceptive. Maybe catch her when she’s eating. Sometimes (the vet visit) I have to corner her under the bed. It’s very tramatic for her and me.

    Madeleine has a thyroid problem and I have to smush a pill into a soft cat treat for her twice a day. She loves treats. Thank goodness Yvonne doesn’t have any health issues. She doesn’t like treats and if I had to “pill” her it would be an awful scene.

    I’m not sure anything can be done at this point. But your product does have me curious.

  18. 418
    Toni G

    I foster tons of kittens and cats. I think “Safe Place” would be great to help them become comfortable in the home, Especially since a lot of them come from very bad situations and are very nervous about people.

  19. 419

    One of my cats is an extreme scardy cat. She spends all of her time hidden in my room and if I let her out into the apartment she just paces back and forth in front of my door and paws at the door knob to my room. She also runs from everyone including me unless she is approached from my bed which is her safe place. We adopted her from a rescue about 3 years ago and she is missing some of her front teeth and is very scared of humans so I’m not sure what her life was like before or what happened to her. But she is the sweetest cat and very loving I just hate to see her in this state of constant panic.

  20. 420
    Lisa Roth

    I’ve used Bach’s remedies with success. Would love to try these.

  21. 421

    our male, norwegian forest cat is very aggressive toward the other two male cats and sometimes toward our two female cats and to us. he was de-clawed (all fours) when we adopted him from a rescue shelter over a year ago at age 4. we know he wants to be alpha cat and believe this is the reason he’s ALWAYS unhappy. he growls a lot, swipes at the other cats and bites them. he’s extremely smart too – learns a word after hearing it a couple of times. we’ve seen him blossom whenever he’s not around the other two male cats and know he has potential to be the fun loving cat he truly is.

  22. 422
    Gary Green

    I would love to win this prize.

  23. 423

    My newest adopted baby is bullying his older sister. This would be a wonderful gift for our kitty family!

  24. 424

    I could use some Spirit Essence for over grooming :)

  25. 425

    Would love to try them. I’ve used Bach’s remedies and they have been a success. These sound awsome

  26. 426
    Cathy B

    I have six cats in my household and we have recently moved. I am experiencing spraying and marking and I am not sure which cat or cats are doing the marking. I have used the feliway but that does not seem to work.

  27. 427
    monique bremner

    My babies stress so much and get urinary tract infections as a result. I would love to help them by giving them these.

  28. 428
    Allison Cassels

    I have two cats who could possibly be helped big time by these products.

    One cat, Skitty, is very skittish (who would of known). She had a traumatic childhood and even 5 years later, she runs in fear at a cough, a sneeze, someone walking by her. She pulls my clothes out of my drawers so she can hide in the back of them.

    The other one has a maddening habit of sucking his thumb. I think he was weaned from his mother too early. He wakes me up several times a night, sitting on my bed, sucking his thumb. I’m not sure if this would be classified as an OCD habit but I’d love it if he’d cut back!

  29. 429
    karen ericson

    We’re trying to help our zoe-cat become more comfortable with our new(-ish) dog, fritz. It’s been about a year and they’ve done a nice job of spending time closer to each other, if we bring fritz into Zoe’s space. She pretty much ignores him except when he’s intrusive. The really sad thing though is that Zoe won’t ever leave her safe space up stairs and come downstairs and join us. Subsequently, she spends a lot fo time alone upstairs. Any ideas? We’ve already put shelving up for her but she doesn’t use it.


  30. 430
    Mary Sue

    I have 3 spayed Devons, ages 10 to 17. The oldest has no issues and is the perfect pacifist. The middle one was a stray and declawed. She went blind from idiopathic hypertension about a year after she was rescued and came here at about 12 years old. Her litter box habits are not stellar. She tolerates the 17-year-old, but doesn’t like the 10-year-old rescue who arrived about a year after she did and also has some issues interacting with people. The blind one hisses at the 10 year old who seems to exhibit fear aggression toward her or else just runs away. This is not a harmonious home! At least they all like the dog. I could use some help with the two who seem to be on edge quite often. I have dreams of a pile of Devons curled up happily together, as the the breed usually does.

  31. 431

    Dear Mr. Jackson,
    I am desperate and PLEASE need your help. I have a 6 year old Siamese named Ginger. Its been about a year that Ginger has stopped using her litter box. At the time I just had one other cat for 2 years. I have been to the vet countless times and have spent almost $1000 in tests to see why she no longer will use her litter box. She will hold her urine and poop until she has an accident. Adding to this I have also replace a bed matters, couch cushions and destroyed my hard wood floors.
    My boyfriend is at his wits end with her and says I must get rid of her or put her down. I can’t bare the thought of giving her up and to put her to sleep would break my heart. Even my close friends and family say I should put her to sleep as well. I can’t, I just can’t. I can’t rehome her because nobody wants to deal with a “pee cat”
    Even my vet told me that this is her behavior and that is just the way she is. I have her on anxiety medication and anxiety collar and spray. I have placed her on a schedule and place her in her box twice a day so she can go. I have done everything form Change litters, change boxes, lid on/off, change locations, etc I have 2 older children 3 cats in total and 1 dog. She is ok with the dog. PLEASE Mr Jackson, please help me. My heart is just crushed. I would even just settle for some advice on what you think I should try or your thoughts on what to do.
    Thank you
    Jen & Ginger

  32. 432

    Mouse has Feline hyperaesthesia, I was wondering if Spirit Essence would help her in any way?

  33. 433
    Jill northey

    My boy has anxiety during storms. Poor thing slithers to a hiding spot and it takes him so long to recover. I would love to help him it hurts me to se him like that.

  34. 434

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! I don’t know if a spirit essence would help my problem, but any advice would be greatly appreciated! My cats use me as furniture/vertical space. It’s very annoying in the winter, but downright painful in warmer weather! If I’m standing still, stooped over cleaning litterboxes, doing dishes, etc, I’ve got a cat leaping up on me from out of no where. I’ve been scratched, spilled food and beverages ‘cuz they go for my shoulders. They have all sorts of vertical spaces….shelves, furniture (both cat and cabinets). Why can’t they stay off me?

  35. 435

    My 4 y.o. cat Wigglesworth was a stray for the first 3 months of her life, and she is pretty shy when people come over, and just stays in the kitchen or pantry. I have two other cats, Drexel, a male, 6 y.o. and Pixie, a female 1 y.o. When they are in the living room with me playing or hanging out, Wigglesworth is in the kitchen in the highest spot–the kitchen table. I got her a pheremone collar, and that has decreased her table-sitting by about 80%. She is interacting more with me and the other two cats, but I don’t like the heavy floral smell of the collar, that I have to replace the collar every month, and that it isn’t natural. She will also only play with toys when neither of the other cats are around. She basically is always looking over her shoulder, and that hinders her play.

  36. 436

    it’s be interesting to get one of the spirit essences, as I have skeerdy cat and would love to have folks over without the “trauma”…..

  37. 437
    Lisa Roth

    Wow! this is really cool. Just read their entire web site and I can think of several of these that would improve the vibes in my house—feral rehab, peacemaker, safe space and obsession remedy would all be valuable additions to my cat arsenal.

    Thanks for keeping us informed about these awesome cat products.

  38. 438
    Lisa Roth

    I have a feral, a stray and an adoptee. The feral has all the behaviors that you might expect—extremely skittish, scared of all other humans besides me (and even I can’t pick her up).

    The adoptee just came to our home in Sept. because a friend could no longer keep him. He’s super sweet, but the other cats are not very nice to him. He wants to play with them but the feral HATES him and the stray is disinterested. The new guy has started obsessively licking. Mostly he licks himself, but he’ll also lick me or anyone who pats him.

    Hope you can come up with some great approaches for our household!

  39. 439

    I would love to see if these work with my 8 adopted rescue/shelter kitties!

  40. 440

    Just adopted my fourth and fifth rescue kitties (11 yr old brothers) who were returned to a local shelter by their first family. Brother #1 is fairly confident and outgoing, brother #2 is very sweet but definitely more shy. He’s having some trouble adjusting to everything, including my existing 3 cats, one of whom is very confident (close to being a bully). Would love to try some Spirit Essences.

  41. 441

    I handraised and adopted four very young street kittens over the past few years and they are very attached to me, as I am to them. However, they don’t adapt to major changes easily. For example, when we had to move house, it took weeks of anxiety – constant meaowing, pacing, etc – before they finally settled in. Now, in a couple of months, I will have to leave home to pursue a Vet Science degree and I am desperate to minimise the negative impact this will have on them. I have already engaged an Animal Talk practitioner and am looking for other ways to help them cope with the new situation. Spirit Essences sounds like the perfect remedy and I’d certainly love to apply it here and I’d appreciate any help/advice!

  42. 442

    My oldest, Neesha, can me very picky. Sometimes she doesn’t want to finish her food, she won’t play if her two siblings are around, and she can be VERY moody. She’s 8 now, has to have special food because of an ongoing bladder infection issue, but the food is very high in calories. Combine the food with a less-than-active kitty, and Neesha is packing on the pounds. Please help!

  43. 443
    Lisa Alexander

    Hi Jackson! We live w/ 5 cats. Stella is our 4 yo super-alpha Tortie who wishes she was our only cat; Annabelle is incredibly sweet and docile. In spite of efforts to re-direct Stella’s aggression she terrorizes and intimidates Annabelle. As a result of Stella’s behavior, Annabelle has become nervous around 3 of her 4 siblings. In summary Stella adores us; I believe is jealous of Annabelle and can barely tolerate the other cats.

    In a related query…. I know it is an option to re-introduce cats that are in conflict. After the re-introduction, why wouldn’t the negative behavior begin all over again? The cat’s personalities haven’t changed so why would they not fall back into old patterns?
    My husband and I greatly admire your skills and hope to benefit from your input. Thank you for generously donating your time.

  44. 444

    I don’t know if anything will help my super anxious cat with bladder issues. He freaks himself out sometimes with his own shadow! I think he causes the mystery crystals in his urine just from all the tense coils rippling through his body. If I can manage it, I dose him with amatriptiline [our kitty prozac] but I don’t want to freak him out to give him medicine to calm him down. That seems counter-intuitive. When we CAN dose him, he turns into sweet purr king and cuddles like a kitten. Then it wears off and he’s back to autism baby. Maybe we should try Spirit Essence. We’ve tried conventional medicine and he hates it.

  45. 445

    Callie is a 10-year-old female calico who was dominated by male Kobe from the time she joined the household (when both were around one year old). Three years ago, I took in a family of 4 female strays plus an unrelated male stray. Callie is generally fine around the 4 females, although they don’t play together, but she lays down in a subservient position when the males are around. (Kobe dominates the other male when I don’t intercede.) Callie’s refuge is a place on the kitchen counter where I don’t allow the others to go, but she’s there nearly all the time, including when she eats, and doesn’t have much of a life. Is it possible to give her confidence so she isn’t so intimidated by the boys? Thank you for any help you can provide.

  46. 446

    one of my cats is a huge scaredy-cat! we have cleaning ladies come to our house every two weeks. my cat hides in my room, but when they come to clean the room, she is “cornered” into a hiding spot. i try to get her and move her to a different room, but she is sooo scared that i often get hurt in the process. the vacuum scares her, strangers scare her, going outside scares her. i am worried about how the stress is affecting her AND how it might harm others

  47. 447
    Lee Novak

    Jackson, love your show!!! My comment is regarding the new kitten of a friend. She has a 14 yr old, mellow, sweet calico. The new flame-point-looking kitten is off the wall, as kittens can be. Driving the older cat, who sits in one place on the window perch now, crazy. The kitten attacks people – pounces on their hands, arms, legs. I know he wants to play, needs attention, stimulation. He really needs another kitten to play with and a big cat tree, crinkle toys, etc. Any suggestions with Spirit Essences?

  48. 448

    OMG! I (Cinnamon) needs this soooo bad!!!

  49. 449

    I came home today to find a large chunk missing from my poor cat’s head. The culprit? My boyfriend’s extremely territorial cat. We keep them separated, but she got out and must have attacked him today. I’m so sad for my baby. I wish they would ignore each other at a minimum. Being friends seems hopeless. I’m starting to think I might have to move out if things don’t get better. I’m afraid she’ll do real damage sometime when I can’t protect him. Please save my cat and my relationship!

  50. 450

    I think Healthy Helper would be our choice. Sounds great for our Felix.


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