Moderncat January Giveaway: The Vertical Cat Winner’s Choice

Sun, Jan 1, 2012


Happy New Year to everyone! Our January giveaway will have some lucky kitties climbing high in 2012. This month, The Vertical Cat is offering winner’s choice of either a 4 foot Alexa Corner Cat Tree, a 3 foot Madison Cat Tree, or $240 worth of shelves and stairs! Wow!

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please leave a comment on this post telling us which prize you’d choose. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on January 31, 2012 and contacted via email. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to US addresses.

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1,559 Responses to “Moderncat January Giveaway: The Vertical Cat Winner’s Choice”

  1. 1501
    Ann Geesaman

    Oh man … kitty climbing non space taking up gizmos … would love this in our house! All 14 babies would be entertained like crazy. Love this furniture, VerticalCat … thanks!!

  2. 1502

    My kitty enjoys looking out the window laying in his directors chair with a leopard blanket

  3. 1503

    I ordered the 4 tier one and all 10 cats love it, would love to get some more… Love the product would highly recommend it…

  4. 1504

    wonderful piece that would look fantastic in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The kitties and I are hoping to win this, thanks!

  5. 1505
    Cathy B

    My cats would love the 4ft Alexa corner cat tree.

  6. 1506
    Kathy Chandler

    I would go with whatever provided the greater elevation. Especially with my youngest, the higher the better!

  7. 1507

    This vertical climber would be great for my kitties, Kaspar and Kenya. Kaspar is a kitty from China, who needed a home. Kenya was a rescue kitty from NYC.

  8. 1508

    I have the perfect place a 3 foot Madison Cat Tree. Three ledges for 3 kitties!!!!

  9. 1509
    Vicki Butcher

    My calico, Savannah, would love the 4ft. Alexa Corner Cat Tree! We live in a small studio apartment and no place for her to get up! Love your products!

  10. 1510

    My cat would love the Alexa Corner Cat Tree!

  11. 1511

    I would choose the Madison cat tree in walnut with light brown carpet.

  12. 1512
    Cheryl Malandrinos

    I would love to win Alexa Corner Cat Tree. I have an open corner in our living room where the cats enjoy looking through the atrium door to the backyard.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. 1513

    I even have the perfect corner in which to place the Alexa Corner Tree, and I can just see any dangling tails becoming playthings for the other cat!

  14. 1514
    Charlotte Worlitz

    Yay! Worlitz kitties adore launching themselves from exciting,new peaks!

  15. 1515

    My Kitties would love the Madison!

  16. 1516

    My recently adopted kitty would really appreciate having more “cat walk” space, so I would love to get him some wall shelves and stairs.

  17. 1517
    Michael Ann

    I have 5 Maine Coons that are always lounging in front of the window. The 3 tier stand would allow them to do just that. Always snapping their pictures for the “kitty world” on Facebook. Your shelf would be a terrific spot to do so!

  18. 1518
    Tina English

    Hi, I would choose the shelves and stairs for my kitties. We have 2 dogs and 7 rescue cats….so we have quite a full house. My kitties would love to run and climb the stairs up the walls! They definitely need the extra kitty space. Thanks!

  19. 1519
    Robin Reed

    WOW!! This would have our group all a flutter. Fabulous.

  20. 1520
    Katheryn Hasara

    Oh, my gosh; my verticle cats would absolutely love the Alexa Corner Cat tree!

  21. 1521
    mary knight

    My cats would love the wall shelving. I have a limited space, but if we use the vertical space, the walls, it would expand their world. Our neighbors recently called Animal Control: No more outdoor time. So…trying to make this the wonderful environment they need indoors.

  22. 1522

    Would love to win something for my cats.
    One is a Bengal 14 weeks old female named Verni and the other is a male Ragdoll who is 6 years old his name is Shamus.
    He has excepted his new little sister but she wears him out with all the playing sometimes. He lets her know when he has had enough.
    She needs something to entertain her self and he needs to get away from her sometimes.

  23. 1523

    I think my cats would really love the Alexa Corner Cat Tree to look out the windows on!

  24. 1524

    I would love to install shelves and stairs for my sweet kitty, James, a one year old tabby who loves to climb and perch!

  25. 1525
    liz s

    I would love love to win the Madison cat tree. If it were possible, a dark stain would be awesome. I have just moved and had to leave all my cat furniture behind, so my poor love of my life kitty has nothing to climb on right now!!! This cat tree looks amazing!
    Thanks for the chance!

  26. 1526

    Oh my…it looks fabulous! :)

  27. 1527

    These cat trees are fab! I’d love to win the 4 foot Alexa Corner Cat Tree for my crew of 3 who love to climb.

  28. 1528

    I would like the madison for my 5 cats to share

  29. 1529

    the 4foot Alexa cat tree would be a great start for my 1o kitties!

  30. 1530

    I would love to put the 4′ Alexa cat tree in a corner of my room.

  31. 1531
    Julie Bauer

    I have been searching for a cat wall stair climbing system for years! I would choose the steps and shelves – they are exactly ehat I’ve been dreamong of!!!!

  32. 1532
    Julie Bauer

    I’d choose the stairs and shelves! Been looking for these forever as I have a 3 legged rescue who can’t negotiate the jumps it takes for most climbers. I could customize these to suit her and finally get her up to the window!!!

  33. 1533

    I just found your site today! We would love the corner climber 4′ Alexa for our crew. I am telling everyone bout your site and products. Thanks.

  34. 1534

    Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stairs and shelves!! We have 5 kitties in our brood and they are all tree dwellers(even our blind kitten!) I have been looking at getting shelves and stairs so they can all get a higher view out of the windows. These are beautifully designed and look very sturdy…these would make our little family very happy! I will be going on your site to look at what else you have to offer. thank you!

  35. 1535
  36. 1536

    There is some really cool things on this website! YAY! We have 3 kitties and they would certainly enjoy lounging on one of these.
    Thank you!

  37. 1537

    Great design!
    Looks attractive and sturdy, and all my cats would love this!

  38. 1538

    Just looked this up having seen this on an animal planet show… i’d love a vertical Alex corner tree to add in front of my condo’s front window to show off to the other tons of cat owners while my two sunbathing kitties soak up the sun this coming summer. it’s a beautiful design! :)

  39. 1539

    The Alexa Corner Cat Tree would be the PURRFECT addition to our home… My 2 big kitties are definite climbers & this may be what we need to keep them off the Fridge… They would Love ANY of these things…

  40. 1540

    We have a small cat rescue with about 30 cats in each of our two foster homes. It seems like there is never enough vertical space for all these furry bodies. Plus we are running out of floor space for the towers.

    I love the wall mounted stairs! Those would be so cool in our cat room! The cats love to hang out on the stairs. I could see these on those long stairway walls, it would open up a whole new area to play in! The added bonus of truly beautiful pieces would be like “living art” on the walls when adopters come to visit.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  41. 1541

    My houseful of rescue kitties would LOVE the Alexa Corner Cat Tree.

  42. 1542
    Jenny Harrison

    With 8 of my own cats and 6 foster right now this would be great.

  43. 1543

    May daugher has two Bengal cats that climb everywhere these attactive shelves would be a great addition

  44. 1544

    My fur baby Yodie would love these she loves to climb!

  45. 1545

    My cat would love some stairs and shelves as he needs more vertical space!I love how attractive these are!

  46. 1546

    I would very much like to win the 4′ tree!! I have a very large (15lb) but fit albino cat of unknown origin named Merlin who never seems to expend all of his energy, and who likes to be above most things. He would love. *and* use this tree!!

  47. 1547

    Just found your website after looking for attractive cat trees (not the ugly carpet ones). I would love the Alexa Cat Tree for our 2 year old cat that loves to climb on everything including our flat panel tv!

  48. 1548

    Great tree and shelves, cant decide which one is better. We are in the process of moving to a new apt and looking for design ideas so my girls will be comfortable and appreciate their new home.

  49. 1549

    my boys would love the tall one especially as they can each have a perch.

  50. 1550
    Joan DeSalvatore

    My five cats would1 so love the opportunity to have such a wonderful piece of furniture

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