Spirit Essences Giveaway Winners Plus Cat Behavior Tips From Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy

Tue, Jan 3, 2012

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Thanks to everyone for your comments on the Spirit Essences giveaway! Jackson wishes he could answer all of you personally, but he had to choose five top comments that he feels represent some common issues, so hopefully you’ll see some tips here that you can use, too. Each of the following readers will receive the recommended Spirit Essences formulas. Keep an eye out for an email from me with details.

Note: Detailed instructions come with each of the Spirit Essences, plus you can find more information on how to use Spirit Essences on their website.


1. Amanda – Stressed Out Kitty

“My 10 year old kitty has been having more issues with urinating outside his box. I took him to our vet who states he thinks my cat is stressed out due to my schedule change at work. I bought him a “cat condo” so he could have his own space, which appears to have helped him a little, but he still appears to be stressed and anxious when I leave. I can hear him crying by the front door and when I get home from work he is in the front window meowing. I really think that the Separation Anxiety Spirit Essences could be a great thing for him and would help him relax while I am away. I just wish there was a way for him to know that I will be back and for him not to stress so much. Help!”

Recommended Spirit Essences: Separation Anxiety & Stress Stopper
Use Separation Anxiety as the base remedy. Administer in food and water, and by physical application. Have Stress Stopper on hand for flare ups. Separation Anxiety keeps things grounded, while Stress Stopper is for when the cat is acting out, like when he meows while you’re home. Immediately apply Stress Stopper when you get home.

Jackson’s Tips
Don’t unconsciously support his separation anxiety. Because we know the cat thinks it’s a big deal when we leave, we tend to make a big thing out of leaving, saying things like “it’s okay, I’ll be back”, but you should break this habit. Shift your routine to take the focus off your leaving. If he’s food motivated, give him something to do while you’re leaving, like a treat ball or puzzle ball for him to play with. Try feeding at a different time or leaving music on or spoken word, like talk radio, at a low level. Leaving some lights on may help, too.


2. Jessica – Is Benson a Bully?

“Wow, what an awesome opportunity! I loved Jackson’s show and completely trust any product he stands behind. My kitty boy, Benson could probably benefit from the Bully Remedy. He lived his first year as a feral cat, so his behavior is understandable, but he is particularly “mean” at feeding time, most likely because he is not used to knowing where his next meal is coming from. He has two kitty sisters, Kaleigh and Harper (who is new to the family). Prior to meal time he runs around and jumps on/bites them. He also tries to eat out of everyone’s bowl. Not only am I worried about the girls eating, but he is beginning to pack on the pounds. He also goes through spats where he will chase them around the house. Would love to find something to make the house a little happier!”

Recommended Spirit Essences: Feral Cat Rehabilitation
Actually, he’s not a bully, he’s holding on to the behavioral muscle memory of growing up feral. Use Feral Cat Rehab to build trust, not with humans but with the notion that his food source is secure. Use as the base remedy for 1 month, administering in food and water, misting the room, and applying topically 3 to 4 times a day.

Jackson’s Tips
Separate the cats if needed, and feed them in different places. Try using bowls that slow him down, like this one, or you can use a large rock in the middle of the bowl to make eating more of a challenge. Active play before mealtime will drain his unwanted energy.


3. Teresa – Ubu’s Aggression

“Hi! I’m having trouble with my three cats. I love them all dearly, but they don’t seem to tolerate each other very well. Two are biological brothers and they get along famously, however their adoptive sister is another story. Her name is Ubu and she gets aggressive around cats and new people. Living with her brothers stresses her out so they are separated from each other, however, I would like to remedy this situation. Hopefully Spirit Essences will resolve this because I’m willing to try anything!”

Recommended Spirit Essences: Ultimate Peacemaker
The Ultimate Peacemaker kit is a three formula set including Peacemaker, Bully  Remedy, and Self Esteem Remedy. Peacemaker should be misted around the house and used in all water bowls. Use Bully Remedy topically for Ubu and Self Esteem Remedy topically and in wet food for the other cats. The three remedies used together help to promote getting along. The goal is to bring Ubu’s aggression level down while building up the esteem of the others.

Jackson’s Tips
Controlled reintroduction is recommended. The cats need to be reintroduced as though they’ve never meet before. Use mealtime to build positive associations.


4. Linda – The Challenge Line

“My beautiful tabby Jules is painfully shy. I’m the only person he lets near him, otherwise he’s under the bed. Even the sound of a doorbell on a TV show or the sound of neighbors talking outside sends him running to my bedroom.”

Recommended Spirit Essences: Scaredy Cat & Stress Stopper
Jules is a perfect candidate for Scaredy Cat as the base remedy. It was acutally developed for “closet cats” or “under the bed cats.” Administer in food and water, mist around the house, and apply topically. Also, apply Stress Stopper topically as needed. Stress Stopper is a remedy that everyone should have in their kit. It’s like vibrational first aid.

Jackson’s Tips
Jules needs to have structured challenges, you can’t cater to the fear. Check out my video below where I talk about The Challenge Line. You need to challenge him everyday and not let him stay in his comfort zone. Try bringing someone else into the house everyday. Use food as an incentive, use toys, bring the bowl closer to the door. Find out where he’s comfortable and where he will go, and bring him to that line everyday.


5. Holly – Arnold’s Trauma

“My husband and I are currently guardians to a cat clan of nine. All have been rescued in some capacity– some directly off the street, as I used to live in an area known as the local cat dumping ground– but my biggest and saddest problem is my 2-year-old shelter rescue, Arnold. Arnold came home from the shelter as a kitten with a terrible upper respiratory infection. Our vet prescribed antibiotics and lysine, and instructed us to keep him separated from the other cats until he was better. The sad part is that Arnold came to associate the arrival of humans in “his” space–especially if the human petted him or picked him up– with having to take medicine, which he hated, fought against, and cried about until we cried, too. To this day, Arnold runs away in fear when he is approached by any human, including us. He is a loving boy when he approaches on his own terms and he gets along well with the other cats, but he will run away even if we humans are just passing by to go from one room to another, and it breaks my heart.”

Recommended Spirit Essences: Trauma-Free & Stress Stopper
Arnold is trapped in a cycle of post traumatic stress disorder. He has a negative association with humans. One bottle of Trauma-Free over a month will help to peel away the layers of trauma. Use it as the base remedy in food and water, mist the house, and apply it topically 3 to 4 times a day. Also use Stress Stopper, because as the trauma is being remedied, it may get a little worse before it gets better. If there is an outburst, Stress Stopper should be applied topically.

Jackson’s Tips
Try to always make the opposite choices, for example, don’t pick him up, don’t do things that are not on his terms. Use an interactive toy for him to follow around the room. This will bring him toward you when he follows the toy. Clicker training may help. Find a treat that he loves. Put it on the floor near you until he comes to you, then use the clicker to reinforce the positive behavior.


We hope these tips will help a lot of you resolve some of the issues you are having with your cats! Remember, you can get 10% off your order at spiritessences.com with coupon code MODERNCAT. Also, be sure to watch the season two premiere of Jackson’s show My Cat From Hell this Saturday on Animal Planet! Check out the schedule here.

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13 Responses to “Spirit Essences Giveaway Winners Plus Cat Behavior Tips From Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy”

  1. 1
    Diana Sebzda

    Wow! Even though I didn’t win, I LOVED reading who was selected, their issues and the resolutions! Thank you so much! I will definitely be purchasing some of these spirits!

  2. 2
    margaret king

    Awesome Giveaway

  3. 3
    Catherine Turley

    i wish i had seen this sooner. i have a cat unlike any i’ve ever even read about. he is so utterly vicious that he fights to kill. he started turning his aggression toward a couple of indoor cats, so i had to separate them all permanently. when he started to turn against another indoor cat, the vet put him on fluoxetine. unbelievably, it ramped up his aggression and he started to turn on me. i actually had to pick up a log to defend myself. i’ve never been afraid of an animal in my life, but he was crazed. i doubt any herbal remedy could help, but i may try one since i’m desperate.

  4. 4

    Catherine, I’m a shelter volunteer, so I’ve worked with a lot of aggressive cats. First, order the spirit essences and give them a try. Second, Jackson Galaxy does do phone consultations for a reasonable price and might bump you up on his list to talk to you sooner considering how extreme your case is. This seems like an emergency to me. Third, I’d isolate the cat from all your other cats and be careful about approaching him. Something is certainly going on. If play and exercise do not aggravate the s situation, you might want to try more play time to see if you can help your cat get burn up some of his energy. Consider when these attacks take place and what happened before that might have triggered the attacks. Was it about food, or a toy, in a specific room, or attention towards another cat from you. Or did you just get home from work? Is it a specific time of the day or night? Or was it just out of the blue? Watch your cat’s tale and ears. Have you noticed anything on before an attack? That kind of thing. These observations might help you figure out if there’s a pattern, and may help when you talk to Jackson if that can be arranged. Fourth, be very careful. A serious cat bite can put you in the hospital. If you are bitten make sure to clean out the wound carefully and follow up with your doctor. I know it has to break your heart when an animal you love attacks you. Remember that you are not alone in this. You have an entire internet full of resources. Good luck, Catherine.

  5. 5

    Such amazing insight into the feline soul! I always enjoy reading/watching The Cat Daddy very much — even if the particular problem a cat is experiencing isn’t one any of our cats have, it is so educational and may come in handy in helping friends!

  6. 6

    I’m just looking to locally pick some up (Redondo Beach, CA) as I’m leaving Lulu again on Thursday. Between Lu’s separation anxiety and aggression towards Milly, my rescue I could really use some help. Milly hasn’t been back inside the house since her breaking out of the screen in the spring just days after her operation, I hoped to have her back inside by October. Lulu doesn’t want any part of it! The separation anxiety is unfortunately also an ongoing problem as I have to travel on occasion for work, and my furniture and hardwoods are taking the brunt of the abuse :-/

  7. 7

    It breaks my heart to hear some of these stories. I am so blessed to have a cat without issues like this. I pray these remidies help all of your kitties to live happy healthy lives!

  8. 8
    Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie

    Pawesome stories and solutions! What a great giveaway – and a great post!

  9. 9
    Catherine Turley

    thank you kathie. i came back to check the thread just in case anybody had any suggestions. i have been rescuing for 20 years and have been bitten, scratched, etc., but never encountered a cat like this. the crazy part is that he’s not even feral. he’s very loving, but he is highly territorial and obsessive. he does go outside every day for about 4 hours when the outside ferals are not around. he runs around and climbs the trees, but it’s never enough. when he comes inside, he whines and paces and acts restless. the aggression toward the indoor cats starts as misdirected aggression toward the ferals. and it is impossible to re-direct him once he decides who the enemy is. i will just continue to try new products and keep him isolated. thanks.

  10. 10
    Jen M.


    I can’t asy ENOUGH good things about controlled reintroduction! It is an excellent tool!

    I have one kitty who used to be so terrified of the other cats, she was living under our entertainment center for many months. I mean literally LIVING. She did “everything” under there, if you know what I mean, and it saddened me to see her quality of life so poor. (I would feed her just outside of her hidey hole, so she would at least eat.)

    My boyfriend and I ended up taking her to live in our bedroom by herself for a few months. She had everything she needed and as a bonus, we got to snuggle every night.

    When we decided the time was right, we reintroduced her as if she were completely new to the household, and we took our time with it. Now, she’s doing great. She tolerates the other cats (but hasn’t appeared to bond with any of them,) though she is tempermental. She eats with the other cats with no problems, she does not hide, and she’s just a really happy cat.

    I’m so glad we did this!

  11. 11

    Catherine– There are lots of possibilites for behavior meds. Fluoxetine is known to cause bad reactions in some cats.

  12. 12

    My two boys are at territorial odds. One fights and chases the other away and the other one pees trying to reclaim lost territory. They are both 6 years old and have been living together harmoniously since they were babies and now they are at war. This all started after a cross country move 2 years ago.

    And what can I use to get rid of the pee odor???


  13. 13

    I would like to win this one!

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