Introducing the New Brawny Cat Comfy Collection ENTER TO WIN!

Fri, Mar 30, 2012

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Brawny Cat just released a brand new line of quality cat furniture that you are going to love. It’s the new Comfy Collection, featuring handcrafted, solid walnut frames topped with a sisal mat and two comfy bolsters. The collection includes two lounges that sit on the floor and the loft, which can hang anywhere on a wall or under a window.

Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge measures 33″ long and 14″ deep and sells for $189. For “wider” cats, Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge measures 33″ long and a full 20″ deep for $239. The lounges feature a nice back for kitty to lean against with a “mischief maker portal” for peeking and poking through. If you order any of the Comfy Collection pieces now, you can get your cat’s name engraved in the back for free!

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, then you’re really going to love Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. The loft is 33″ long and 12.5″ deep and sells for $189. It mounts to the wall using Ikea Ekby Bjarnum mounting brackets (included with the loft). The loft is designed to mount directly into wall studs for maximum stability and includes hardware for a variety of surface mounting applications. When mounted to wall studs, the lounge holds up to 100 lbs. We now have one in our living room and the kids love it!


One lucky reader is going to win his or her choice of Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge or Big Baby’s Comfy Loft! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one you’d choose if you win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 6, 2012. One entry per person. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to US addresses.

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2,420 Responses to “Introducing the New Brawny Cat Comfy Collection ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 2051
    Jeni Clark

    My cats really need the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. They are always looking for more places to sit and play “vulture” over us.

  2. 2052

    My Houdini would love the loft! He loves to lounge up high, either on top of the entertainment system, top of the bookcase, riding around on my shoulders or jumping from tops of furniture trying to keep his feet from touching the ground.

  3. 2053
    Cate tobin

    Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge would be perfect for my two big kitties, one a Maine Coon and the other a Turkish Angora. Both mixed breeds and shelter kitties of course!

  4. 2054
    Barbii Craig

    my furbabies would love both but I would have to choose the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge, they’re a little too tubby for a loft….lol

  5. 2055

    Xander would love Big Baby’s Comfy Loft! The sunroom is one of his favorite spots, with 8 windows to watch the birds and squirrels from, but the window sills are only 4 inches wide. He could use a nice cozy spot to keep an eye on the wildlife, not to mention the dogs and kids!

  6. 2056
    Elizabeth Downs

    My two calicos would love to cuddle on the lounge!

  7. 2057
    Vanessa Barrett

    I’d get the Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge for my 17 pound Norweigan Forest Cat! He’d love the extra large lounge to sleep on!

  8. 2058

    Our cats would love the Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge!

  9. 2059

    Izzy and Cali would fit nicely on the Fat Baby’s Comfy lounge!

  10. 2060

    My kitties would love the loft!

  11. 2061
    Karen A

    Would love to win the Big Baby’s comfort lounge.

  12. 2062

    I have two maine coon mixes that adopted me from the shelter. They came to me 11 months apart, but could be sibling brothers, as they absolutely adore each other. They would love Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge! Leo and Max say “yes please”!! :)

  13. 2063
    emily gerber

    Love the lounge for my babies!

  14. 2064

    My cat Tokyo would love the Comfy Loft!

  15. 2065

    Ooh! Misty would absolutely love a Fat Baby Loft! She’s constantly climbing the walls, so it would be great for her to have a destination for all that wall climbing.

  16. 2066

    I think these are just beautiful. I can just see Sadie lounging in her favorite spot on the lounger or the loft. The loft is, I think, my favorite since we have a small home we share with 5 adult kitties.

  17. 2067

    The big baby lounge would be great!

  18. 2068

    That loft would be just the thing for my kitty’s penchant for suirrel watch at the window!

  19. 2069

    That loft would be just the thing for my kitty’s penchant for squirrel watch at the window!

  20. 2070
    kristian adamic

    My baby Jasmine would LOOOOVE the wall hanging one because she’s always trying to be up high so she can see what we’re doing!

  21. 2071
    Cindy Goodrich

    I would choose Big Baby’s Comfy Loft–my cats are tree cats and would love to be up high in a comfy bed.

  22. 2072

    The lounge for my six!

  23. 2073
    Jennifer Canavan

    My cat would love the big babys comfy loft!

  24. 2074

    My kitties would love the Comfy Loft!

  25. 2075

    I have several lovely felines who would love this product!! Pick me…pick me…pick me!!! :-)

  26. 2076

    Big Baby would do it for us :)

  27. 2077

    My cats Shadow and Annie would love the Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge. maybe they can even bond on it.

  28. 2078

    My fur kids would love to have the loft mounted by their favorite window. Then they can both see what’s happening outside!

  29. 2079
    Lauren Slowinski

    Manny, Lilly, Boo and Reese would LOVE the Lounge!!!! It’s awesome!

  30. 2080

    Our multi-cat household includes some big bruisers who like to perch, so the Comfy Loft would fit nicely. We grow ‘em big!

  31. 2081
    Amber Dowd

    My 13 lb cream tabby tank, Cedric, would go crazy for the loft! We’re moving in three weeks to a tiny apt with very little floor space, so the loft would be a perfect piece of furniture for him to rule his new kingdom on!

  32. 2082

    Mewsette and Milky would LOVE it!

  33. 2083
    TigerLily S.

    this is a gorgeous piece of furniture. (it reminds me of the kitty pilates table in an episode of “my cat from hell”). there’s enough room on it for a sweet furpile in my multicat home. =^.^=

  34. 2084
    Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    My babies would love the Big Baby Comfy Lounge

  35. 2085

    My cat would be a very happy kitty if he won Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. :)

  36. 2086

    Well, I’d have to make a rotation schedule to keep the fur from flyin’, but it would be darned worth it !

  37. 2087
    Jaime Billingsley

    My three furr babies would love the comfy lounge!!

  38. 2088
    Maria A.

    My old man, Smokey, would love, love, LOVE this!!!!!!!

  39. 2089

    Love the lounge!!!

  40. 2090

    My four would love a comfy loft!!

  41. 2091

    I would *love* to have the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge for my black cat (who is coincidentally called Baby!). She loves to lounge around and the sisal would be great for her (and would stop her from attacking the furniture!).

  42. 2092

    My buddies would love the Comfy Loft, but they would have to learn how to take turns…

  43. 2093

    The ultimate in kitty comfort! What my Rusty would do for a lounger like the Big Baby….he loves his bolsters and scratchers.

  44. 2094

    Big or Fat doesn’t matter… it’s all comfy and my cats definilly will love it.

  45. 2095
    Barbara Ann

    The Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge would be great!

  46. 2096

    My Scout would love the Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge…all 16 pounds of him.

  47. 2097

    Mona loves sitting on the window sill, I’d love to have the Wall and WIndow mount so that she can lounge while she looks outside.

  48. 2098

    My guys would love the loft, I think it could hold all of them at once!

  49. 2099

    My five cats would love the Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge and probably fight over it. If I win one I’m sure I’ll have to buy more!

  50. 2100

    My two girls Ethel and Sidney would love the fat baby’s comply lounger, I don’t think they would fit on the other one….

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