Introducing the New Brawny Cat Comfy Collection ENTER TO WIN!

Fri, Mar 30, 2012

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Brawny Cat just released a brand new line of quality cat furniture that you are going to love. It’s the new Comfy Collection, featuring handcrafted, solid walnut frames topped with a sisal mat and two comfy bolsters. The collection includes two lounges that sit on the floor and the loft, which can hang anywhere on a wall or under a window.

Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge measures 33″ long and 14″ deep and sells for $189. For “wider” cats, Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge measures 33″ long and a full 20″ deep for $239. The lounges feature a nice back for kitty to lean against with a “mischief maker portal” for peeking and poking through. If you order any of the Comfy Collection pieces now, you can get your cat’s name engraved in the back for free!

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, then you’re really going to love Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. The loft is 33″ long and 12.5″ deep and sells for $189. It mounts to the wall using Ikea Ekby Bjarnum mounting brackets (included with the loft). The loft is designed to mount directly into wall studs for maximum stability and includes hardware for a variety of surface mounting applications. When mounted to wall studs, the lounge holds up to 100 lbs. We now have one in our living room and the kids love it!


One lucky reader is going to win his or her choice of Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge or Big Baby’s Comfy Loft! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one you’d choose if you win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 6, 2012. One entry per person. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to US addresses.

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2,420 Responses to “Introducing the New Brawny Cat Comfy Collection ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 2151

    My Mackensie would LOVE the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. It is so hard to find something that is big enough for her to lay on. I am usually forced to buy a dog bed in order for her to be comfortable…I have to remove all the tags before showing it to her, so she doesn’t get insulted by being given a dog bed. The horror!!!

  2. 2152
    Ronda Stephens


  3. 2153

    Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. The cats like to look down on us.

  4. 2154
    LeeAnn Falciani

    Mr. Friend would love both, but I think that if he could choose, he would go for the lounge!

  5. 2155

    My big baby would love the comfy lounge!

  6. 2156

    The Comfy Collection looks beautiful! My cat would love it!

  7. 2157

    The Comfy Collection looks beautiful1 My cat would love it!
    (forgot to add) I would choose the loft if I won, but both are great.

  8. 2158

    That looks great! A fun little perch for the wall!

  9. 2159
    Sonia L

    Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge .. love it!

  10. 2160

    My FatCat & BeeBee love to watch the birds feed under our beautiful bougainvillia. They are so cute! They would really like the Big Baby Comfy Loft to watch their birdies on!

  11. 2161

    The Big or Fat Comfy Lounger would be AMAZING!

  12. 2162

    Baby’s Comfy Lounge – WE LOVE IT!

  13. 2163
    Candice T

    I’d have to choose The Loft version since my kitty loves to be up high.

  14. 2164

    My 8 sweeties would love either one! What beautiful kitty furniture! It would be hard to decide whice to choose, but I’d love to have that problem.

  15. 2165
    Isabel Rasmussen

    My Maine Coon named Monkey would love the Fat Baby Comfy Lounge. Thank you for building beautiful cat furniture.

  16. 2166

    My girls would LOVE the Comfy Loft!

  17. 2167
    monica wong

    Big. Babys comfy lounge

  18. 2168
    Deborah Darsie

    Definitely the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge – my kitty has a preference for the bay windows where she gets loads of sun. This would fit incredibly well and make her quite happy!

  19. 2169
    charlene elswick

    I love it :)

  20. 2170

    My cats would all be fighting to lounge around on that beautiful bed!!

  21. 2171

    Big Babys comfy Loft is my fave

  22. 2172
    Margaret Shield

    My kitty Bart needs the cool Loft so that he can sit above us and watch his “brother” Ziggy.
    Hoping that would bring more peace to the family ;-)
    Love the Loft!

  23. 2173

    My boy- Chewy, would love lounging on a Big Baby’s comfy lounge or loft.
    He’s 7 months and has out grown all of his bed’s and he’s eyeing ours! The lounger or loft looks like he could grow into it. What a beautiful piece of furniture and looks mighty cozy!!

  24. 2174

    These are cat centric in function and human friendly in design. How could you go wrong?

  25. 2175

    A mischief maker portal! What a wonderful description – more mischief is more entertainment at our house!

  26. 2176
    Lizabeth Shelberg

    My precious little Tilly(who is the love of my life)would love the Big Baby ‘s Comfy Lounge!It’s the purrfect name because I’ve always described her as a Big Baby and she needs a Comfy Lounge!This product looks so innovative and high quality.This lounger would make my little Tilly a very happy kitty!It would make me happy because I’m sure she will purr up a storm lounging in the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge!

  27. 2177

    My baby likes to be up high and would love to do it in the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft!

  28. 2178

    I’d love it if I could get the loft, but I rent so mounting things on the walls is not the best idea. I’m sure my cats would still love the lounge though.

  29. 2179

    Sparrow and Mr. Lion would love to lounge on either one of the comfy lounges.

  30. 2180

    Phoebe, Freddie, and Roxie would love to win the loft one please/meow.

  31. 2181
    Tracy A

    My Romeo would love the Big Baby’s Comfort Lounge and he would also like the pretty cat in the picture to share it with!

  32. 2182

    my little old lady Mimi would love the Big Baby’s comfy loft. With her arthritis she would kick back and relax and watch everyone from her own little ledge.

  33. 2183
    Tamara O

    My cats would love either but I would chose the Comfy Lounge if I won. They really need the one for fat babies though LOL. Any will do. I have eight cats. One of all sizes.

  34. 2184

    My kits would love Big Baby’s Comfort Loft since that would fit better in our home. These both are options I would love to have for them.

  35. 2185
    Bridget Hinkebein

    The Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge would be a groovy win.

  36. 2186

    I love it and so will Miss Penelope!

  37. 2187
    Bill Eikost

    These products look awesome. Would love to try them out. I think my cats would love them.

  38. 2188

    My cats would love the Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge! Thanks for the giveaway

  39. 2189

    My kitty Ponyo would love the Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge! What a great regal napping spot! Ponyo will be on cloud 9!

  40. 2190

    My cats would love the larger wall-mounted one – not because I have oversized cats, but because there’d probably be competition for it and more space is better!

  41. 2191

    We would definitely choose the loft, because we need more high places for our five kitties to perch!

  42. 2192

    My 5 persians would love Big Baby’s Comfy Loft! I need to get them up-and this seems perfectly wide enough for those that are not as agile… thanks for thinking safety first!!

  43. 2193

    My cats would love to nap on the lounge

  44. 2194

    I like the idea of the Loft, but without proper studs, the Lounge would be a nice addition.

  45. 2195

    My cats would love the lounge!

  46. 2196

    I am sure my cat Frankie would love any of them – but a loft would ensure that he would not have to share it with the little dog who thinks that she’s a cat.

  47. 2197
    Deb Pringle


  48. 2198

    I would love this lounge

  49. 2199

    My Sanchez would love the big baby lounge. Louging and taking up as much space as possible (even though she is tiny) are her two favorite things to do!

  50. 2200
    Liz Russo

    My cats would fight over the Fat Baby’s comfort lounge!

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