Introducing the New Brawny Cat Comfy Collection ENTER TO WIN!

Fri, Mar 30, 2012

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Brawny Cat just released a brand new line of quality cat furniture that you are going to love. It’s the new Comfy Collection, featuring handcrafted, solid walnut frames topped with a sisal mat and two comfy bolsters. The collection includes two lounges that sit on the floor and the loft, which can hang anywhere on a wall or under a window.

Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge measures 33″ long and 14″ deep and sells for $189. For “wider” cats, Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge measures 33″ long and a full 20″ deep for $239. The lounges feature a nice back for kitty to lean against with a “mischief maker portal” for peeking and poking through. If you order any of the Comfy Collection pieces now, you can get your cat’s name engraved in the back for free!

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, then you’re really going to love Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. The loft is 33″ long and 12.5″ deep and sells for $189. It mounts to the wall using Ikea Ekby Bjarnum mounting brackets (included with the loft). The loft is designed to mount directly into wall studs for maximum stability and includes hardware for a variety of surface mounting applications. When mounted to wall studs, the lounge holds up to 100 lbs. We now have one in our living room and the kids love it!


One lucky reader is going to win his or her choice of Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge or Big Baby’s Comfy Loft! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one you’d choose if you win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 6, 2012. One entry per person. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to US addresses.

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2,420 Responses to “Introducing the New Brawny Cat Comfy Collection ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 2351

    Lounge looks great! My guys would be snugglin together.

  2. 2352

    how cool! I’m always looking for new furniture for my babies, so I get my furniture back!

  3. 2353

    My cat would like the comfy lounge (the big one!) because he is 15 pounds of fury, fur and fun.

  4. 2354

    Both my cats could snuggle up together on the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. And it is a nice looking piece of furniture.

  5. 2355
    Celena Ulutas

    Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge all way way for my ahhh large Maine Coon cat, Henri! It’s short for Henrietta but we call her Princess Fluffy Butt. :-) I Hope she wins it!

  6. 2356

    we are getting ready to bring are first kittie home in june and the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft would be awesome are new baby would love it ;)

  7. 2357

    I would love the fat baby’s comfy lounge, so my two cats would be able to sleepy adorably together without worrying about there being limited space.

  8. 2358
    Cat Daddy Jr

    My 9 rescue kitties would really be all snug with a great Loft like that.

  9. 2359

    Lounge. Loft. Both look great

  10. 2360

    Love love love this!

  11. 2361
    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    We have the space (and would make the space even if we didn’t!) and I know our precious kitties would just adore the fabulous Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge!

    Thank your for another very special and generous giveaway.

  12. 2362

    We’d have to go for the Fat Baby.

  13. 2363
    Ms Nina Witzenburg

    Lucy would love this!!!

  14. 2364
    Shirley Sparling

    My cat Santana would absolutely love the Big Baby Comfy Lounger. He sleeps on his current sisal mat all the time and that is just one that sits on the floor. Although, he is a Siberian so he might need that Fat Baby.

  15. 2365

    A great looking piece of furniture and since my male and female cat already make out with each other (i.e. lick each other), this will make it a great place for them to do that! They would really love it, no more separate beds!

  16. 2366

    Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge pleeeeze~

  17. 2367

    Gorgeous piece of furnitute.

  18. 2368

    Oh my, what a beautiful place for my little ragdoll kitten to lounge and scratch. A place all of her own with her name engraved. It’s purr-fect.

  19. 2369
    nicole hockney

    big baby’s comfy lounge

  20. 2370

    Freaking love this lounge!

  21. 2371

    my cats would love the lounger

  22. 2372
    Laura C

    I’d choose Big Baby’s Comfy Loft!

  23. 2373

    My 2 big furboys would love the lounge ;)

  24. 2374
    Shelly T.

    Oh, I love this- my one girl always likes to “prop” herself on things…she would lounge on this all day! Just beautiful!

  25. 2375

    My five kids/kitties would love the fat baby one! Love it!

  26. 2376

    My six fur babies would love the big baby’s comfy loft… they are all indoor felines and love to watch the humming birds come and feed just outside the window. They even attempt to “chirp” with the little finches and sparrows!

  27. 2377
    Sharon Knight

    A bed my big boy would be comfy in!!! He hangs over all the others we have, but he hasn’t complained. He would love this one!!! Thank you for this give away!!!

  28. 2378

    What a deal, I have a brawny cat, now she just needs something “comfy”. Great looking product.

  29. 2379

    I would love to win the Modern Cat! It’s sleek and it looks kind of like a couch. Maybe my kitty Max will finally leave my couch alone and use it as a scratching pad. Plus it just looks cool.

  30. 2380

    Oh I’m sorry I think it might be called the Scratch and Slumber. lol Either way I want it!

  31. 2381

    Omgosh wrong again it’s called Fat Baby’s Comfy Lounge! lol That’s it I’m going to bed but that’s the one I’d love.

  32. 2382

    These look marvelous! My generously sized cat, Lolly, would adore the floor model – I just know it. JerryGarcia, her older fellow cat, would probably like it, too – so the name on it (if we win) would have to be LEE CATS as that is their (and our) surname.

  33. 2383
    Tiffani Davis

    The lounge is super cool. My cats would feel like they have their own couch when hanging out with us in the living room. The design is great and the pillows are nice detail.

  34. 2384

    I would choose the fat baby’s comfy lounge because my cat is huge! Plus since it’s lifted off the ground he would love to be under it as much he would on top of it! I can see my cat stretched out on it or rolling around on it. It would be perfect for him!

  35. 2385

    Wow! this looks comfortable and tasteful! Difficult choice but I think will have to go with the Comfy Loft.

  36. 2386

    What a cool lounge for my ragdolls!!!! They deserve something special like this!

  37. 2387

    Would love the Big Baby lounge!

  38. 2388

    Perfect, furniture my cat can scratch — other than mine.

  39. 2389
    Cammie Watson

    Harry and Murphy would love the Big Baby Loft! Maybe then they would stop nesting on top of my printer. Thanks for these giveaways, Cam

  40. 2390
    Merab Favorite

    This is beautiful. I love it . . . and so would my cat.

  41. 2391

    Wow! That is some collection, my cats would love the lounger!

  42. 2392
    Janelle Graves

    Fabulous!!! That’d look great in our house and Harry would feel regal!

  43. 2393

    I have six cats, ages 2 to 20! I would love to be able to give them something like this, but all my money goes to cat food and litter :o )

  44. 2394
    Danaee Perez

    This is so sleek it would go wonderfully in my home!! Attractive cat furniture is the way to go!!!

  45. 2395

    I have 3 cats and they would love a new place to sleep!! Me too! I can’t afford extras like this right now! It would be great to see them act all crazy over this!!

  46. 2396
    kari mccarthy

    This looks incredible!

  47. 2397
    Joycelyn Tross

    I would love this for my kitties! My cat Sheldon loves to scratch on the box spring of our bed. This would be a perfect place for him to do that… on his own bed!

  48. 2398

    This looks wonderful- Sam thinks the floor is best- I’d rather have him up off the cool floor, he is getting older.

  49. 2399

    I know my kitties will love the cozy bed.

  50. 2400
    Kimberly Ordonez

    I really like Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. It’s very zen like and the only furniture I’ll buy is if it has that zen feeling. Either way, if I win or not I will buy this for my sphynx, Bonsai.

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