Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes

Tue, Apr 10, 2012

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As you may know, raised feeding dishes are much better for cats. A raised dish can help keep cats from throwing up after eating, plus older or arthritic cats have an easier time eating from a raised dish. Classy Cat Dishes are some of the most unique and functional raised cat feeders I’ve come across. These one piece, ceramic raised dishes are very sturdy (the pedestal weighs more than the dish so they don’t tip or slide), plus they are dishwasher and microwave save and they are made with lead free glazes.

Classy Cat Dishes come in two different styles, a very shallow bowl for fresh or canned food measuring 6″ across, and a deeper bowl for dry food or water measuring 5″ across. Both styles have scooped sides and turned rims, a unique feature that makes it easier for pets to pick up the food without pushing it over the side.

The feeders are available in six designer colors: Teal Green, Eggshell White, Cobalt Blue, Frost Grey, Solid Glossy Caviar Black, and Gossamer Pink.

They sent us some dishes to test and everyone loves them. They really are sturdy and easy to clean, plus the food stays in the bowl, which is a great feature!


One lucky reader is going to win a pair of Classy Cat Dishes! The winner will get to choose the style and color. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us what style and color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 17, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers in the US and Canada, plus Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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2,075 Responses to “Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes”

  1. 501

    My boys and I would enjoy the blue wet food dishes!

  2. 502

    Love the raised dishes — pretty sure my Daisy would like them. The white or “eggshell” is pretty. We would have to have the deeper dry food or water bowls. Can’t get my cat to eat wet food.

  3. 503

    These look amazing! As another post pointed out, they look heavy enough to resist tumbling! My kitty can be very playful sometimes and ends up making a terrible mess.
    My kitty and I would love these :)

  4. 504

    Love the benefits of raised bowls. The grey and black are beautiful!

  5. 505
    Simone Lippmann

    Great – purrrrfect for my 18 years old boy and his stiff neck. Would love
    to have the shallow ones in blue (my kitties are all boys – huuh)

  6. 506

    I’d love to give the deeper dry food bowls in gray a whirl! Got one older cat with arthritis in her hips and one young’un that eats too fast so she’s throws up. Right now i’m using parfait dishes from the dollar store as food bowls.

  7. 507

    I love the frosted gray! And my kitties would love this!

  8. 508

    I love the grey and the green ones.

  9. 509

    Would love to win one of these as right now I’m just using a cardboard box to raise up the bowl!

  10. 510

    The eggshell canned food dishes would be a wonderful addition to our kitty dishes!

  11. 511
    Rachel Craig

    My choice is the eggshell white shallow pedestal bowl.These bowls seem a great idea, as ergonomically designed for our pets. It is nice to hear of a design which considers the cats general health and comfort. As it appears a more comfortable position, reducing stress/ strain on the cats joints and muscles.Looks likely to ease digestion by allowing the cat to eat whilst being in an optimum position.

  12. 512
    Donna O.

    Oh, these are so pretty! Much nicer than the bowls on top of a small box I’m using now.

  13. 513

    love the sleek and simple design. With four kitties in the house-one a huge Maine Coon-these would be put to good use!

  14. 514


  15. 515

    The deeper Frost Grey bowls would be perfect for us!

  16. 516

    I love the grey!

  17. 517

    I think I would choose white, and I would like to have one for both food and water, but if I had to pick I would pick the deeper one for water, since it would seem to keep water cleaner a little longer than water that’s in a regular bowl on the floor.

  18. 518

    I would love to see if this dish could improve my kittys vomiting. Looks like a smart design.

  19. 519

    I would choose 1 of each style, both in the Frost Gray. My kitty needs these to help with her renal issues. Thanks Classy Cat and Modern Cat!

  20. 520
    Joyce L.

    Beau Tyler, my tux cat, would LOVE the blue dish. Not only would it look good with his fur, but he’s a big boy (15 lbs) and it would be easier on him at mealtime.

  21. 521
    Lisa D

    Love the shallow bowls in grey.

  22. 522
    Kate Livengood

    Gorgeous! I would love a pair of the deeper grey bowls!

  23. 523

    Love the blue one!

  24. 524

    Love the frost grey or black! These are a great idea

  25. 525

    My cats would love the deep bowls in white!

  26. 526

    These are beautiful! The shallow dishes in blue would be nice!

  27. 527
    Catherine Turley

    i’d love one blue and one teal; both deep.

  28. 528
    Dina Osinski

    Gorgeous! I love the black one! It would look fabulous next to my babies black ceramic water fountain :)

  29. 529

    These are really cool, I like the idea of a raised dish, so much nicer than just putting my cat’s dish on a phone book! :)

  30. 530
    Jamie Dement

    blue of course!

  31. 531
    shannon Heitt

    these are great! I would choose the deeper one in black, because my cat prefers kibble to wet food. and you cant go wrong with black!

  32. 532

    If I had a pair of the pink raised dishes, I would not feed Li’l One in the back room anymore. Those would be on display for all to see and admire.

  33. 533

    I have 5 cats and a couple of these bowls would be awesome!!

  34. 534

    I would love to win a pair of 5″ water/dry food bowls. These are so lovely they will fit in nicely in the area where my cats eat. I would love one Frost Grey and one Gossamer Pink. If they both have to be the same color, two of either of those colors would be spectacular. Thank you for the opportunity to win these lovely and functional pieces.

  35. 535

    The kitties would love the frost grey! I would love to eat snacks out of these, too!

  36. 536

    My kitties would love these! They vote for the shallow ones in gray.

  37. 537

    I love the green. My kitty likes shallow bowls.

  38. 538

    These are really cool looking! I’d definitely have to go with the deeper, green and blue bowls! My cats would totally love these!

  39. 539

    What a great idea! Think my pair would love the pink ones!

  40. 540
    diane whale

    The green bowls look just great-the cats would have better eating bowls than us lol

  41. 541

    OMG! My cats would love these – We like the 5″ in black!

  42. 542

    The white versions would match our decor the best, and theyre just so pretty in that color. Very nice design, simple, classic & clean. Love.

  43. 543

    I have a trio of Snowshoe Siamese kitties who were not expected to thrive due to their compromised upper respiratory systems. They were left locked in a closet in an apartments where the occupants had been evicted. Our local humane shelter turned them over to the animal hospital I was working for and I have been the forever happy mommy of my Dream Girls!!!” I know that a quality diet and non plastic bowls are a big part of the health they enjoy at now six years old. We would love a pink set of fresh food dishes to make their eating circumstance perfect! Thank You for the chance!

  44. 544
    Michelle K.

    These are lovely! Too bad they’re not available in red, but I really like the design. I’d probably go for the dry food bowls, since my boys are always pushing the dry food pellets out of the dish onto the floor.

  45. 545
    Jennifer P.

    The 6″ dishes in Caviar Black would be great! Very stylish yet practical!

  46. 546

    cute and practical

  47. 547

    Love these! I would love two of the shallow styles in the Gossamer Pink colour for my little Princess.

  48. 548

    how could one possibly choose. If i had to pick… the green or maybe the blue or possibly the gray…

  49. 549

    My kitty would love to be able to eat from these. Anything that makes life better or healthier for my baby…I’m sure she would be happy with any color. My preference is white though.

  50. 550

    I’d actually like the Frost Grey ones like in the pic at the top of the post!

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