Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes

Tue, Apr 10, 2012

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As you may know, raised feeding dishes are much better for cats. A raised dish can help keep cats from throwing up after eating, plus older or arthritic cats have an easier time eating from a raised dish. Classy Cat Dishes are some of the most unique and functional raised cat feeders I’ve come across. These one piece, ceramic raised dishes are very sturdy (the pedestal weighs more than the dish so they don’t tip or slide), plus they are dishwasher and microwave save and they are made with lead free glazes.

Classy Cat Dishes come in two different styles, a very shallow bowl for fresh or canned food measuring 6″ across, and a deeper bowl for dry food or water measuring 5″ across. Both styles have scooped sides and turned rims, a unique feature that makes it easier for pets to pick up the food without pushing it over the side.

The feeders are available in six designer colors: Teal Green, Eggshell White, Cobalt Blue, Frost Grey, Solid Glossy Caviar Black, and Gossamer Pink.

They sent us some dishes to test and everyone loves them. They really are sturdy and easy to clean, plus the food stays in the bowl, which is a great feature!


One lucky reader is going to win a pair of Classy Cat Dishes! The winner will get to choose the style and color. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us what style and color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 17, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers in the US and Canada, plus Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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2,075 Responses to “Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes”

  1. 551

    These are great! I never thought about the connection between eating with head down and throwing up- makes sense.

  2. 552

    I would love to win these beautiful and functional works of art. I would like the 5″ dry food/water bowl in Frost Grey and Gossamer Pink. If both bowls must be the same, a pair in either of those two colors would look great in the area where I feed my cats. Thank you for the chance to win these lovely pieces.

  3. 553
    Barbara Crawford

    My cat, Shadow would love a set of these since he sometimes throws up after eating. The deep style in cobalt blue would be my choice. What a wonderful giveaway & sure hope I win. If not, I’m saving up to buy them.

  4. 554

    Wow! those are super cool! I would use them for wet food in the mornings.

  5. 555

    Beautiful! The deep green would look wonderful in the kitchen :-)

  6. 556

    These would be great for my cats! We currently have make-shift raised dishes: an upside down bowl with their dish on top. Not the best setup :) I would pick the shallow bowl in solid glossy caviar black.

  7. 557

    I like the blue ones, though all the colors are lovely. I’d love to see if this helps with my little fellow’s gobble-and-barf problem. Maybe a raised bowl is the way to go!

  8. 558
    Lauren D

    Love these! I think I would buy the pink one, both in the wide mouth wet food style. I currently use two frisbies for bowls since that is about the size I needed.

  9. 559

    The Teal Green deep dish, would be perfect for my kitties and would match my kitchen perfectly!!! I really hope we win!!!!!!

  10. 560
  11. 561

    Cobalt blue – so pretty!

  12. 562
    Betty O.

    Super idea! Lucy and Max would love a set of cobalt shallow dishes for their wet food. Lucy would probably not appreciate having to stand up to get her dry food – she likes to play with her food and scoops out 1-2 kibbles at a time from her large, deep dish (its a dog bowl but she doesn’t know that) As always thanks for all you share.

  13. 563

    Love the green and blue ones. These are great!

  14. 564

    those are super classy…if i don’t win, i think i may look into getting some anyways…i would love the teal green.

  15. 565

    Love the green ones to match my kitties’ eyes :)

  16. 566

    Definitely the cobalt blue and one shallow and one deep. They are beautiful!

  17. 567
    Andrea Robbs

    OMG, I love these, The 5″ pink ones would be prefect in my home! :)

  18. 568

    Black and white for my Licorice and Coconut

  19. 569

    I like the green and the pink, and I’d get more use out of the shallow bowls. I think my favorite feature is that they’re heavy and can’t be pushed around… both my kitties current dishes get moved all around, pushed off surfaces, etc. It’s such a pain! But I also loved that they’re raised so it’s better for their digestion!

  20. 570

    I think the gray is beautiful, would love the shallow one for my kitties’ wet food!

  21. 571

    They’re all beautiful – I would have to choose the blue and the pink so the boy and girl kitties would know whose dish is whose. :)

  22. 572

    The functional and attractive design of these raised dishes will be perfect for my cat, Miki. She’s missing her lower front teeth (traumatic injury before I adopted her) and has to lick her food to pick it up. Because she prefers dry food, she pushes a lot of kibble out of the bowl. I’d love to have a pair of the deep dishes in pink for my girlie kitty princess. Thank you!

  23. 573
    Sharon Clark

    I absolutely LOVE these dishes and the Teal Green (in wet and dry sizes!) would look great in our home!!

  24. 574

    Love these! been looking for cool ergonomic dishes for my kitties!

  25. 575

    seem really practical :-) we’d prefer the 6″ Cobalt Blue bowl

  26. 576
    Melissa Kerns

    These are beautiful! I’d love a set of classy cat dishes in the frost grey! :)

  27. 577

    A pair!? Excellent. I have 2 cats. Purrfect. White and pink would be ideal. If they come in sizes, both cats are smallish, ~8.5 pounds. Thank you!

  28. 578

    These are so COOL!!!! Would look so nice in our newly renovated house Thanks!!

  29. 579
    Cat Chew

    For my cats, I’d like the black bowls for dry food.
    I might also have to buy one of the amazing Polish design bowls to dress up my dining table.

  30. 580
    Rita Wendell

    What a wonderful idea!! I have eight rescues and I could really use these great feeders… I’m always cleaning throw-up and would love to see if these would help.

  31. 581
  32. 582

    my kitty would like the deeper bowl in white :)

  33. 583

    Green please!

  34. 584

    Very stylish!! My kitties would like the cobalt deep dish dry food version :)

  35. 585

    I think I’d go for the deeper bowls in pink. So Pretty!

  36. 586

    Cute! The shallower style is a great idea! My kitties have a hard time getting food out of the corners of their bowls.

  37. 587
    Dawn Tinkler

    Shallow bowls in frost grey would be great for Sonny & KitKat

  38. 588
    Joey Lynn

    not only clever, but a beautiful design. I use to have to use a pile of bricks to raise up the level for my kitty with narrow esophagus to eat from dish. Love these!

  39. 589

    Awesome raised cat dishes! These would certainly make it easier for our kitties. One of our cats sometimes lays down and uses her paw to feed herself….she leaves a big mess…lol! I think the frost grey or caviar black would be perfect for our home…thanks!

  40. 590
    Jennifer M

    How classy! My kitty would love the green bowl in both the deeper and shallow style.

  41. 591

    Love the gray!!!

  42. 592

    These look so lovely and elegant! We’d ask for the shallow bowls in white for our two kitties.

  43. 593

    Those are really attractive. I would like both sizes, and probably would pick the pink. Almost everything I get seems to be blue, but the pink looks so delicate.

  44. 594

    THose are so nice and I have some old kitties that would appreciate eating from them

  45. 595
    Naomi and Gromek

    Ooh, I think we would pick the black in the wet food version-my guys eat small amounts a few times during the day because they would gain weight if free-fed dry food!

  46. 596
    nikki snoke

    Kitteh’s want! Perfect for my blues.

  47. 597

    I would love a pair of the shallow dishes since my kitty only eats canned food. I’m torn between the eggshell white and the gray; they’re both so beautiful.


  48. 598

    Very nice! I would love to have two 6″ bowls in white!
    Thank you!

  49. 599

    These are so gorgeous! I would love them in any color. A pair of the deeper ones in pink or white would be beautiful.

  50. 600

    Well I learned something new today thanks to you folks at Moderncat! I have an elderly cat and didn’t realize a raised feeder would be better for him! I am sure my Travis would love to try a pair of these beautiful feeders! Thank you for the info!

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