Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes

Tue, Apr 10, 2012

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As you may know, raised feeding dishes are much better for cats. A raised dish can help keep cats from throwing up after eating, plus older or arthritic cats have an easier time eating from a raised dish. Classy Cat Dishes are some of the most unique and functional raised cat feeders I’ve come across. These one piece, ceramic raised dishes are very sturdy (the pedestal weighs more than the dish so they don’t tip or slide), plus they are dishwasher and microwave save and they are made with lead free glazes.

Classy Cat Dishes come in two different styles, a very shallow bowl for fresh or canned food measuring 6″ across, and a deeper bowl for dry food or water measuring 5″ across. Both styles have scooped sides and turned rims, a unique feature that makes it easier for pets to pick up the food without pushing it over the side.

The feeders are available in six designer colors: Teal Green, Eggshell White, Cobalt Blue, Frost Grey, Solid Glossy Caviar Black, and Gossamer Pink.

They sent us some dishes to test and everyone loves them. They really are sturdy and easy to clean, plus the food stays in the bowl, which is a great feature!


One lucky reader is going to win a pair of Classy Cat Dishes! The winner will get to choose the style and color. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us what style and color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 17, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers in the US and Canada, plus Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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2,075 Responses to “Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes”

  1. 601
    Laura B

    I like the blue and white or just the white. hard to choose between them.

  2. 602

    The grey and green ones would perfectly compliment my little guy.

  3. 603

    i’ve had my eye on these for a while now; kitty height, stable, no spill, safe cermaic…can’t think of a thing more needed, and in choice of colors to boot (I mean paw)….HRH Bengal Leo says when are mine coming?

  4. 604
    Shannon Lucid

    These bowls are perfect! Just what I was looking for. The grey and white are perfect, shallow or deep as I’ll probably get the other anyway!

  5. 605

    I love them!
    Great idea..would certainly be wonderful for my 16 year old cat..
    GREAT idea…very pretty also

  6. 606

    I’m really loving the gossimer pink in both wet and dry versions!

  7. 607
    Shaunagh Bliss

    My “girls” would think they were in heaven with these – they are both seniors and sometimes have trouble leaning down to eat so I prop their bowls up on books!! As for colours, I think the shallow grey bowls are absolutely gorgeous and I don’t think they will mind if I choose the colour as I believe they only see in black, white and grey anyway!! Thank you.

  8. 608

    Oh, these are lovely! And practical, too. The white or the black would be fabulous

  9. 609

    My kitties would love the deeper style in gray :-)

  10. 610

    My oldest kitty would really love this. She does have some problems with vomiting from time to time.

  11. 611
    Ashlie Hatton

    Beautiful! I’ve been looking for raised bowls like this…Kitties would love them!

  12. 612

    I recently just made a cute water dish for my 3 cats and the black dishes would look fantastic with it!! Eating is their favorite hobby and they would look so classy eating from these bowls!

  13. 613

    I would choose the deeper size in Frost Grey. Nice find.

  14. 614

    Love them ! would like deeper bowls in blue

  15. 615

    These are pretty, and I didn’t know that raised dishes were better for cats, so I’m glad I found that out! I think my favorite color is the grey and I like the deeper dishes.

  16. 616

    Love em! Then again I think my cats would eat their dinner straight from the bag if they could open the door to the pantry closet.

  17. 617

    Great design and style. I love the cobalt blue color and the shallow dish would be perfect for Shadow – my 12 year old black longhaired kitty.

  18. 618

    I’d choose one of each style in the teal green, though the blue is also tempting. These would be perfect for one of my senior sweeties, more comfortable for him to eat from.

  19. 619

    the deeper frost grey bowls are beautiful.

  20. 620

    I like the white one for dry food/water! :)

  21. 621
    Rachel G.

    We have several older cats, including one with only 3 legs. The 6″ eggshell version of the bowl looks like it would be great for them. I like the light color because it will be easier for my husband to tell it needs to be cleaned!

  22. 622

    Wish I could win these

  23. 623

    Very nice! Good color choices as well :)

  24. 624
    Astrid James

    I would choose eggshell white and the deeper dishes, I have 3 cats ranging from 13 years to 1 year and they all eat dried food, I love these dishes and hope I am fortunate enough to win.

  25. 625
    Sue K

    These are awesome! ‘Talk about fine dining :3

  26. 626
    Stacey Bradley

    Oh my, I love these. So pretty. Love all the colors but would love to win the Gossamer Pink deep bowls for my 2 older ladies.

  27. 627
    Kyra G

    The blue one would be Snacks’s favorite I think!

  28. 628

    Ahh I love this design! Super cute :)

  29. 629

    very beautiful, please sign us up

  30. 630
    shelly Kristianson

    I would chooses black, love it!!

  31. 631
    alyce poalillo

    these are incredible! and perfect for my kitties-I like the ceramic feeders and it is high, which is a deterrent to the spring ant population!

  32. 632
    Pat Johnson

    I’d like one in each style in black.

  33. 633
    Ann P.

    Lovely bowls, would love them in black to match my kitty’s coat color.

  34. 634
    Dana Pipkin

    I was just thinking about some new bowls for my guy and the frost grey deeper bowls would be perfect for him! Thank you!

  35. 635
    Janet Melvin

    I’ve had friends scoff at me for raising my cat’s dishes…take that, skeptics!
    ;-) These are beautiful, good for our furry friends, and I like that you say they are heavier weighted at the base. Love them!

  36. 636

    I love these mushroom shaped feeders! The green is wonderful.

  37. 637

    These are perfect for Yodie’s little face! She would love them!

  38. 638

    these look terrific! If I’m lucky to win, I’d love the blue shallow bowls for my kits

  39. 639
    Dani in WA

    Nice! Black or grey for us!

  40. 640

    LUSH ! Love these ! , Marmaduke (My fluffly persian) Would love the pink onees, He loves pink and they would make him so happy ! x

  41. 641

    Great colors, and especially terrific if it helps our threesome toss their cookies less often. (I just bought two hoping this is the case, but we have food on a couple of floors, so I’d be happy to win two more.)

  42. 642
    Laura Jeffs

    Wow! These are so stylish..love them, I’m sure my kitties would too <3
    My favourites are :blue, pink and green

  43. 643

    WOW!! These bowls ROCK! I love the green shallow ones.. Oh I would love to win these for my kitties!!!

    (p.s. thanks for opening up this comp to those of us down under!)

  44. 644

    Nice! Much better looking than the block of wood I use now! Teal green looks like my favorite but black is very cool too!

  45. 645

    The are very nice, much more attractive than putting the dish on top of a cottage cheese container. :) If I win, I’d like the white in either style. If I must make a choice, I guess I’d go with the deeper one.

  46. 646
    Wendy Lancaster

    I love the cobalt blue deep dishes the colour is lovely and they are very stylish My cats would like them (as long as they are full up with food!)

  47. 647

    So fabulous! Our kitties would think this was heaven and two of them would clearly benefit. All the colors are terrific.

  48. 648

    I love both the teal and the gossamer pink in the wet and dry food types. My oldest kitty is almost 17 and she is having a rough time with arthritis and other health issues. These would be amazing for her! Thanks for the chance :-)

  49. 649
    rebecca sjouwerman

    They are beautiful. I like the pink and the blue, the deep version,

  50. 650

    I really like these. They would be good for my big cats that are tall! I love the teal green color and like the deeper bowl for dry food. But they are all nice colors!

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