Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes

Tue, Apr 10, 2012

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As you may know, raised feeding dishes are much better for cats. A raised dish can help keep cats from throwing up after eating, plus older or arthritic cats have an easier time eating from a raised dish. Classy Cat Dishes are some of the most unique and functional raised cat feeders I’ve come across. These one piece, ceramic raised dishes are very sturdy (the pedestal weighs more than the dish so they don’t tip or slide), plus they are dishwasher and microwave save and they are made with lead free glazes.

Classy Cat Dishes come in two different styles, a very shallow bowl for fresh or canned food measuring 6″ across, and a deeper bowl for dry food or water measuring 5″ across. Both styles have scooped sides and turned rims, a unique feature that makes it easier for pets to pick up the food without pushing it over the side.

The feeders are available in six designer colors: Teal Green, Eggshell White, Cobalt Blue, Frost Grey, Solid Glossy Caviar Black, and Gossamer Pink.

They sent us some dishes to test and everyone loves them. They really are sturdy and easy to clean, plus the food stays in the bowl, which is a great feature!


One lucky reader is going to win a pair of Classy Cat Dishes! The winner will get to choose the style and color. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us what style and color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 17, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers in the US and Canada, plus Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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2,075 Responses to “Enter to Win a Pair of Raised Ceramic Cat Feeders From Classy Cat Dishes”

  1. 2001

    Domino would love the deeper cobalt blue bowl

  2. 2002

    Frost Grey

  3. 2003

    Solid Glossy Caviar Black deeper bowl please

  4. 2004

    My Russian Blue girl loves the simple things in life so I think she would prefer the white. I would use it as her water bowl so the deep style would be perfect!

  5. 2005

    I love the Pink Bowls

  6. 2006
    Paul Witney

    I would choose one of each in Cobalt Blue

  7. 2007
    mike summers

    I would love a black one and a white shallow dish. I always like to have different coloured bowls for food and water. the black one matches cookies collar and the white would go nicely with her markings.

  8. 2008
    Deborah Dixon

    Teal Green to match Mr Moos eyes and tone in with Mr Dopeys strawberry blonde fur coat please

  9. 2009
    Camille Barbis

    My new baby girl who was a rescue ( born from a ferril mother) needs some bad. She always wipes at her food and drink unles elivated. I have her water in a tall glass at this time.

  10. 2010
    Sarah Parker

    I like the black :)

  11. 2011

    I would have the cobalt blue

  12. 2012
    Claire Peregrine

    My cat would love a Solid Glossy Caviar Black Deep Bowl, glossy black just like my cat.

  13. 2013
    Debbie Timms

    These are fab! I would choose the frost grey, as it would match my Norwegian Forest Cat Dora! x

  14. 2014
    Erin Kangas

    I have 2 cats and the deeper 6″ Bowls in Eggshell White would be PURRRFECT!

  15. 2015

    these are beautiful! Would love to win the green! :)

  16. 2016

    I’d choose the deeper 5″ bowl in cobalt blue, it would save our old girl Molly from having to bend down so far for her drink of water. x

  17. 2017
    Alana Nash

    I would chose one of each style in Teal Green, I am sure my little Reznor shares my passion for all things Green!

  18. 2018
    Rachel Wallace

    I would choose a pink one for Shiva (my nearly 8 year old female Bengal) and a blue one for Kyle (my 13 year old male grey moggie). Whether or not they would agree to stick to their own bowls is another matter!

  19. 2019
    Laura Hadland

    We’ve just redecorated the kitchen and Morrighan agrees the dry food bowl in Teal would suit well, so two of those would be fab!

  20. 2020
    Diana Smead

    Butch the Big is extremely interested in the 6″ deep pink bowls. These are great!

  21. 2021
    tamalyn roberts

    jasper would love the teal green shallow bowl, the teal green will go lovely in my kitchen and shallow would be great as jasper is only into canned food at the moment with a little dryed mixed in x

  22. 2022
    sandra smith

    Solid Glossy Caviar Black, describes my Felix exactly! :-)

  23. 2023
    Nicole S.

    I love the black, so classy for a classy kitty!!

  24. 2024
    Beth Norfolk

    My three cats, Fudge, Wilma and Fred would like the classy Solid Glossy Caviar Black, I think they would absolutely love it!

  25. 2025
    Red Fern Animal Shelter

    Frost Grey or Gossamer Pink for us! They’re all beautiful. :)

  26. 2026

    I’d love to have the white dish. It would be great to have a chance to try these dishes. I’d worry that my oddball cats would knock it over.

  27. 2027

    I think my Mao would like the caviar black ones, one each of the deeper and shallower ones. :-)

  28. 2028

    My Moby Face would love the grey one!

  29. 2029

    The pink bowls would suit my two madams down to the ground!

  30. 2030

    I like them very much. I prefer blue :)

  31. 2031
    Louise Middleton

    I like the deeper bowls for dry food and water in Teal Green. My cat throws up 3-4 times daily!!

  32. 2032
    samantha roberts

    I think Bruno would love the white ones. Plus I like to know when they are clean and they would be sparkling each morning at me :-)

  33. 2033

    Eggshell White

  34. 2034

    Grey for my cat please !

  35. 2035
    elizabeth hogueison

    My Kitty would love one of each in teal. Thank you!

  36. 2036

    Love the cobalt blue in the shallow. My old man could use a stylish elevated dish. His is elevated on a cardboard box currently ;)

  37. 2037
    Samantha Wesley

    My kitty would love the 5 1/4″ tall dishes in Gossamer Pink

  38. 2038
    sarah tilley

    I would choose the green shallow bowls as they match my kitchen

  39. 2039
    Jo F

    My cats Jerry and Lottie would love the cobalt blue deeper bowl and shallower one. One for biscuits, the other for wet food. They generally share (although Jerry always gets first dibs cos he’s bolshier!) :-)


  40. 2040
    Heather Jenkinson

    Grendal, Roscoe and Piggy would love to try out these dishes! They would love the caviar black colour to match their coats!

  41. 2041

    my kitties are dry food only, so the deeper bowls would be great for them [one for food and one for water]. usually I love colors but I think in this case the eggshell white would be nice and clean and fit into any kitchen

  42. 2042

    Love the white. So I’d always know it was sparkling clean. And it matches my new white Ragdoll kitty.

  43. 2043
    Anene Cee

    Oh the pink ones for sure!! Such a clever idea, never seen these before!

  44. 2044

    They woild love love love gossamer pink :D

  45. 2045
    Heather Shaw

    Either size in green would be amazing :)

  46. 2046

    the shallow green one is just perfect….

  47. 2047

    shallow green one would be perfect!!

  48. 2048

    Wow we really like these and with 2 of us it would be each to his own!!

  49. 2049
    Leighsa Burgi n

    My babies would ABSOLUTELY love to win a pair of the beauties! Little is a stray that came to find us on our back porch, Fozzi is the 2 year old guy we Adopted from the MSPCA in Boston just the day before. He is fighting immune mediated hemolytic anemia and finally doing well. We all would love these gorgeous feeders.

    I think they would prefer the shallow Teal Green, Eggshell White, or Frost Grey. Thanks for sponsoring this contest!

  50. 2050
    Kay Joyner

    Nikki, my 17 year old formerly feral cat, who is now my little love bug, would love a pink one. This would help her enjoy mealtimes so much more!

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