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Tue, Apr 17, 2012

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Here’s your chance to win the new and improved Litter Spinner! This litter box allows you to easily clean the litter without scooping. The large drum sits on a sturdy base and you to rotate the drum after kitty does her business. As you rotate the drum, solids and clumps are sifted out, leaving the clean litter behind. Simply remove and empty the drawer and you’re done.

We’ve been testing the new Litter Spinner and it really is a snap to clean. Several of the cats use it regularly. It also does help to reduce scattered litter a bit more than regular boxes. My larger cats have no problem using it.

The Litter Spinner is made in the USA with recycled plastic. It used to sell for $129, but is now available for a new lower price of $99 directly from LitterSpinner.com and also from Amazon.


One lucky reader is going to get a Litter Spinner of their own! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 24, 2012. One entry per person. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is limited to addresses in the US only.

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1,307 Responses to “Enter to Win a Litter Spinner”

  1. 1101

    Love the convenience!

  2. 1102

    With so many cats, we sometimes despair over all the litterboxes throughout our home. There’s one in literally every room, and they’re such a chore. The Spinner looks like it might help a situation like ours –

  3. 1103

    The cats will be begging me for one.

  4. 1104
    Jan D

    This is such a unique idea. I am curious how well it works.

  5. 1105
    Tucker D

    Looks like both cat and owner will enjoy.

  6. 1106
    jessica matson

    I would love to win this!

  7. 1107
    liz p

    I’d love to try this!

  8. 1108

    I have a friend using this and her cats love it! Really want one of my own. Thanks

  9. 1109
    Joanne Woodward

    I know my cat Katzen would be the first in the house to try it.

  10. 1110
    TL Collins

    My cat needs this in the worst way! For a Princess she is extremely messy. I am forever walking over litter bits, no matter how many times a day I sweep up the floor. We would love to win the Litter Spinner!

  11. 1111
  12. 1112
    Gloria R

    I really need something like this.

  13. 1113
    Deborah Darsie

    I would love to have one of these since I have an endless struggle with Marbles who will just hop in the box to dig…and litter flies 3-4 feet out of the box.

    It would also provide a way to better contain the litter in a downstairs location, since age is affecting the felines…

  14. 1114
    Jody Vernay

    oh my!! what a great idea! and it looks so compact, which is something I am looking for. I have a new kitten, who is picking on, he thinks he’s just playing with, an older fur baby (15 years old). She is pooping in my bathroom floor, only during the nighttime, I think because she is afraid to go to the litter box in the dark, thinking she will be attacked by the kitten. This box would be awesome in my little bathroom!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  15. 1115

    I REALLY, REALLY NEED THIS! My husband, a service veteran, has only one hand and will be getting tests on that hand next week for weakness, numbness & tingling in three fingers. I fell at work and broke my right shoulder, right clavicle and just found out yesterday after demanding an MRI that my right rotator cuff is COMPLETELY ruptured. Keeping the litter box clean is painful now and this would really help. I also think the design is cool, and because it’s not an “automatic” litter box, there are no mechanical noises to freak out my kitties.

  16. 1116


  17. 1117

    my little stinker could definitely use this!

  18. 1118

    My kitties would love to try this out! We have 5 litter boxes for 8 (sometimes messy) cats. This box seems like it might make litter clean-up a little bit easier.

  19. 1119

    With three cats, this would definately help reduce my clean up time – and leave more time to play!

  20. 1120
    Gaby & The Cochomonos

    This Litter Spinner would make our lives so much easier…!!!

  21. 1121

    this is a great clean,healthy way to keep kitty HAPPY

  22. 1122

    Puffy and Biggie really need a litter spinner – I’m sure it would keep them entertained for hours. Whenever I clean their boxes they rush in the room to quickly christen the newly cleaned litter

  23. 1123
    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    One of our little darlings likes to turn her litter box into a playground sandbox and in her abundance of enthusiasm – always manages to kick, scratch and generally rain kitty litter all over the room!

    That’s another way of saying: “I would love to win this very nifty and generous prize.” Thanks!

  24. 1124

    What a coool gadget for kitties!

  25. 1125

    Smart idea! But 20″ high seem to be too big…

  26. 1126

    this is amazing. this would probably be the way to get my husband to help take care of my little kitty. i think he’d love this! (the collective ‘he’, i suppose, meaning my cat AND my hubby!)

  27. 1127
    Robin M

    What a purrfect idea for potty time! My cat would love to tend to her businss in this box.

  28. 1128


  29. 1129

    I love the concept!So much healthier for everyone.

  30. 1130
    Kathy C

    Wow – looks great to me!

  31. 1131
    Ashley H.

    We have been wanting one of these for the longest time!!! I am totally hoping to get this!

  32. 1132


  33. 1133

    Would be a welcome addition to my Litter Genie II!

  34. 1134

    I used to have something similar to this except it want a drum. you just tilted the litter box and the waste was sifted out. Pretty ingenious actually. One of the many things I had to leave behind when I moved back from new York. I do live in BC now but I have a shopping address in the states

  35. 1135

    With all my cats, I would love this (tho I think I might have to donate it to “Julie”==it sounds like she needs it worse than me :)

  36. 1136

    I’m not sure if my big cat could fit in there. I think my little one would love it.

  37. 1137
    Cat S.

    This looks like a great product!

  38. 1138

    i need a new litter box that’s a bit enclosed so the dust doesn’t get everywhere! this one looks great

  39. 1139

    I would love this more efficient method of cleaning the litter box!

  40. 1140

    My three cats would love this!

  41. 1141

    This looks wonderful!

  42. 1142

    I have 6 cats and 8 litter boxes. I NEED this!

  43. 1143

    Sure, let’s try this out.

  44. 1144

    This would keep me, my boyfriend and all of our visitors happy. Not to mention the Hepburn sisters (our beautiful Tux girls)!

  45. 1145

    I can see how this wonderful gizmo would help my 88-year-old mom keep up with her litter-all-over, dig-to-China, cat! And we could do with one here for our two tuxedos, too!

  46. 1146

    I have a crazy cat !

  47. 1147

    Looks super easy and great for us who don’t have a ton of extra time!

  48. 1148

    This would be great! Definitely would make scooping easier…especially since my cat doesn’t cover her turds!

  49. 1149

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat giveaway, thanks!

  50. 1150
    Julie B.

    What an innovative idea! We have had a similar one before but it wasn’t round (and broke easily, what a fiasco) but this one looks fantastic, I hope Callie and calico and I win!

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