Enter to Win a Kitty Speed Bump from Catpods.com THREE WINNERS!

Mon, Apr 30, 2012

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Here’s just the thing to slow down that speedy creature racing through your living room! It’s a Kitty Speed Bump from Catpods.com. We absolutely love the one they sent us to test. As you can see below, the Kitty Speed Bumps have multiple functions: resting spot, scratching surface, bolster, and meeting place. The Speed Bumps are much heavier than you might think, so they stay in place easily, especially on carpet.

Kitty Speed Bumps are just the right size to give your cat a little place to mark as her own. By scratching, rubbing, and lying on the Speed Bump, kitty will leave her scent and scratch marks to claim her territory. Wouldn’t you rather her do that on a Speed Bump than on your furniture?

Kitty Speed Bumps are available directly form Catpods.com for $19.95. Use coupon code MODERNCAT and get 5% off all products, plus, right now, receive a free bag of Kitty Pucks toys with every order!


Three lucky readers are each going to receive a Kitty Speed Bump! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us why your kitty needs a Speed Bump. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on May 7, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the continental US.

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1,460 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kitty Speed Bump from Catpods.com THREE WINNERS!”

  1. 601

    My kitties LOVE cardboard! I could see them now with this speedy bump…..jumping and rolling around on it. My big one may even try to pick it up HAHA

  2. 602

    Maybe these will slow my cats down when they’re in their overhyper-playtime mode at 3am :D

  3. 603
    Cherie Thomas

    A Kitty Speed Bump…How ingenious! This is definitely something this household could benefit from. Especially at 3 AM when some of my 12 (Notice I said 12-twelve)furballs decides it’s time for The Kitty Olympics Relay Race! When they get going chasing each other it sound like a herd of elephants stampeding throughout the house. I keep wondering when they will start knocking pictures off the walls!

  4. 604

    Both my cat AND my dog needs one of these. They’re always playing and racing each other through the apartment. lol

  5. 605
    Judy F.

    My kitty — and I — need the speed bump because he loves to have scratching surfaces around the house, so I need a little something for him in every room to keep my furniture in one piece! :-)

  6. 606
    Elizabeth Ann

    We would definitely get a lot of use out of one of these cool speed bumps. Jamez, Mr.Tittles and Baby Tiddy…>^;;^^;;^^;;^<

  7. 607
    kristian adamic

    Jasmine needs this so bad! She loves scratching on the carpet and the stand up posts she hasn’t taken a liking to yet! This would be perfect. :)

  8. 608

    What fun! I’m sure our 2 Maine Coon kittens would love playing on this – it looks big enough that they’d both be able to scratch it.

  9. 609

    My cat needs the speed bump to slow her post-litter-box-victory-lap.

  10. 610
    susan leech

    My cats would love one of these. I save kitten and stray cats and try to find good homes for them and do not charge..only the promise they will be taken care of and they are aspray or nutered so they can not add more unwanted kittens. I do this of my own free will and so sometimes extra items are just not in my budget and I would love to win one of these so I could give them a little extra in their lives. sue Leech

  11. 611

    Yes please!

  12. 612
    Ashlie Hatton

    My kitties NEED this! They spend all day sitting and kneading the arms of my sofa. This scratching post is the same rounded shape. Maybe if I had this they would give my sofa a break!

  13. 613

    Clever! We are on scratch pad/toy #4 and so far, no dice. I think her main issue with them is that they slide around. Need to find something though, it took me three days to trim one claw. Not one paw, one claw (._.)

  14. 614

    What a good design…..my cats love the cardboard scratcher’s.

  15. 615

    My kitty definitely could use a Speed Bump- she loves cardboard and it would make for a perfect lounge for when she’s not racing around the living room!

  16. 616
    April Wilk

    My kitties could use a kitty speed bump..some of them have been scratching the furniture

  17. 617

    Lily has a cat pod and loves it!! I know she’d love a speed bump!!!


  18. 618

    My cats may be speed bumps themselves, so I’d be interested to see how they’d like this.

  19. 619
    Kristine Kellums

    My kitties would love a speedbump. They love having new things to scratch and perch on.

  20. 620

    I wonder what my Thunderpaws girl will do as she’s racing around the house and finds the Kitty Speed Bump? Hurdle over it, and then when she’s tired out, take a nice long scratch!!

  21. 621
    Lisa B

    My 3 kitties race around the house many times a day. It would be nice to have a “speed bump” to slow them down at times. So pick, Erin, Reno or Boots as the winners. Thanks >^..^<

  22. 622

    Annie, Oakley and especially our youngest, Abbie would love to have a speed bump in place!

  23. 623

    Great idea! My kitties need this…

  24. 624
    Bill Morris

    My cats love things like this to use as resting places and scratching.

  25. 625

    Oh, the girls think this would be so fun to dig into.

  26. 626

    The cats in these pictures are adorable, as would my Layla be if she won one!

  27. 627

    My kitties would love these! Can never have enough scratchers around ; 0

  28. 628

    One of our three kitties will especially love it , simply coz she just has to scratch!

  29. 629

    Kitty needs a speed bump or we’ll get a ticket!

  30. 630

    would love it for Max, Oggie & Ella!

  31. 631

    Kitty speed bump is such a clever name. My kitties would love it.

  32. 632

    Love it! Hope I win it for Tiger =^.^=

  33. 633
    Michelle M.

    We’ve been dying to try these :) My kitties love a good scratcher! And it just so happens the current favorite is just about worn through =^..^=

  34. 634
    jessica broussard


  35. 635

    Toby desperately needs more places to scratch so the furniture won’t look so appealing.

  36. 636

    Every kitty needs a speed bump! My kitty loves texture & boy would this float her boat!

  37. 637

    I know several cats who would love a speed bump.

  38. 638

    My kitty loves being spoiled.

  39. 639
    Wendy W

    The kitties have spoken and said they would love a speed bump of their own. Who knows, it might save my poor area rug from being scratched! :)

  40. 640

    Could this be the solution to Oliver and Julian’s All Star Wrestling episodes? I hope so!

  41. 641

    how perfect!

  42. 642
    Simone Lippmann

    We have 4 boys racing through the house like twisters – lol. So that
    cute thingie could give a lil distraction and a place for a break….

  43. 643

    My cats would love this. It would make their games of tag much more interesting.

  44. 644

    My kitties would love this scratcher!

  45. 645

    My cats love cardboard, this would be perfect for them.

  46. 646

    great design, my cat loves scratchers and a new shape would keep her off the side of the couch!

  47. 647

    So cute! My girls love to scratch the edges of these things so this would be perfect for them =D

  48. 648

    I can just see my Remy stretched out on this–and he would love scratching on it too!

  49. 649

    My poor kitties must suffer through weekly nail clipping as their nails grow so fast. They like to scratch something fierce because of it and are endlessly confused (and pissed off!) when we humans squirt them with water bottles when they choose the wrong thing to do it on.

    Sure hope they win a speed bump; it looks perfect for them. :)

  50. 650

    I would love to let my kitties use this!! :)

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