Enter to Win a Kitty Speed Bump from Catpods.com THREE WINNERS!

Mon, Apr 30, 2012

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Here’s just the thing to slow down that speedy creature racing through your living room! It’s a Kitty Speed Bump from Catpods.com. We absolutely love the one they sent us to test. As you can see below, the Kitty Speed Bumps have multiple functions: resting spot, scratching surface, bolster, and meeting place. The Speed Bumps are much heavier than you might think, so they stay in place easily, especially on carpet.

Kitty Speed Bumps are just the right size to give your cat a little place to mark as her own. By scratching, rubbing, and lying on the Speed Bump, kitty will leave her scent and scratch marks to claim her territory. Wouldn’t you rather her do that on a Speed Bump than on your furniture?

Kitty Speed Bumps are available directly form Catpods.com for $19.95. Use coupon code MODERNCAT and get 5% off all products, plus, right now, receive a free bag of Kitty Pucks toys with every order!


Three lucky readers are each going to receive a Kitty Speed Bump! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us why your kitty needs a Speed Bump. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on May 7, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the continental US.

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1,460 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kitty Speed Bump from Catpods.com THREE WINNERS!”

  1. 401

    This looks like great fun! (Although I doubt this speed bump would slow down my kitty!)

  2. 402

    My cats would love this! We have a new baby in the house and want to make sure our cats are not feeling neglected :)

  3. 403
    Silvia K.

    My cats just love cardboard scratchers…these would get a lot of use!

  4. 404

    my kitties would scratch this speed bump until it’s flat…they would love it!

  5. 405
    Victor Campbell

    My cats need the speed bump because we just put down new laminate floors and they are going way to fast for the running conditions. They keep skidding out of control. I think a speed bump would help them keep their speed down to a safer level, lol.

  6. 406

    I love seeing our cat race around the house, but I don’t love her scratching our carpet. This looks like something she would really like using. Thank you!

  7. 407

    Scribbles needs this because he is spoiled, and needs anything cool for kitties.

  8. 408

    Another thing to rub! This would make my cat so happy!

  9. 409
    Kate Fagan

    I need the kitty speed bump because my cats need speed bumps when they run around the house lol. Also it will save my chairs lol

  10. 410

    These are great sure would love to take one home!!!!

  11. 411
    Catherine Turley

    if you could see the arms on my sofa, you’d know why i need these.

  12. 412

    Sparky’s already doing serious damage to his new scratch post, so another place to scratch that isn’t the carpeting on the stairs would be most welcome!

  13. 413
    Trish Hawarny

    So simple and so cute….

  14. 414

    My little princess’s scratching post is almost 2 years old, and it’s looking so much worse from wear! The sisal ropes are falling off, and when she scratches it, she gives me a forlorn look of “What is this?”

  15. 415

    My big black Rascal would love this. He starts running when he wants to tease the dog and sometimes can’t stop until he hits the wall!

  16. 416

    My Kitty Summer (fondly referred to Sumpty Dumpty instead of Humpty Dumpty)chases me around the house (and runs into everything on her way). She certainly can use a speed bump and these look wonderful. Added bonus is the fact she can scratch these instead of my rugs!

  17. 417

    They need a speed bump so they stop attacking my rug!

  18. 418

    Help save my new rug!!! I have 3 kitties who would love this cool scratcher.

  19. 419

    My cats would love this! You can never have too many scratching posts

  20. 420
    Wendy S.

    I’ve got two sweet kitties who chase each other back and forth — kitchen, living room, study, living room, kitchen, living room, study — ad nauseam. Let’s slow them kitties down! (or at least give them a hurdle they have to jump!).

  21. 421

    My kitty’s scratching post is falling apart, and I haven’t had the time to fix it or get her a new one. She NEEDS this…

  22. 422

    My kitties need a speed bump to slow each other down and its a great spot to turn for paw to paw combat — LOL

  23. 423

    My 2 kitties need a Kitty Speed Bump to slow them down and prevent them from speeding through the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

  24. 424
    Rhonda Grisham

    With 4 kitties, we have numerous reasons to need this….I think they would LOVE to scratch and lay on the speed bump!!

  25. 425

    Our kitty Zelda loves to zoom through our apartment and perhaps this would slow her crazy speed. I think she would fancy the Speed Bump for scratching, as well.

  26. 426
    Laura L

    This would keep Ollie happy, since the shape would discourage Aria, our resident evil old witch cat from sleeping on it and attacking anyone who comes too close as she does the turbo scratcher. It’s a catch 22 for poor Ollie, if he goes to near the sleeping lump he gets scratched and if he uses a chair he gets sprayed with water!

  27. 427

    I need one for my kitties, because they would drag it into the hallway and laugh when I trip over it. I think the evil kitties don’t think I trip over the black cat in the dead of night enough.

  28. 428

    What a cute name… I’ll need about 5 to go down the racetrack,er, hallway. My kids would love this.

  29. 429
    Marie Thompson

    My cats really need this! We recently moved from a country home with acreage into a small apartment. They are going nuts being indoors all the time! Help! Thanks Modern Cat for the opportunity to win a speed bump.

  30. 430

    What a cute idea, anything to keep kittie nails off the couch!

  31. 431

    What a COOL idea!!! My cat Calvin would love this and it would also match my newly renovated house. Thanks

  32. 432

    Looks pretty comfy for humans too!

  33. 433
    Stacey M.

    This would be great for my little speed demon, who goes on a tear through the apartment! I’ve yet to find anything to slow him down; maybe this would entice him to stop for a few minutes! :)

  34. 434

    I hate speed bumps when I am driving, but we would love one around the house for cats.

  35. 435

    My kitties need speed “mountains”!! :)

  36. 436
    Deb Pringle


  37. 437

    speed bump please! just what the bengal girl ordered.

  38. 438
    Tanya J

    My cats will put this to good use. :)

  39. 439
    Kelly L.

    Omigosh…we totally need a kitty speed bump!

  40. 440

    Super cool! I can see that kitties really enjoy this scratcher!

  41. 441
    Karen Fields

    We totally need more scratching posts around this house!!!

  42. 442
    erin monahan

    i would so love if my kitties used these instead of my loveseat & chairs!

  43. 443

    This would go well on any road in our house! Thanks!

  44. 444

    Our cats would totally love this! They are so into the cardboard scratchies in all forms.

  45. 445

    We could really use this here! We got the zoomies today!

  46. 446

    My 8, yes 8 cats would love this! And, slowing down the races in the hallway would make me happy, too!=D

  47. 447

    The house feels like a racing circuit sometimes!

  48. 448

    a speed bump to slow down potential couch-scratching! perfect.

  49. 449

    My two boys could definitely use a speed bump diversion

  50. 450
    Peter Telck

    Oh my goodness, I wonder if these will really stop all the running around that goes on at 3am in my apartment.

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