Nominate Your Favorite Cat Shelter for a $1,000 Catification Makeover!

Wed, May 9, 2012

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Do you know a cat shelter that needs a face lift? Well, here’s your chance to help them out! The folks over at The Vertical Cat are generously donating $1,000 worth of their fabulous cat climbing products to help one deserving shelter “catify” their space.

And that’s not all! The winner of the “Catification Makeover” will also receive a free phone consultation with the The Cat Daddy himself, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, and yours truly, Moderncat. Together we are the Catification Team, combining Jackson’s cat behavior expertise and my design tips to create amazing, cat-friendly environments.

We’ll work with the winning shelter to design a cat room using The Vertical Cat’s shelves, stairs and trees. The Vertical Cat has already sent their products to several cat shelters, including the Branford Compassion Club cat rescue in Connecticut, where they created the beautiful blue and white cat room pictured above. Their products are also in use at the Tree House Humane Society in Chicago, where the cats are loving their new environment. Just think of the possibilities for your favorite shelter!


Nominations are now being accepted for the $1,000 Catification Makeover from The Vertical Cat! To nominate your favorite cat shelter, please complete the form below. Your nomination will be sent to the team at The Vertical Cat, who will choose 10 finalists. We will announce the finalists here on Moderncat and everyone will have a chance to vote for the winning shelter. The shelter with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win the $1,000 makeover, including a phone consultation with Jackson Galaxy and Moderncat.

Nominations must be submitted by midnight on May 13, 2012. Finalists will be announced on May 16 and voting will take place May 16 through 22. The winner will be announced here on Moderncat on May 23. This giveaway is only open to shelters in the continental US.

Nominations are now closed.

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72 Responses to “Nominate Your Favorite Cat Shelter for a $1,000 Catification Makeover!”

  1. 51

    As so many people have already said, Animalkind in Hudson, N.Y. desperately needs help with repairing their facility. 3 floors that housed the cats were destroyed. They are so deserving of getting this award. Animalkind serves many communities in the area and they have helped so many cats get their forever homes and adopters their best friends. This would be such a wonderful gift to a very deserving organization!

  2. 52

    Please help Animal Kind of Hudson NY. We just had a fire and our building has an incedible amount of water damage. We need all the help we can get!

  3. 53

    I nominated Animalkind yesterday and am soooo glad that they are getting the support that I see above. I just adoped a beautiful cat from there just days before their fire. When I visited, I was so impressed with the lifestyle that the cats remaining had. They are so in need of help right now…and I don’t want my community to lose this wonderful resource for cats in need! Please support them!

  4. 54
    Lori Ann Christina

    This was an easy nomination. I work with kitties in my own community’s cat Annex at the local mall. Our Space is graciously donated by mall management and in a fairly affluent county in Upstate NY, but I grew up outside Hudson NY and AnimalKind lost everything but the kitties as has been previously mentioned in the many posts preceding mine.

    $1000 would go a long way in helping outfit remodeled digs and give the free roaming kitties who live at AnimalKind lots of interesting hidey holes and climbers to exercies on

  5. 55

    So great to see so many nominations for Animal Kind in Hudson, NY. I also felt they were the best choice after they have lost so much.

  6. 56
    Drusilla Kehl

    Please help Animalkind. They are a wonderful shelter that suffered the unexpected loss of their facility due to a fire. I have a cat from them. They help the feral cats too. They really deserve all the help we can give them.

  7. 57

    I wish there could be one giveaway for each state, I know that would be impossible, but maybe a foundation could be established or a grant program or something. There are so many deserving places. I just nominated my local humane society, the Sauk County Humane society. We don’t have 3 floors of cats like they do in NY, but the need is just as great in small areas as in large.

  8. 58


  9. 59


  10. 60

    Animalkind of course, who could be more in need?

  11. 61

    AnimalKind sounds like they really need help so they can help the kitties. If anyone knows all the nomination info, please post it so they can get more nominations. We need the contact person and their title, AnimalKind’s website, contact’s e-mail, etc. Good luck, AnimalKind! I hope you become one of the finalists!

  12. 62


    The contact person is Katrin Hecker, Founder & Director.



    Thank you.

  13. 63

    Animal Helpline in Morongo Valley, CA needs help! it has little to no outside financial assistance and the current economy has made it difficult for supporters to donate to this very worthwhile facility.

  14. 64
    Pat Bartolomei

    I have photos but the contest firm did not give me the option to attach. If you can give me an email address, I can submit the photos

  15. 65
    Lee Ann Drumm

    the contact person is katrin Hector, (website) Contacts email

  16. 66
    Pamela C

    I certainly hope that AnimalKind had insurance on their building and can rebuild bigger and better with all the support that they seem to have from their community.

    Our communities here are not so helpful, that is in part because of the mass exodus of talented residents from the State of Fl and because of still looming foreclosures.

    I nominated the only no kill shelter in my county because animals in Florida are under a State of siege, 2 huge cat hoarding situations, and dog hoarding closed leaving thousands more homeless animals in a state where left homeless. Animal abandonment has been a persistent problem, hundreds of thousands of homeless cats roam my county alone. Govt is claiming poverty and wants to destroy anything that will cost them money, from activists to cats.

    The few corporations standing up for Feral cats in Florida have abandoned their cause, Loews for one. The Audubon Society and Federal Wildlife are funding campaigns that kill animals or provoke violence against them. I have even found grants for studies funded by the government to bring in people from out of state to study Feral Cats as predators, you know like “pythons” quoting an Audubon Society president.

    There is not an insurance policy or the community strength to stand up against an old boy system so many have already run away from. Law enforcement is recruited from out of this state to come here not sympathetic or even interested in this state’s issues, they leave with a Pension plan and the disaster they created while here and Union to back them up.

    Too many people in Florida live in fear of telling it like it is, I laugh, they risk losing their job – is that all, is that all? One M_ther from Florida!

  17. 67
    Jane Kostopoulos

    Animalkind in Hudson NY almost lost the lives of 120 cats from a fire caused by an idiot careless smoker. Katrin and the sraff at Animalkind are the best! They helped us with questions we had on our barn kitty Cutie. They really need help and I nominate them!


  18. 68
    Susan Wolfe

    I have donated to an auction for Animalkind and am looking to help them in other ways. However, I nominated the Ulster County SPCA (not associated with ASPCA and receives no public funds) which is across the river from Animalkind and has sent them donations. Animalkind needs much more than a “makeover” from us all; it needs a “start over,” and I am hoping there are ways to raise as much money as possible for them. UCSPCA has functioning open, free-roaming cat rooms and the Vertical Cat makeover would look spectacular there, and be a great benefit to the huge number of cats that live there until they find homes. The UCSPCA not only provides two huge cat rooms, but also a kitten room, huge numbers of dogs, some rabbits, on sight vet assistance services, and humane law enforcement functions. It is the perfect place for the kind of makeover Vertical Cat is offering. I hope other companies will follow Vertical Cat’s example and help out shelters across the country (including AnimalKind)!

  19. 69

    I voted for the Animalkind shelter to win, even though I work at an animal (Cat) rescue of my own that I feel could use a makeover and donations. NO ONE in Greene County,NY seems to have enough money(we are the lowest per capita income in NYS)to donate and help us out. We have tried writing for grants and many have not even responded. I would love to see our barn remodeled for the cats with free roam areas and cat trees and volunteers to ove the animals, but all our plees in this county have gone unanswered. There are two paid employees (who donate lots of their time) and the owner-Thereare almost 60 cats available for adoption-Please check for our adorable babies-Love n Care Pet Sanctuary-Durham NY We are a no kill shelter !!

  20. 70

    Sentence correction Volunteers to LOVE and CARE for our animals.

  21. 71

    Good Luck AnimalKind, Hudson NY, I hope you win.. I know it is desperately needed at this point.

  22. 72

    Tompkins County SPCA!! A great shelter full of caring volunteers.

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