Enter to Win a Signed Copy of Cat Daddy! TWO WINNERS!

Tue, May 15, 2012

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Here’s your chance to win your very own SIGNED copy of Jackson Galaxy’s new book Cat Daddy! We have not one, but TWO copies for a couple of lucky readers! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on May 22, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

Cat Daddy Now Available for Kindle and Audiobook!

In addition to the hardcover book, you can download Cat Daddy for your Kindle, or you can purchase the audiobook version, read by Jackson himself! I’ve been reviewing the audiobook, and I can honestly tell you, it’s one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever heard. With his acting background, Jackson brings the story to life in a way that no one else could ever do. My favorite part is when he does Benny’s voice! It’s hilarious!

Don’t forget! Jackson will be in Phoenix, AZ this Thursday for two special events! There are still a handful of tickets left for lunch with Jackson at Duck & Decanter restaurant in Phoenix. This will be a special fundraiser for the Spay Neuter Hotline, specifically to support their TNR efforts. He’ll also be at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe on Thursday evening for a book signing. Get all the details here.

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1,067 Responses to “Enter to Win a Signed Copy of Cat Daddy! TWO WINNERS!”

  1. 551

    i like him a lot :)

  2. 552
    Lisa Napadensky

    Just like Jackson Galaxy my cats have taught me so much. But there’s still more to learn. I am currently volunteering for a no-kill shelter & I work with cats. Help me be a better cat advocate! Needing some cat mojo to do a better job.

  3. 553
    Kathy Roessler

    This is my husband’s favorite show! Father’s Day is soon… !

  4. 554

    I was just looking at this book on Amazon – would be great to win a copy and save my $$ for more cat treats ;)

  5. 555
    Kari C

    I would love a signed copy!! I’ve already ordered the book but can give as a gift to one of my fellow cats friends:)

  6. 556

    I lovew the TV show..Would love to have a copy of the book.

  7. 557
    Julia V

    I’ve been so excited about this book! Hope I win!! <3

  8. 558

    Keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

  9. 559

    love your show jackson!! can’t wait to read the book.

  10. 560

    Please, please, please!!!

  11. 561

    Absolutely LOVE Jackson Galaxy! Would love to win a signed copy of his first book!!

  12. 562
    Joanne Woodward

    I love his show! I can’t wait to read the book.

  13. 563
  14. 564


  15. 565
    Sandy Johnson

    I just purchased a copy, but I’d love a signed copy for a gift.

  16. 566
    Dessy Wilson

    I would also LOVE a SIGNED copy of “CAT DADDY”



  17. 567

    We would love to have a copy of his book!

  18. 568

    Jackson Galaxy is so gifted with the kitties. How he refrains from smacking some of the humans on his show is beyond me. :-)

  19. 569

    I love Jackson Galaxy! Being unemployed, buying books is a luxury so I hope I win a copy. I’m a volunteer at my local SPCA and everyone loves it when he visits!

  20. 570

    Good luck everyone!

  21. 571

    I would be so tickled to win this book!!

  22. 572
  23. 573

    Enjoyed watching your show on AP and would enjoy the book!

  24. 574

    I don’t have a “Cat From Hell”, but do love Jackson Galaxy’s show. If he ever does a show on helping many cats coexisting together under one roof give him my address. Would love to have a signed copy of Cat Daddy!

  25. 575

    I would love to be the lucky one that gets this!!

  26. 576
  27. 577

    Yeay! Another cat book I want to read.

  28. 578

    I am definitely in need of some Cat Daddy wisdom. I would love to see what he has to say in his book!

  29. 579

    I love to read and I looooooove cats!

  30. 580

    Love this guy! And would love to tame my cat frome hell a little:0!

  31. 581

    I love his show!

  32. 582
    Tammy Howell

    I am excited to read this book!

  33. 583
    Sarah McElvaney

    I can easily say that Jackson Galaxy fills my search history! Ever since I caught the last 2 programmes of Series 1 of Cats From Hell on Animal Planet I have been desperately trying to follow everything that he does! I have been close to tears and seething with jealousy that the USA has aired Series 2 and I havent seen it yet!! (especially when all his fans have been saying how great it is!) Cats have always been my choice of pet and its brilliant that finally we can receive advice on how to make our babies truely happy!! I would love a copy of this book!! seeing as its the only fix I can get here in the UK at the moment!! =oD

  34. 584

    Jackson – greatest guy ever. I have watched his show’s episodes over and over and over.

    I would absolutely love to have a signed copy of Cat Daddy.

  35. 585

    If I win a signed copy I am donating it to Standish Humane Society where I am a volunteer and Board member. We have our annual fundraiser in September called “Doggiepawlooza” an event where dogs walk to raise money to help cats. I think at our event auction a signed book would help us raise a good amount for our Spay and Neuter program.

    I have my copy of Cat Daddy and so far I LOVE IT!!

  36. 586

    It is so nice to see a man who is an admitted cat lover!!

  37. 587
    Jennifer B

    I really want to read this book! I read a sample of it and would love to read it all. I hope I win!

  38. 588

    Hello Cat Daddy!

  39. 589

    I love Jackson on TV. I am a real bookworm and would really enjoy the book, too. Hope he has an excellent book tour.

  40. 590

    2 paws up, Jackson!

  41. 591

    I like his common sense approach to thinking like a cat. I have leared from his program.

  42. 592

    I was planning on buying this for my bf (if he doesn’t get it first)… before we met he didn’t really care one way or another about cats and now that he’s gotten close to me and my fabulous felines, he’s totally a “cat guy,” and a huge Jackson fan.

  43. 593
    Bob Miegl

    Come on Kate, Corinne and I want to read the book to the boys!!!!!

  44. 594

    I really appreciate the work Jackson Galaxy is doing with cats. Would love to win a copy of his book.

  45. 595
    Pamela Borgos

    I love this show and he is awesome when it comes to help out with peoples pets whom are needing some help.

  46. 596
    Kitten Moon

    I really enjoy “My Cat from Hell” and I know I would enjoy this book too!

  47. 597

    I would love to winn a signed book of Jackson! :D

  48. 598

    I don’t have cable tv so I’ve never seen his show, but from the clips I’ve seen around the internet he seems to really be benefitting cats and their families. I would love a chance to read his book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. 599

    I would really like to win a copy of this book. One can always learn from him. He is great!!

  50. 600

    I have been looking forward to reading this book. It would be great to win a copy!

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