FOURTH OF JULY GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win a Thundershirt for Cats, Reduce Anxiety During Stressful Situations

Wed, Jul 4, 2012

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You might enjoy the fireworks tonight, but kitty may be hiding under the bed. There’s a new solution for helping cats through stressful situations, like fireworks, storms or other loud events, vet visits, car trips, and grooming. It’s the Thundershirt – an invention that’s been used for years to reduce anxiety in dogs — now available for cats, and it’s proving to be quite a useful tool.

The Thundershirt is a little vest that applies gentle, constant pressure to your cat’s torso, calming them and reducing anxiety. According to the Thundershirt website, “anxiety experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system and may release calming hormones like endorphins or oxytocins.” Using pressure to calm and relieve anxiety is common practice: parents swaddle newborn babies, pressure has been used to relieve anxiety in people with autism and with children having certain behavioral problems, and vets and trainers have used gentle pressure when working with animals for years.

Here is a testimonial from a cat guardian who has had success with the Thundershirt:

“Thundershirt has been successful in eliminating Jack’s vocalizing in the car and at home, and reduced hiding at home. His symptoms of fear during noisy events, such as vacuuming and thunder, have been completely eliminated. He will stay in the same room now and even watch me vacuum. During thunder, he calmly sits beside me and will even sleep stretched out on my bed. He has expressed a much calmer nature while wearing his Thundershirt. I am so glad to have it.”

Lithonia, Georgia

The company gave me a Thundershirt to test with my cats. I’m trying it with Andy, who is generally high-strung, and Ratso, who is having some anxiety around the new foster kittens (she’s not a fan). You need to get your cat used to wearing the vest, which can take a little training. At first, you may get the “Freeze & Flop” where the cat becomes immobilized and falls over, but the Thundershirt website has excellent guidelines for working with your cat to get the maximum benefit from the product. Once the cats have become accustomed to wearing the Thundershirt, they can move around easily and symptoms are reduced immediately. Check out the FAQ page on the Thundershirt website for lots of useful information. I’m still getting Andy and Ratso used to it and will keep you posted on their progress.

The Thundershirt is easy to put on and can be adjusted to apply varying amounts of pressure as needed. It is made of lightweight breathable material and can be machine washed. This is a simple, drug-free solution for reducing anxiety in cats, and it’s an affordable solution, too, at just $39.95.


One lucky reader is going to win a Thundershirt to try with their cat! The winner will get to specify the size (S, M, L). To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us why you need a Thundershirt. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on July 11, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.


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1,085 Responses to “FOURTH OF JULY GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win a Thundershirt for Cats, Reduce Anxiety During Stressful Situations”

  1. 251

    Both of our girls are very nervous around other people, travel and during storms. It would be great to try this jacket on them and see if it helps.

  2. 252

    This is a tremendous invention.

  3. 253

    My cat Jasmine is terrified of loud noises and will hide under the couch for hours if she hears even one loud sound. I’ve tried the herbal sprays and they haven’t helped at all, so I would love to try a Thundershirt for her.

  4. 254
    Tina Cavaco

    My littl kitty Raine is terrified of storms… I would love to try one on her!

  5. 255

    I’d love to try this on Sparky. He drools on the way to the vet even though it is a short trip and then growls and hisses the whole time he is there. He even hissed at the iguana they keep in a cage last time.

  6. 256

    Anxious Beryl has a mighty voice and swift paws when startled. Would love to do the Thundershirt experiment with her.

  7. 257

    This would help my not so brave foster kitties!

  8. 258

    This sounds really neat.

  9. 259

    Perfect! We’re moving across the country, and Rider HATES car rides (ironically, given his name). Panting, drooling, yowling, the whole bit. Hopefully this can calm him down. He’s a perfect size M.

  10. 260

    I think my cat Petunia needs a Thundershirt to help with vet visits and nail clipping (she dislikes!!)

  11. 261

    This would be great for Neko! We are about to move from MN to Washington DC at the end of the month. Our little gal is high strung (Bengal), this would help her cope with the transit. Our neighbor has one for their dog, love that there is a cat version!

  12. 262

    My cat so needs this shirt! Please HELP!!!

  13. 263

    I volunteer at a shelter. We sure could use one for those totally terrified kitties. A calm cat is much easier to find a home for.

  14. 264

    I’d love one


  15. 265

    Comet Blue could sure use this Thundershirt. Wonderful idea.

  16. 266
    Jenifer Hunter

    Actually I need two thundershirts! I have two sisters adopted from MEOW Cat Rescue (they are now 8 years old). Mia chews off her fir in “crop circles” out of anxiety. Tuffi is afraid of everything, and runs and hides as soon as a closet door opens (she doesn’t even need to SEE the vacuum…it comes from that closet and she’s gone). We’ve been to the vet to address these issues, but so far nothing has helped, so I hope I win one, and can order another.

    I got two mentally disabled girls here!

  17. 267
    Tillie and Ebbie

    Once again Mum & Dad are moving house and taking us with them. Last time we moved Tillie spent weeks hiding under furniture and when no one was in, hiding up the chimney. Also when we go to the cat hotel or in the car to see the vet she gets VERY stressed. Not me, I’m laid back!!! I think mum and dad would find this very useful and it might help Tillie as well!!!


  18. 268

    This would be good for bella as she gets scared at times.

  19. 269

    I have heard about this product. It would a good fit for my scaredy cat, Max.

  20. 270

    OMG, I would love to try a Thunder Shirt on my 11 year old cat George. He has been on meds for stress for awhile now, and it’s not working like I hoped. He does not like for any of the other 7 cats to come near him anymore. The meds seemed to help some, but I do not like having him on them for so long :( Also, if it works on George then I would buy one for my other male Oreo, that is 12 going on 13. Since taking in the last 2 stray kittens, he went over next door to my Mom’s and has been peeing in different parts of the house. My mom said, I have to take him back over b/c he’s ruining the carpet and the furniture, so I would REALLY like to see this shirt work! It would be a life saver for 2 of my cats and a blessing for all cats as well!! :)

  21. 271

    One of my cats is a terror at the vet’s. This would be great for her.

  22. 272

    I would love to try one for my rescue cat, Vladimir. He was the first cat, and he is so stressed out by the newer ones, even though it’s been three years. I also have another cat to try it on–Tianna, another rescue cat. Maybe the two of them can overcome some of their fears with it.

  23. 273

    We have 3 feral rescue cats. One cannot travel. I’ve tried crates, pet strollers, valium, rescue remedy–nothing works. Another is terrified of everything. If this actually works to calm them down, it would be a miracle!

  24. 274
    Lori Udenberg

    This would be helpful to one of my cats that is spooked by the fireworks that some of my neighbors start shooting off in June.

  25. 275

    Wow – sounds like a wonderful idea.

  26. 276

    I would love to try one of these (size M) on Robin, he seems to get stressed by the loud noises in our neighborhood.

  27. 277

    Fat Rollo needs a Thunder Shirt. He lives under the bed this time of year. Poor boo.

  28. 278

    We have a sick kitty who is terrified at the vet this would be great to win!

  29. 279

    This is great! We’ve been eyeing the Thundershirts at our local pet store for quite some time but until now they’ve only had them for dogs and we weren’t sure whether they’d work on our 17-lb scaredy cat. We’d use this every time we’re expecting visitors, whether friends or trades folk. We’ve been considering using the Prozac prescription our vet gave us but would much prefer to not have to give our boy drugs if another option would work.

  30. 280

    It would be great to try this with our cat. She’s very high strung and has a very hard time with strangers to the house. Perhaps this would help out. Thanks for the chance.

  31. 281

    Would love this for car rides to the vet.

  32. 282

    This would help my cat with the stress of moving to our new home in September.

  33. 283
    Natalie Garza

    We like to travel with our pets but the car ride stresses our cat out, having a thinner shirt might help him with his car rides!

  34. 284

    This would be a wonderful solution for my Marfi. He’s a shy and delicate cat and is afraid of thunder, fireworks and of course the vacuum. I would love to see him stress free while cleaninc or during thunderstorms or watching the fireworks from my balcony…

  35. 285
    Renee A.

    My kitty Shanti could really benefit from a Thundershirt because she is so sound sensitive and is constantly running to hide.

  36. 286

    i’d love one for my middle cat, who is highly anxious. The slightest sound sends her running. No putting away the dishes while she eats, otherwise she’ll run away and not eat! It takes an hour to get her in her carrier. I’d love for her to be a little (actually a lot!) calmer.

  37. 287

    My 8 year old rescue Mollie gets so worked up when we take her to the vet that she starts panting real fast. I wonder if the vest would help her?

  38. 288

    This is great! Keeping my fingers crossed… Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. 289
    Vanessa Priester

    Never thought of using one to take Coraline to the vet. Good idea.

  40. 290

    My Jackson is pretty chill about loud noises–and traveling–but my sister’s boy Bodhi cries from the moment he’s put in his carrier until he gets out, making travel a literal headache for her. I’d love to be able to help her out and see them both more often!

  41. 291

    Would love to have for our kitty,Golly, who has a lot of hot spots from stress ):

  42. 292

    I would like to try one out to see if it can reduce the anxiety our oldest girl, Miss Petey, has had ever since our alpha female died last year and left the rest of the cats in chaos as they redraw their territories and dominance orders.

  43. 293
    lindsey v

    would love to give this a try

  44. 294

    If it’ll calm my cat down and make him feel safe and less anxious when I’m not around, I’m all for it.

  45. 295

    Wow! The Thundershirt could be of great help to me and 2 of my cats…one is Kayla who is 18 years old and gets really crabby when the other cats come up to sniff her. She starts…screaming! Kayla also runs and hides when I vacumn. And, it would really help Quentin, who runs and hides when any loud noises happen, such as a knock on the door, and, esp. fireworks!

    I love this idea….

  46. 296

    I could be fine for one of my 16 cats

  47. 297

    I’d love to try it.

  48. 298

    I have a former barn cat who is wound so tight he flinches when initially patted (does calm down eventually), runs away from everything, flinches at the slightest noise (better not be holding cuddling him), has behavioral peeing issues because he is always in an anxious state. I really would like to not have him spend his life medicated or continually stressed to the max, really would like to try this product in the hope he can enjoy the rest of his days a whole lot happier and calmer.

  49. 299
    alyce poalillo

    Very clever idea. All my cats are very nervous travelers especially to and at the vets. Love to try this as I will be moving them soon and the trip will be traumatic for me and them.

  50. 300

    I would so love to try this out on my fluffy kitty Chloe. She is always so weary and afraid of the slightest change in her surroundings. I tried the scaredy cat drops from Spirit Essences and they helped a little but she is still mostly in the bedroom or under the couch.

    Alda, Bast, Chloe and Bolla

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