FOURTH OF JULY GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win a Thundershirt for Cats, Reduce Anxiety During Stressful Situations

Wed, Jul 4, 2012

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You might enjoy the fireworks tonight, but kitty may be hiding under the bed. There’s a new solution for helping cats through stressful situations, like fireworks, storms or other loud events, vet visits, car trips, and grooming. It’s the Thundershirt – an invention that’s been used for years to reduce anxiety in dogs — now available for cats, and it’s proving to be quite a useful tool.

The Thundershirt is a little vest that applies gentle, constant pressure to your cat’s torso, calming them and reducing anxiety. According to the Thundershirt website, “anxiety experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system and may release calming hormones like endorphins or oxytocins.” Using pressure to calm and relieve anxiety is common practice: parents swaddle newborn babies, pressure has been used to relieve anxiety in people with autism and with children having certain behavioral problems, and vets and trainers have used gentle pressure when working with animals for years.

Here is a testimonial from a cat guardian who has had success with the Thundershirt:

“Thundershirt has been successful in eliminating Jack’s vocalizing in the car and at home, and reduced hiding at home. His symptoms of fear during noisy events, such as vacuuming and thunder, have been completely eliminated. He will stay in the same room now and even watch me vacuum. During thunder, he calmly sits beside me and will even sleep stretched out on my bed. He has expressed a much calmer nature while wearing his Thundershirt. I am so glad to have it.”

Lithonia, Georgia

The company gave me a Thundershirt to test with my cats. I’m trying it with Andy, who is generally high-strung, and Ratso, who is having some anxiety around the new foster kittens (she’s not a fan). You need to get your cat used to wearing the vest, which can take a little training. At first, you may get the “Freeze & Flop” where the cat becomes immobilized and falls over, but the Thundershirt website has excellent guidelines for working with your cat to get the maximum benefit from the product. Once the cats have become accustomed to wearing the Thundershirt, they can move around easily and symptoms are reduced immediately. Check out the FAQ page on the Thundershirt website for lots of useful information. I’m still getting Andy and Ratso used to it and will keep you posted on their progress.

The Thundershirt is easy to put on and can be adjusted to apply varying amounts of pressure as needed. It is made of lightweight breathable material and can be machine washed. This is a simple, drug-free solution for reducing anxiety in cats, and it’s an affordable solution, too, at just $39.95.


One lucky reader is going to win a Thundershirt to try with their cat! The winner will get to specify the size (S, M, L). To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us why you need a Thundershirt. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on July 11, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.


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1,085 Responses to “FOURTH OF JULY GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win a Thundershirt for Cats, Reduce Anxiety During Stressful Situations”

  1. 301
    Ginger Blymyer

    I have thunder shirt for my dog Ramsey a Shiu Tzu and it works wonders. It is worth the investment if your pet has any anxiety. Just put it on and they calm down. Perhaps like in Asia they always bound the babies to their backs, and like a papoose was. And Ramsey seems happy if I put it on when he is agitated for goodness knows what reason.
    So even if you don’t win this one, buy one, for any nervous cat or dog.

  2. 302
    Caralyn Davis

    I work in two different animal shelters and I see cats every day who are completely stressed about being there. I would love to donate one to the shelter who I know would use it to help with stressed cats.
    I have a Thundershirt for my dog and the difference it has made in her life and ours is Remarkable. I have since donated our Thundershirt to a Rescue Group now that my dog is more calm and less stressed and adjusted to her home. :) Thank you

  3. 303
    Stephanie P

    There are cool.

  4. 304
    Barbara Sikes

    I have an older cat that does not like the younger kittens we have taken in. This might stop him from pulling out his hair. That would be great!

  5. 305

    Very interesting. I’m wondering if it really does work, especially on my verbal cats.

  6. 306

    I love this! My cat would benefit greatly. She gets so anxious when we leave or if she sees another cat outside. She would look so cute sporting this little shirt.

  7. 307
    sally schwartz

    having endured violent thunderstorms the last two friday nights – and lost power both times – my cat could certainly use this

  8. 308
    Marie-Anne Duhem

    I would consider purchasing one if only I was certain I could put it on her. I have five cats. Three sisters that went through surgery together to be spayed. She had to go back, for some reason (?), it hadn’t worked with her. While she was our GI Jane, when she came back from her solitary day at the clinic, she was a total different cat. This was ten years ago… Today she still is hypernervous, impossible to hold her or pick her up, and she is massively overweight. The vet suggested stress medicine, but I have to be able to bring her to him first and that is absolutely impossible, unless I try to knock her unconscious. She doesn’t get her shots for the same reason and I really, really fear the day, that for illness or accident she will need to be caught. If you don’t attempt to take her, she is quite nice and likes to be near us. You just can’t pick her up.
    I realize that being in Europe I don’t qualify, but how really nice and what great fun for all those that over time got the give-away! Bravo!
    Q: What with a cat with a BIG belly? (a real big one)

  9. 309

    I have a very anxious cat in my house. I wonder if this might somehow help comfort and calm her?? I’d love to give it a try and see! Thanks!

  10. 310
    debra q

    love this. didnt know they made something to help stressed out kittys like my Max.

  11. 311

    My new kitten Mila would benefit from this technology, I think. Picking her up or holding her is not too much fun right now, she just dosen’t like it, maybe she’ll grow out of it? But I’d really like to be able to hold her without her wanting to scratch me.
    Thank you, hopeful D

  12. 312
    Tina Renee

    One of my cats is nervous and anxious. I think she would benefit from the Thundershirt- especially on trips to the vet!

  13. 313
    Jed Barish

    I provide a (free) service of counseling cat owners. This would be very useful for cats that are having issues. I’ve been suggesting calming collars but this looks to be even more effective.

    This is my (no ads, no membership) website:

  14. 314
    sophie boros

    i have 3 kitties and 1 is extremely anxious :( I would love to win this *fingers crossed*

  15. 315

    This would be so helpful for vet visits and car rides! My little girl gets so anxious it breaks my heart to take her anywhere. I’ve tried feliway, but it doesn’t seem to help. This looks like it would make both of us feel better:)

  16. 316
    Eli Westerfield

    I would love a free Thundershirt to alternate between two of my cats (or if it worked for them I would probably just buy another one). One of the cats, Sheriff Becky, is very afraid of guests and noises and spends a lot of time hiding under the bed or inside of the couch. She loves being squished under my arm or leg. I think this vest could help her a lot. I have another cat, Obie, who is very attached to me and has a lot of behavioral problems related to me leaving or not being home. If I put him in the other room for the night he will yowl so pitifully until I feel bad and let him in. While I type on the computer he will slowly nuzzle his way under my hand and force me to pet him. I think his problem is anxiety, he doesn’t want to leave me and constantly needs my attention.

  17. 317
    Adopt a CH Kitty

    One of my CH kitties has severe anxiety because she has vision issues related to her CH….she sees, but motion is distorted. I think this shirt might be a great way to reduce her anxiety about everyday activities until she can reconcile them into her filing cabinet as non-threatening.

  18. 318
    Emma-Louise Nash

    My beautiful kitty Pumpkin has faced a traumatic life. Firstly, the death of her beloved sister made her extremely sad. Futhermore, she managed to survive the horrific amputation of her adorable and cherished tail. This is one of the moments that defines a cat, and my dear Pumpkin stayed strong and managed to endure the pain and shame of losing her tail.
    Ever since she has been sensitive and withdrawn, and would really and truly benefit from a thundershirt, to comfort her and to fill the hole in her heart that has been haunting her since the dreadful event.
    Thank-you for reading.

  19. 319

    Wow – I am so glad they are making these for cats now. My cat, Heidi, hides most of the time!

  20. 320
    Eric Seberg

    This would be great, Kallie doesn’t seem to like the fireworks.

  21. 321
    Cindy Merrill

    Our fred has been very nervous lately, I hope this vest can help ease this condition.

  22. 322

    Bruce would love this! He recently hates going on car rides, let alone to the vets office :(
    He hasn’t been feeling well lately, may need to go to the vet again soon if his condition doesn’t get better within 2 weeks, this would come in handy and I would feel so much better to see if he can calmly get around in the car and his carrier! :) :)
    Hope Bruce wins! :) Thanks for having such a great giveaway! :)

  23. 323

    Milo is a fraidycat. Trucks passing down our street upset him. When Milo is upset, Milo eats. Milo is 22 lbs. Gee, I dunno, you think we need a Thunder-shirt?

  24. 324
  25. 325

    My one year old rescue Sweet Pea suffers from anxiety which results in over-grooming. The hair on the sides of her body is coarse where she licks excessively. We have tried everything our vet’s suggested including creams and medications. I have seen the Thundershirts at our local pet store for dogs but never for cats. I think the Thundershirt could do her wonders.

  26. 326

    My cat gets very anxious in the car and in the waiting room at the vet. I’d love to try this approach to see if it helps to calm him down. It’s like driving an ambulance to take him anywhere and I feel terrible for causing him pain.

  27. 327

    I have seen these for dogs and heard lots of great things about them, seems like an excellent product

  28. 328
    ute jolley

    What a great chance to win one of these.

  29. 329

    I have a very skittish cat who darts under the couch when I’ve people over. I’d love for my friends to meet and play (thus adore) him! And I’ll be relocating in the near future so if this can help reduce his anxiety during the long trip it would be so wonderful!

  30. 330

    My kitties would benefit from a thundershirt!

  31. 331

    Fozzy Bear is one big scaredy cat. Fozzy has spent all but the first 10 weeks or so of his life inside with us, his momcat and his siblings. He is incredibly skittish around everything. I would love to be able to use the thundershirt for vet visits. He gets so stressed out on his yearly trip to the vets. I worry his stress will shorten his life span.

  32. 332

    Having just taken in three feral cats, mom and a tortie kitten and a gray tabby, I sure could use a thundershirt for the Mom.

  33. 333

    Geesh, this might be a great solution for my cat – he gets scared by anything that moves!

  34. 334

    I could certainly use this and well it’s worth a try, anything to help out my kitties.

  35. 335

    What a great idea — sounds like a wearable squeeze chute — inspired by Temple Grandin’s “Hug Machine” .

  36. 336

    I have a physically-challenged (2 1/2 legged) kitty who is quite the Nervous Nellie. I’m not sure whether it has to do with his physical limitations, as we don’t know much about his history before we adopted him. Regardless, he is terrified of any noise out of the ordinary, inside or outside. Even a gentle rain will send him into a panic. I’d be really interested in finding out if the Thundershirt would help ease his anxieties.

  37. 337
    simone t

    Perhaps this would help our cat to better adjust to the nw baby. Thanks!

  38. 338

    Okay, My Cali so needs this vest. She is the epitome of a scarey cat. LOL.

  39. 339

    My parents use the Thundershirt on their brontophobic (afraid of thunder) dogs, with good success, but I never thought of using it on cats. However, I am reminded of autistic Temple Grandin’s device that provided light pressure to her body and calmed her. I do have a cat (named Boo!) who is afraid of every little noise and I would love to try this on him.

  40. 340

    This sounds like a great product! My poor Romeo has been terrorized all week by people around the neighborhood setting off fireworks. I bet this vest would also help him with his fear of the vacuum.

  41. 341
    A Norris

    What a great idea. I look forward to your postings on how Andy and Ratso fare with the Thundershirt. :) I might invest for one of my sister’s cats who stresses out during car trips.

  42. 342

    My cats experience tremendous anxiety when they go to the vet. This would be so helpful and make this frightening situation so much easier on them.

  43. 343

    Lucy and I really need one of these!!!

  44. 344

    I have some chicken-cats.

  45. 345

    My Tobey hates fireworks and thunderstorms and hides under furniture. I knew these were available for dogs but am thrilled they are now made for cats as well. I would love to try this to calm Tobey’s anxieties over loud noises. Hope we win!

  46. 346

    My poor cat has started to foam at the mouth out of stress whenever we take him to the vet now, so this would be perfect for us.

  47. 347

    My big, brave Egyptian Mau is terrified of having his claws clipped. This Thundershirt could mean a lot less stress for both him and me.

  48. 348

    we have rescued 4 cats and they are all various ages and sometimes don’t always get along. We have tried the calming pheromones with no luck and hopefully this might help.

  49. 349

    Would love to try this. Recently brought three feral kittens into a home with two 8-yr old cats. We definitely have some nervousness and anxiety!

  50. 350


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