Introducing the Kittyblock: Corrugated Cardboard Heaven for Cats ENTER TO WIN!

Mon, Jul 9, 2012

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I’m very excited to finally share this brand new cat product with you! You might have spotted it in the Catification Lounge, or if you’ve been following the Moderncat Facebook page, you could have seen some Instagram pix of my cats giving it a test drive (they sent us one a while ago as an early introduction). Well, the time has finally come to make the official announcement! Introducing the Kittyblock, and I have two words for you — CAT MAGNET!

This sturdy 15″ cube of corrugated cardboard is kitty’s dream come true! It’s great for perching on top or hiding inside. The inside opening measures 10″ x 10″ x 15″, perfect for napping or scratching on all four interior surfaces. The Kittyblocks can be stacked two high for more climbing possibilities (the manufacturer doesn’t recommend going any higher than that.) Once one side starts to show wear, flip it over for more scratching action. When it’s really finished, the whole thing can be recycled.

Kittyblocks are made in America from corrugated fiberboard and starch-based adhesives. Each one is hand cut, so there might be slight variations. The simple form is perfect in a modern home and shows off the material beautifully. Kittyblocks are now available for pre-order at for $34.95 plus shipping. The first Kittyblocks will ship August 1, 2012. (Kittyblocks will only be shipping to US addresses in August.)

Ratso and Andy checking out the Kittyblock immediately after it was removed from the box.


You might not have to wait until August to get your hands on a Kittyblock! One lucky reader is going to receive a Kittyblock for free! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on July 16, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,813 Responses to “Introducing the Kittyblock: Corrugated Cardboard Heaven for Cats ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 1751

    Max and Ella would want one each! Great idea…

  2. 1752

    All 5 of my crazy kitties would squabble over this. Cardboard is their fave!

  3. 1753

    This is a MUST HAVE! OMG my cats would be all over this in an instant. Brilliant!! Stack to the ceiling!

  4. 1754

    what a perfect design! Fez would adore this one!

  5. 1755
    Elizabeth Smith

    I absolutely LOVE this kittyblock. Way better than letting our cat play with discarded boxes. Such an upscale replacement for what really is his favorite toy to play with.

  6. 1756
    angie lilly

    ooooo so cute and mod looking! would love to win one for my fur babies! thanks for the chance!!!

  7. 1757

    My cats would go wild for this!!!!

  8. 1758
    Nancy N

    Both my kids would love this and I love anything that’s a “legal” scratching spot and one they can lounge in on top of it!!!!

  9. 1759

    My cats mini & spud need a scratcher badly! My furniture would be grateful :)

  10. 1760

    oh! I am looking for a sturdy scratching post for my cat. This would be useful! love it!

  11. 1761
    Jaime B

    Oh no! I hope I’m not too late! Drawing today! Would love to have one. :)

  12. 1762

    Eliot look! Much better than the sofa!

  13. 1763

    Every kitty loves a box! Please pick me! :-)

  14. 1764

    Looks like a great product!

  15. 1765

    These would be great for our Spike and Buffy.

  16. 1766
    Karen Curtis

    my cats love any and all types of cardboard. I am certain this box would be a hit in our home!!

  17. 1767

    Mr. Baby Cat has to have one. No, five!

  18. 1768
    Cynthia Kane

    9 rescues here would love this!

  19. 1769
    Cynthia Kane

    9 rescues here would love this! Thank you for the chance to have this!

  20. 1770
    Laura W

    I do cat rescue, on my own, out of my home, and I can guarantee you that is would most definitely be put to good use by many wonderful kitties looking for their furever homes, as well as my own personal kitties. The only thing is that they would love it so much, that I would need to buy stock in the company to make sure & have enough money to cover the cost… lol :) Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product and for the opportunity to win it.

    Cardboard Wishes & Catnip Dreams……..

    From all the Purries (and their caretaker)

  21. 1771
  22. 1772
    Michigan Rescue

    Really cool looking scratching posts. I’m afraid to ask how much they are.

  23. 1773

    such a simple, unique idea! it looks like something someone can make at home (not me though, i`de end up creating something ridiculous), but I know my cats so well.. they would ADORE this thing! It`s cute, and i bet if i put just a little cat nip in there it will be heaven for the babies. :)

  24. 1774

    i wantt. <3

  25. 1775

    I love this:)

  26. 1776
    Debbie B

    What fun, I’m in a cubicle all day, and now my cats can be too! But I’m sure they will have more fun in theirs!

  27. 1777
    Debbie N

    Pick me! Hobbes had part of a parathyroid removed last year (something cats never get, my vets said) plus when he had surgery this year, we think he was nicked and air got under his skin so he sounds like a crinkle ball. He could really use a nice relaxing place to nap.

  28. 1778

    Kitties would love to enjoy this!

  29. 1779

    This would be great for my three cats.

  30. 1780

    I have one kitty that loves cardboard….

  31. 1781

    Please enter us in this contast giveaway — our two enerrgetic bundles of joy love to climg and rub their paws on texztured surfaces in the house. And one of them loves to rub and scratch her back on the carpet n rattan mats — she’d be in heaven. Thanks!

  32. 1782

    please enter me! My cat loves boxes and this is something he can keep

  33. 1783

    My Guido would love to make mincemeat out of this creative cubby!

  34. 1784
    kim patton

    wow, ny cats owuld love this

  35. 1785
    Ashley Pauls

    this is totally adorable! zeus loved to sit in his cat carrier, so he’d love something like this, and it would look nice in my living room so he can have something out there.

  36. 1786
    Nayra Halm

    I have to win, my cats will love this!!!

  37. 1787

    Very cool idea. Would love to see how the kitties respond.

  38. 1788

    I think our cat would love it, but much more if she had someone to chase through it. I think I’ll have to go try to convince my wife about that second cat!

  39. 1789

    The old man (16 years) and his two little sisters (all pound kitties)would have so much fun on this!!!

  40. 1790

    My little poohba would go nuts for this!! She’s got a super cardboard addiction!

  41. 1791

    We’re due for a cardboard upgrade!

  42. 1792

    My fur kids would love this!!

  43. 1793

    These look awesome, my Bengal Mook would love these!

  44. 1794

    Tillie has already showed me where she wants this!

  45. 1795
    ceili m

    Oops, missed out on this one but I’m going to get at least one of these for Woodie! Who won? Would love to see a picture of the winning kitty enjoying it!

  46. 1796
    Steve Smith

    I have two cats that would love this item. Of course I would have to get two.

  47. 1797
    Suzanne Gardner

    WOW! I have been searching for cat a climber for my new kittie Jordan and he would LOVE it! Hope I win

  48. 1798

    My 3 boys would love one of these! Cardboard is a fan fav at our cat house!

  49. 1799

    My two kitties can’t get their paws on enough cardboard!

  50. 1800

    My friend (J.R.) sent me a pic of her beautiful Tonks in one of these, and it convinced me my Tonk must have one too! Cardboard is his favorite surface. Thanks for sharing this product and for the gorgeous kitty pics!!

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