Gatefeeder Provides Hassle-free Supervised Meals for Cats ENTER TO WIN!

Wed, Jul 18, 2012

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This unique invention provides a solution that may be exactly what you’ve been looking for! It’s the Gatefeeder, a patented controlled feeding solution for cats. It was created by Philip Eu, a cat owner who faced the challenge of feeding his two cats each a special diet, while his busy schedule didn’t always permit supervised meals. One of Philip’s two cats was diagnosed with a medical condition and he needed a special diet and medication, but Philip couldn’t always get home twice a day at meal time to make sure that both cats ate their own separate food. Philip searched but couldn’t find a product that would do what he needed, so he designed the Gatefeeder.

The Gatefeeder is a compact unit that keeps the cat food inside behind a door. Your cat wears a small Smart ID RFID sensor on his or her collar. When the cat wearing the right Smart ID approaches the Gatefeeder, the door unlocks and only that cat can access the food. No ID, no access.

This is perfect for keeping other pets or children out of kitty’s food. The Gatefeeder can hold up to a weekend’s worth of dry food, or it can keep canned food cold with an ice pack for up to 10 hours. Food is stored in a removable, washable stainless steel bowl and there is a viewing window on top so you can easily check the food level. The Gatefeeder is recommended for cats weighing 5 to 20 lbs. It is available directly from for $249 US.


The Gatefeeder could really be a lifesaver for lots of cat owners, and one lucky reader is going to win one to try with their cats! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us why you need a Gatefeeder for your cats. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on July 25, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US.

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817 Responses to “Gatefeeder Provides Hassle-free Supervised Meals for Cats ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 651

    I have 7 kitties and two are on special diets so it’s hard for me at feeding time; kitties are isolated in separate rooms with doors closed. I have to let them out for exercise while I am at work but cannot leave food out for them because of their special diets. I have a dog too – she loves cat food (of course)! This would be awesome! Thank you!

  2. 652
    Ken Knowles

    I need to stop the ducks and possum from eating the cat food. I would like to see a version that used the rfid that the vet puts under the skin

  3. 653

    In trying to figure out what one cat is allergic to, the vet told us he can only eat fish and potatoes right now. I hate to limit my other cat’s diet too, since she doesn’t have allergies. This feeder would be a perfect solution to store her non-fish food in. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. 654

    What a great idea. I feed my cats in the laundry room on hte washing machine to keep our dog out of the food. It would be wonderful to have the top of the washer back for folding clothes.

  5. 655

    This is perfect, just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve run into issues of my dog snaking on my cat’s food when I’m not around or looking. This would really help.

  6. 656
    Arlene Cook

    I have one 11 yr old cat who needs to be on a kidney diet and 2 6yr olds, one who weighs over 14 lbs and needs diet food. The third cat is normal size so those 2 can pretty much eat the same food but it’s really hard to get my skinny 7.5 lb older cat to eat the k/d- this would be wonderful for my kids!!! What a great idea!

  7. 657

    I love this product!! So will my diabetic cat who needs the special food and my NON diabetic cat who has to put up with the special food.

    And so will my wallet which has to pay for two cats to eat the special food.

  8. 658

    Wow, what an incredible idea. I have cats that need separate diets and it’s hard to make sure one cat doesn’t eat the other cats food.

  9. 659

    This would be a godsend for my kitties. I have an older cat who resembles jaba the hut, and growing daily. Her baby sister, who I found at about 3 days old and nurtured to a mini size, is a grazer and needs desperately to be eating her own food. Well, jaba has been scarfing all of the mini-kit’s food before she gets a chance to eat her mini meals. Her weight loss, which is a bad thing, supports my theory on their daily interactions. Please help me regulate Jabahuts theiving methods, and get my miniKit in better health.

  10. 660
    Megan Nguyen

    I took in my mothers 2 cats who are used to grazing all day. We recently lost one cat but still have his brother who is a pig and likes to steal food. So, this would help tremendiously with the new cats and letting them eat their own food without aggression from ours.

  11. 661

    Oh this is great! We have 17 indoors only kats. A few of them are over weigh this would be great for them.

  12. 662

    iwe would love to try one!

  13. 663

    What an awesome item! Thanks, Kate!

  14. 664
    Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs

    One of our sisters, Conamara, really needs to go on a diet. So we think this would be great for her (even if she thinks the idea stinks)!

  15. 665

    Very interesting invention that I would love to try out.

  16. 666

    This is not something my cats really need but it is something that I would like!

  17. 667

    OMG! Genius! All Veterinarians should have this for sale in their offices. This is invaluable! They should have all the latest and greatest item information available for their patients. So many people don’t know about Modern Cat and all the innovative products available. Now that I know about this essential product I am going to tell my Vet that they need to subscribe to your website, and be in the know!

  18. 668

    Great idea for kitties like mine!!!!

  19. 669

    I have one hungry boy kitty who only likes to eat what his sister is eating!

  20. 670
    April Wilk

    What an original and great idea!

  21. 671

    This would be good for my Diego who is on regular Science Diet while George needs the special allergen free food. George wants to steal Diego’s food all the time!

  22. 672

    This would be perfect for us. Our boy kitty has a special diet and likes to graze, as a result his new sister is on the diet too. She just eats all of his and her food, as a result he has lost some weight. It is very difficult for us as we have to take away his food when he stops eating and put it back out every time we think he wants more. When we are not home he cannot eat at all, and it pains me to see him getting skinnier.

  23. 673

    This is the perfect solution for portion control for my six cats!

  24. 674
    Kate Lindblom

    My poor Scout is a tubcat who needs her own special schedule and food. This would be a great solution for our multi-cat household!

  25. 675

    as a rescuer of feral kittens and abandoned elderlies, I sure could use something like this! everyone in my house is on a special diet, and it takes me all day just to manage ONE meal

  26. 676

    This looks like a good idea & would like to try it if we win.

  27. 677

    I have a multiple cat household and this would be awesome for my one overweight cat. I have tried various strategies and so far nothing has worked. This would be perfect!

  28. 678

    This would be perfect for my 16 year old cat who eats extremely slow. My other 3 cats always try to bully her out of her share. Plus, her diet is different from the others. This would be the perfect gadget for.

  29. 679

    This is exactly what I need! All three of my cats eat something different and I have to supervise all 3 of them. This would help with 1 of the problems! Love it!

  30. 680
  31. 681
    Lacey Maye

    This is a great idea for someone like myself with cats who have different feeding needs!

  32. 682

    This is great! Not only would this be perfect for the feeding of special diets, but also to prevent any “gobblers” in the house from eating everyone else’s food!

  33. 683
    Karen T

    This would also be helpful for a family with a dog who’s always eating the cat’s food!

  34. 684


  35. 685
    emily g.

    Oh man oh man I’ve been wanting something like this my dog always eats my cats food.

  36. 686

    This would be perfect for foster kittens to ward off the adult cats trying to get at kitten food.

  37. 687

    What a clever invention! I am not always able to get home to feed my cat wet food for lunch and she is a nibbler anyway, it would be really neat for her to be able to eat the wet food when she chose, and I wouldn’t have to worry about it spoiling because it sat out. It is also perfect for when I watch my friend’s cat we don’t have to worry about one eating the wrong food and getting an upset stomach.

  38. 688
    Ramona Hensrude

    This is a great idea! I’d love to try it for our cats. We have to feed them in separate rooms because the male is the aggressor and is always after our female’s food.

  39. 689

    This is a great idea! One of my cats is little overweight and other is thin. This would keep my chubby guy from eating all the food!

  40. 690

    I have a cat who is allergic to legumes, so she does have a special diet. However, why I need the Gatefeeder is this: the young dog who shares this home likes to steal cat food, and he’s small enough to stick his head anywhere the cat can…. Also, I’ve been feeding Tortilla (the cat) on the kitchen counter, but I’m about to move into a smaller apt and won’t be able to spare the counter space, either kitchen or bathroom. This could be just the right solution to my foreseen problems. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! :)

  41. 691

    This would be perfect for my kitty!

  42. 692
    Gloria R

    I have one cat on a special diet that this would be great for.

  43. 693

    That would be perfect for my household of two cats. One cat likes to eat for all.

  44. 694
    Perry Azevedo

    We have two cats, Milo & Ezio. Milo is a butter ball and needs constant supervision so he doesn’t eat his brothers food. Ezio is great about self regulating. It’d be great to have this device as we could put Ezio’s food in there so he could eat whenever he wanted, but we could move Milo to scheduled, proportioned feedings.

  45. 695
    Kathy Root

    My cats would love this, I have 4. Have to keep up from the dogs.

  46. 696

    My two cats are both indoor cats, and a bit on the heavy side. I’m tried many things, but they eat from each other’s bowls and I’m not sure both are being fed properly. Neither have lost weight in the past year despiste my attempts. I work two jobs, one full time during the day, then a part-time in evenings, so this would be a lifesaver and get my kitties on the road to healthier bodies and longer lives.

  47. 697

    What an Awesome idea!!! I am having this very trouble with my two cats! Maggie is on a special diet and Micki is always wanting to get at Maggie’s food. What a wonderful, ingenious solution!!!!!

  48. 698

    I have five kitties, 4 foster kittens and a small dog! Everyone eats everyone’s food, but the dog is the biggest culprit! Save my starving cats!

  49. 699

    This would be perfect for my cats as I have one that is 16 and now gets soft food because of having 3 teeth and doesn’t weight much, while the other is 1 and the second tiger jumps down from eating her food he is right there to eat it! This would be great because I don’t like him eating her food as he is 16 pounds and on a diet. It would also keep the dogs from eating the soft cat food, and I could set this on the floor where it is easy for the older cat to get to and not worry about the younger one or the dogs getting it.

  50. 700

    Would love to give this to a friend who has one obese cat and two skinny cats.

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