Gatefeeder Provides Hassle-free Supervised Meals for Cats ENTER TO WIN!

Wed, Jul 18, 2012

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This unique invention provides a solution that may be exactly what you’ve been looking for! It’s the Gatefeeder, a patented controlled feeding solution for cats. It was created by Philip Eu, a cat owner who faced the challenge of feeding his two cats each a special diet, while his busy schedule didn’t always permit supervised meals. One of Philip’s two cats was diagnosed with a medical condition and he needed a special diet and medication, but Philip couldn’t always get home twice a day at meal time to make sure that both cats ate their own separate food. Philip searched but couldn’t find a product that would do what he needed, so he designed the Gatefeeder.

The Gatefeeder is a compact unit that keeps the cat food inside behind a door. Your cat wears a small Smart ID RFID sensor on his or her collar. When the cat wearing the right Smart ID approaches the Gatefeeder, the door unlocks and only that cat can access the food. No ID, no access.

This is perfect for keeping other pets or children out of kitty’s food. The Gatefeeder can hold up to a weekend’s worth of dry food, or it can keep canned food cold with an ice pack for up to 10 hours. Food is stored in a removable, washable stainless steel bowl and there is a viewing window on top so you can easily check the food level. The Gatefeeder is recommended for cats weighing 5 to 20 lbs. It is available directly from for $249 US.


The Gatefeeder could really be a lifesaver for lots of cat owners, and one lucky reader is going to win one to try with their cats! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us why you need a Gatefeeder for your cats. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on July 25, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US.

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817 Responses to “Gatefeeder Provides Hassle-free Supervised Meals for Cats ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 701

    Technically I don’t need one of these because I use a plastic bin and a SureFlap cat door but I would love to try this out.

  2. 702

    Great! :D
    Would be nice for my diet cats!

  3. 703
    S Saunders

    Sweet Pudding needs her very own food box. She has licked her fur off her legs. She will feel so loved and protected when she is the winner of her Gatefeeder Hassle-free Supervised Meals for Cats. Please pick us. When she was rescued it was freezing outside she was protecting her litter of 4 kittens and she had worms. She is so sweet and she will appreciate this gift.

  4. 704
    Christine Partin

    I have a male cat on a special who tries to eat my new cat’s food. This would be the answer to my prayers when I have to feed both of them at the same time!

  5. 705

    this is a brilliant invention, would love to win this for my cats Shamrock and Starli who each want the other’s food. good luck to everyone, some lucky cats are going to have a great experience with mealtime!

  6. 706

    This would be ideal for our senior cat that is on a special diet. Great invention!

  7. 707

    WOW What a great idea we have a cat that weighs 8lbs and one that is 28 lbs this would solve our overeating problem.

  8. 708
    Heidi Olson

    My Drexel, on a urinary tract diet, would love this, rather than having to eat in the bathroom, with his sister waiting outside of the bathroom door for when he finishes. He always has to jump over her to get out of the door, so she can see if there is anything left.

  9. 709

    This is such an awesome idea!! I have 3 rescues and one has severe food allergies and is on a prescription food. If she eats regular food she breaks out on her head and face in horrible sores that can easily become infected. This would be great for Sofie!

  10. 710
    christi berkenfield

    This would be a great gift to win because I have a cat and he is over weight. I hope I win this because it will help me get my cats weight back to normal.

  11. 711
    Debbie B

    Andrew is extremely overweight. I try to limit his portions but he
    bullies the other cat (and dog) and eats their food. This would be a great start to being able to make sure everyone ate only their food and in the portions the need. What a great idea!

  12. 712
    Nancy Hann

    Wow! This would definatly stop our Lanseer Newfoundland from stealing the cat’s food!

  13. 713
    Karen Fields

    I’ve got one older cat who is on a special diet, and five others who all want that special food. Things would be easier on him if they couldn’t get to it. I’m sure he’d also be happy to eat when he wants, not just designated times when I can guard him.

  14. 714

    My female cat is intimidated by her bigger brothers and this would enable her to eat without having to be pushed aside by them. Thank you!

  15. 715

    I have a diabetic cat and three other cats who don’t need his diabetic food. I’m a nurse who often works late on call and can’t get home to feed my sweet Zero the diabetic cat! It would be so nice if he could get to his own food in the evenings and I could just walk in and give him his insulin or he could get to his food when he wants it in the morning instead of having to wait until I’m up or begging me to get up!!! I’ve tried other auto feeders and nothing works. :( this is an amazing idea!

  16. 716
    christy r.


    My cats would love this wonderful feeder because the dog keeps eating their food, and it is getting really expensive to keep replacing their food.

    Thanks so much !

  17. 717

    This is brilliant idea for my cats – one of them always stealing other one’s food.

  18. 718

    This is pure genius!! Over the years I have had one cat with kidney disease (special diet), one with pancreatic cancer (different special diet) and one that needed tartar control food (again, special diet). Keeping them all out of each others dishes was impossible and ensuring they received ONLY the food they were supposed to eat, a daunting task. This is honestly the most creative idea I’ve seen in awhile. Way to go!

  19. 719
    Nancy J.

    We have 5 cats – three of our own and two fosters. My oldest boy Tavi was just diagnosed with a heart condition. It would be grand if we could get this feeder so his buddy Pi couldn’t get to his food!

    …for that matter, I should just get five of these feeders. I only wish I’d had them back when Kiri was still with us; he was allergic to all poultry!

  20. 720

    What a terrific idea! I’ve been putting food for our 2 skinny cats in the pantry with the door propped open enough for them to fit through, our super obese “Miss Piggy”, can’t fit through BUT other family members don’t take the time to prop the door. It’s been a huge problem trying to put one of 3 on a restricted diet. This would work SO well if we had two of the collars OR if we had one that would CLOSE the door if fat cat wore it.

  21. 721
    Heidi K.

    I need this to make sure my cat is getting her correct amount of food. She hates it when the dog tries to steal her pellets.

  22. 722

    This would be awesome for us. I have 4 kitties and one, Tibbie, has to eat only special urinary wet food to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones. His first and only kidney stone nearly killed him. This is a wonderful invention!

  23. 723

    This would be perfect for my sister’s cats! One has special prescription food, but still helps herself to the other cat’s food. This will help her keep them both on their separate diets.

  24. 724

    I must have this.

  25. 725

    I’m wondering if my cat (who is obsessed with eating) would take advantage of this sort of technology.

  26. 726

    Food fiend felines might be smart enough to take advantage of this set up. But then again, maybe not.

  27. 727
    E. Taylor

    What a great idea for a multi-cat household where one of the kitties needs a special diet.

  28. 728

    Want want want want want. A dream come true. But it’s soooo expensive. If i win one, we can start feeding the slower eater with it, and then maybe when I have some extra bucks, I can buy one for the other cat.

  29. 729

    This would be great for my cats – Neesha has special food but is the slowest eater. This would really keep Deacon and Maestro out of her bowl!

  30. 730

    I need to win three of these because I have 3 different feeding habits among my four cats!

  31. 731
    alyce poalillo

    I need this feeder because I have a multicat household and only one cat,Mya, is on a special diet because she is a chubby one. Would love to make sure she does not get more than she should have each day while allowing the others to eat at will.

  32. 732

    My cats would LOVE this. This will be perfect for them!

  33. 733
    Lori C.

    This would be a great addition in my house but I am curious if there are adjustable settings for feeding times. My two guys would consume the entire container in one sitting if I couldn’t set access for a short time.

  34. 734

    This would be fantastic to keep our two senior cats on their portion controlled diet! Right now, it’s too easy for them to eat from each other’s bowl. Thank you for the opportunity. Great idea!

  35. 735
    Karen Baughman

    I would like to donate this to the local no kill cat shelter to help feed some very special needs kitties PLEASE consider this fine shelter.
    Thanks. Karen

  36. 736
    Lisa Alexander

    Oh, my goodness, this would be fantastic. We have one on a special diet and one that doesn’t eat enough. The Gatefeeder would come in handy in keeping the remaining three out of their food! Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  37. 737

    I have three cats. Two are on diet food and both want to eat the other cat’s food, which is non-diet. She goes hungry a lot because I can’t leave her food out and she only wants to eat when she’s ready.

  38. 738

    I could use this we have a cat with colitis on special diet beats putting them in srperate rooms

  39. 739
    Irvin Wolfe

    Awesome feeders! I want one for my Kittyboys!

  40. 740

    Dobby’s diet: raw food plus thyroid medicine. Beulah’s diet: canned cat food for the time being, due to an cyclical inflammatory gut issue. And of course each wants what the other has! The “Gatefeeder” sounds wonderful!

  41. 741
    Azar Attura

    Big Bad Baby Twinkle sez: “Meowmie Iyam Hungry — Opin da gate!!!”

  42. 742

    Great idea, we have a baby gate currently keeping the one cat on a diet from getting to the food of the other. This would prevent us from tripping over the gate when we go in/out of the kitchen…

  43. 743

    I do not remember if I submitted a comment;if I did, please disregard this entry. If not,

    I would like to say that having this feeder would greatly eliminate the time I spend feeding, and feeding, and feeding my kitties. And I am sure they would love it if they did not have to depend on my schedule to wait for their food -:)!

  44. 744

    This would be great for my cats. I have a kitten, a 7 pound cat, and a 30 pound cat. Also I have two giant dogs that love to eat the cat food. So this would be great to control all the animals consumption of the food.

  45. 745

    What a wonderful way to help make sure my underweight, newly rescued cat gets enough food, while ensuring that my food-obsessed (and slightly overweight) cat doesn’t overeat!

  46. 746

    OMG!! I am always joking with my husband that I have to supervise my girls’ mealtime because one of my cats who wants to graze and her two sisters (who are getting fatter) because they keep eating her food plus their own! It’s incredible that he’s come up with this, I wish that I had. Maybe I’ll have to become his competition if I can’t get one of his designs, because it’s a little pricey. lol

  47. 747

    would love this!

  48. 748
  49. 749
    dana catano

    My babies would have a blast feeding themselves and not having to wait on me. I work night’s 12hr and would not have to worry about them running out of food on those nights.

  50. 750
    Jacqueline R.

    I have 5 cats on 3 different diets! One of which is prescription and without it i wouldnt have one of amazing cats! Feeding is an olympic event in my house and aconstant stressor! This would be a life saver! Literally!

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