Gatefeeder Provides Hassle-free Supervised Meals for Cats ENTER TO WIN!

Wed, Jul 18, 2012

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This unique invention provides a solution that may be exactly what you’ve been looking for! It’s the Gatefeeder, a patented controlled feeding solution for cats. It was created by Philip Eu, a cat owner who faced the challenge of feeding his two cats each a special diet, while his busy schedule didn’t always permit supervised meals. One of Philip’s two cats was diagnosed with a medical condition and he needed a special diet and medication, but Philip couldn’t always get home twice a day at meal time to make sure that both cats ate their own separate food. Philip searched but couldn’t find a product that would do what he needed, so he designed the Gatefeeder.

The Gatefeeder is a compact unit that keeps the cat food inside behind a door. Your cat wears a small Smart ID RFID sensor on his or her collar. When the cat wearing the right Smart ID approaches the Gatefeeder, the door unlocks and only that cat can access the food. No ID, no access.

This is perfect for keeping other pets or children out of kitty’s food. The Gatefeeder can hold up to a weekend’s worth of dry food, or it can keep canned food cold with an ice pack for up to 10 hours. Food is stored in a removable, washable stainless steel bowl and there is a viewing window on top so you can easily check the food level. The Gatefeeder is recommended for cats weighing 5 to 20 lbs. It is available directly from for $249 US.


The Gatefeeder could really be a lifesaver for lots of cat owners, and one lucky reader is going to win one to try with their cats! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us why you need a Gatefeeder for your cats. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on July 25, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US.

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817 Responses to “Gatefeeder Provides Hassle-free Supervised Meals for Cats ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 751

    Our house is divided in thirds! If we had one of these, we could have our upstairs cats together. They eat different diets and one prefers to graze, so we can’t have them together most of the time, even though they are litter mates.

  2. 752

    I need this desparately!! With a new kitten in the house, my other cat has gained 2 pounds from eating all the food they are supposed to share!!!

  3. 753

    I would love one! We have dogs that eat the cat food and this would stop the dogs from doing that. Our cats also keep odd hours, so this would ensure they would always have food when they are hungry.

    Thanks for the review and chance to win!
    Kelly (at) mysimplewalk (dot) com

  4. 754

    We have a new kitten that has to eat different food than the other two. It is a nightmare trying to separate them. This would be perfect!

  5. 755

    I need this!!! I have five cats who must meal feed due to one being overweight and on a special diet. He’s a hoover always trying to eat the other cats’ food. I would love my four normal sized cats to be able to eat unrestricted thus allowing us to work and sleep again! This big cat has seriously impacted our lives. Please let me win this because these cats are controlling my life!!!

  6. 756

    Omg this is amazing my sunbeam will love it!

  7. 757
    Nancy N

    I have one of my cats that needs extra food and this would be the perfect way to let him at the extra he needs without the other getting any!

  8. 758

    Two of our three cats have special diets. The one that doesn’t looks like the cat in your picture when he doesn’t get his way. The gatefeeder would ensure that he looks like that a lot more often.

  9. 759
    Russell Dial

    I have two ten year old cats, Maya and Lulu. Maya was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a year and a half ago. This is easily treated with a pill, but Maya can’t tolerate the medication (when she’s on it she can’t keep anything down). I can’t afford the other treatment options, surgery or a $900 shot of radioactive iodine. I was relieved when last summer, Hill’s Prescription Diet came out with Feline y/d specifically to treat hyperthyroidism. This food is the only treatment she is receiving for her condition. The problem is that Lulu loves to eat, and will eat Maya’s special food. Lulu is the ‘boss’ and can drive Maya away from the dish. Maya has also become very tricky about scraping up any leftovers that Lulu might leave from her Friskies. Therefore this expensive food is often going to the wrong cat and at the same time the sick cat is still consuming food that is bad for her!!

    This food is life-saving for my cat, and I think the Gatefeeder is a brilliant invention. In fact, I had the idea of a feeder with an RFID collar – but I couldn’t figure out how to control the portions. With a swinging door, that takes care of it.

    With my current situation I’m unable to supervise most of their feedings, so this would literally be a lifesaver for our family. I hope we get chosen in the drawing because otherwise we couldn’t afford one of these right now, but it’s definitely something I’ll consider! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  10. 760
    Theresa J

    This would be perfect for or house because we are frequently taking trips and this could be helpful

  11. 761

    My kitten needs kitten food, but the rest of the porkers don’t need the extra weight.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  12. 762

    I offer pet training and care services in southeastern Massachusetts. I would love the chance to test out this product to recommend to my clients!

    In addition, I have a pretty food-feuding household. Our home includes a dog and three cats, one of which has a bit of an obesity problem. My boy Bagheera was caught in a feral cat colony (they clipped his ear and all) and has always had an obsession with food. We learned pretty quickly when he ate the majority of the way through a lb. of hamburger meat, half a Portuguese sweetbread and numerous bags of dog treats that we can leave NOTHING out on the counters or unprotected. His determination knows no bounds (he has extra toes and uses them to his advantage to leverage open cabinet doors and pry open containers) – we have gated off our pantry and keep everything in containers with clasps.

    Anyway, he has the bad habit of pushing his female housemate (he even tries with the 100-lb German Shepherd Dog occasionally, who thankfully isn’t a complete push over) off her dry food on a daily basis if left to his own devices. I am constantly standing guard so that she can eat in peace (she is a bit of a slower eater) while he glowers at her from a distance. Recently, however, my family was away on vacation without the cats for 4 nights and had relatives stopping in to feed the crew. They did not have the time to monitor feeding and thus I fear my little girl, MSP, may have missed quite a few meals in our absence. With this feeder, we could go away and be sure she was getting her share!

  13. 763
  14. 764

    This is great!!!! I have a kitty that will be needing the special food soon…. Too bad I can’t get one for a dog…she has special food, too.

  15. 765

    I have 2 cats and one of them has terrible allergies, to the point that if he eats the wrong food he gets ulcerated granulomas on his feet. Right now I feed them in separate rooms, but, he is a fast eater and my other cat is a slow eater. I’d love to have one of these so that Petunia can graze all day long and Tator Tot won’t have access to her food and I can prevent breakouts.

  16. 766

    Please enter us in the drawing for the “Gatefeeder”…our two cats like to snack a little in the evening and this would help keep some of their “table scraps” from getting tracked away from their feeding area. Thanks!

  17. 767
    Karen Mitchell

    I would love to win this. I have one cat that can’t tolerate dry food. The other is a little overweight. I could keep the wet food in the gatekeeper, and the only food the overweight cat could access would be the dry “light” food. Very ingenious product.

  18. 768

    Wow! This is such a great feeder. No way my cats could cheat this feeder.

  19. 769

    OMG Could finally stop Lola from bein a piggy!

  20. 770
  21. 771

    Such a great idea! Would really come in handy!

  22. 772

    This is such a great idea! We have to set our kitties food up on a table, otherwise our Welsh Corgi sneaks in for a snack. I’ve always felt this is unfair to our cat, and as he gets older, this would be much easier for him. Kudos to Philip Eu for creating this!

  23. 773
    Z Dow

    Our sweet kitty Zira totally needs this. She got very ill last year and had stopped eating. Slowly over time I’ve got her eating again but she grazes and since being ill, she will only eat fresh wet food. If it sits out too long & dries up she won’t eat it. If we are not home to serve up small fresh portions all day, she has to wait. By that time, she is starving & as a Siamese she will tend to eat too fast & then regurgitate :(

    This would be great to keep her wet food fresh all day when we can’t be home.

    Awesome product!

    I hope we win!!!!

  24. 774
    Thorsten G

    This looks like a wonderful product. It looks great and is very functional at the time. Meow!

  25. 775

    Interesting idea. Not sure if my cats would use it or not, but it would be helpful on weekend trips.

  26. 776
    Aimee M

    I have a cat with diabetes. He is on a special diet and I have to supervise his meals. He eats twice a day, but my work schedule is very hectic and it is difficult to keep him on track. This is a brilliant idea!!

  27. 777

    wow this is a fantastic product! I have two kitties, one is chubby and needs mimimum amounts of food but the other runs off all of her food and is always a skinny. It’s been really hard seperating them often enought to get enough food in my skinny kitty. This would make is really easy for her to be able to eat throughout the day!

  28. 778

    I adopted my first cat one year ago, as a 2 month old kitten/stray, I love him like nothing else, however I just graduated college and have to move back home for a while with my parents, my mom has 7 cats and 2 dogs, and they all have different diets (one only eats rabbit food, one can only have wet food etc;) It would be a great way to keep those cats out of Gerts food and also, keep him eating through out the day!!

  29. 779
    E.G. Jones

    Dead brilliant idea!!!!!
    Please enter me in the contest.

  30. 780

    I would be game to try- I just had one cat diagnosed with struvite stones…

  31. 781
    Madeline Tucker

    What an amazing product! It’s ingenious!

  32. 782

    Our girl is a grazer but our two boys eat everything they can all at once! We have to constantly pick up Jewel’s bowl to stop the boys from eating it or poor jewel would end up starving and the boys would just get fatter! This would be perfect for us!

  33. 783

    This is such a great idea! My male cat keeps my little girl from her food, I have been feeding her in a seperate room so that she gets enough to eat and he doesn’t get too much. Unfortunately this frequently results in Squash getting seperated until I come home. This product would allow her free roam of the house while ensuring her breakfast isn’t stolen.

  34. 784

    This product could be great for cats with a variety of medical issues, as well as protecting food from dogs, etc.! Cool!

  35. 785

    This is an ingenius idea and would work so great for our cats. I am a disabled Veteran that is sometimes at the V.A. Hospital very early in the morning and have to leave food out, unsupervised for our 3 cats. The problem we have is that one our cats is a slow eater and the other 2 eat her food before she can. I think this could really solve our problem. Need to start saving for one!

  36. 786

    This would be so fabulous – finally could keep the dogs out of the cats’ food!

  37. 787

    what a great idea!!!! all of my cats are on a special diet food so it can be challenging at feeding time. plus my boy cat used to be ferral so he is always trying to eat out of his sisters’ bowls.

  38. 788
    Ashley Pauls

    I really like the idea of this for my ten yr. old Zeus. He’s ridiculously over weight, but he needs bc of health problems, to be on a certain food. I think this would help spread his eating throughout the day, so I can begin to give him a little less and get him more trim!

  39. 789
    Ann Azevedo

    I need a Gatekeeper because I have 3 cats – 2 skinny, who need to eat more, and 1 fat, who definitely needs to lose weight! Complicating matters is that we both have long works hours and can’t be home to monitor feeding. Thanks for the consideration!

  40. 790

    This is a great idea! I love it and would definitely love to win one for our house!

  41. 791

    A neighbor’s cat has adopted us to the point that we are feeding him now (poor thing’s original family didn’t always look out for him). The problem is, other neighborhood, more dominant, cats and dogs eat his food when he/we aren’t around. This would be a great way to keep his food safe.

  42. 792
    Nayra Halm

    I have 2 cats, a baby yellow and a older tigger.

  43. 793

    We have added another cat to our family and their are a few “adjustment issues.” One issue is that the Samantha wants to eat Blanca’s food in addition to her own. Samantha, unfortunately, does not know when to stop eating and feeding them separately means isolating one of them. This would really help Blanca get the food she needs and keep Samantha from getting fatter!

  44. 794

    I was telling my husband a few months ago that someone needs to invent this, and then I got this email! One of our cats has special dietary needs and the other (who eats everything does not) so it’s very challenging.

  45. 795

    Oh goodness … we have 2 Ragdoll sisters (Delta & Dixie), one overweight/one underweight. Plus, we took in a stray (Ringo, pudgy boy) 2 years ago and he is still eating like there may not be another meal! Dixie loses out all the time … she turns her back and the others eat her portion. The girls just had their checkup yesterday and the vet mentioned this product. I would set this up in our bathroom, where Dixie likes to hang out, and she could have it all to herself. Thanks!

  46. 796
    Lauren B

    Awesome! Our cat Cozmo has a weight problem and we have to separate the rooms we feed him and our kitten, Mini, in so he won’t eat all of her food. This is one clever piece of moderncattery.

  47. 797
    Shannon McMaken

    This would help with one cat eating all the food and not letting the other one eat.

  48. 798
    Heather Anderson

    This would be perfect for my cat Buddy, Jr. He showed up at my friends place several months ago. She already has a lot of animals and asked if I could take him. At first I didn’t want to because I have enough animals to take of myself. But then I saw him when I went to her house for a party and knew I had to take home home. He looked like a skinnier, younger version of my cat Buddy that had been recently killed by the dog I was fostering. I brougt new Buddy, Jr. home & then to the vet right away. It turns out he has herpes and I can’t bring him inside with my other 2 cats. He has been sticking around in the backyard. I try to play with him as much as I can. He has to be fed outside but I have seen opposums & racoons eating his food. This would help him be safer. Hopefully the other critters won’t bother him if I get this. Genius!

  49. 799

    My cat Rascal is on a very specific diet,so she cannot eat the other cats food. This would solve all my problems

  50. 800
    Lisa Vance

    This is a great solution when trying to feed an elderly cat a different diet.

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