Enter to Win a Kitty A GoGo Designer Litter Box! Winner’s Choice!

Fri, Aug 3, 2012

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If you’ve been searching for an attractive and functional litter box, then you’re going to love Kitty A GoGo. This line of designer covered litter boxes has some innovative features and a variety of patterns and colors to suit many different styles.

The box features a unique slide-out litter tray, which makes it very easy to clean. No lifting the lid off, just pull out the tray and scoop. There is also an optional rake that can be used to pull clumps to the front of the box. They sent us one to test and we’re using it without the rake. It’s getting a lot of use, the size seems to be perfect for my smaller and average size cats. The inner litter tray measures 13″ wide by 17.5″ long by 4″ deep.

My favorite feature (this is actually one of my all-time favorite features, I completely freak out over this!) is the built-in hanger for the litter scoop. I absolutely hate having a separate litter scoop floating around the box, so this solves the problem and it does it in an attractive way.


One lucky reader is going to win a Kitty A GoGo designer litter box! The winner will get to choose any of the six available styles. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which style you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 10, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to US addresses.

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1,545 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kitty A GoGo Designer Litter Box! Winner’s Choice!”

  1. 1351

    cool! so cute for a litter box

  2. 1352

    This is very cute, though I would love to see it in a bigger size. This little one in the flower print tho would be great for my new foster kitten.

  3. 1353

    This is a Genius Idea, and looks so lovely. How I would love to have one or more of these in my home. But I can only hope.

  4. 1354

    I’d go with black – looks slick and modern. Agree about the scoop hook – brilliant!!

  5. 1355

    I love the polka dot style! It’s absolutely adorable :) :)

  6. 1356

    My 6 year old orange tabby has just been diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disorder. So, I am anxiously seeking a litter box with lower sides. What an attractive solution. Thanks for considering our entry.

  7. 1357

    Love the modern look and the hanger for the scoop. The rake seems like it would be very useful to bring things to the fore, so to speak. My cats say the wood grain, of course.

  8. 1358

    They all look good so it’s hard to pick, but I think I’d go with leopard.

  9. 1359

    I’d like the flower print.

  10. 1360

    We’d choose the Leopard. Nice design! We just moved and don’t have a proper litter box yet, this would be great!

  11. 1361

    There are 3 of us here now, so we GoGo alot!
    Miranda likes the Leopard one… it matches her coat!
    Gretchen is thinking that the polka dot one looks like fun.
    Chach is all boy and would be happy just having wood grain, metallic or black… with a “BOYS ONLY” sign!
    Obviously, we’d take ANY design… they are ALL very cool!

  12. 1362

    I like metallic- sleek!

  13. 1363

    Polka dot or the flower print–how to decide?

  14. 1364
    Dawn Garlick

    love the leapord print one, so cute

  15. 1365
    Paul E

    I would love to get one of these!

  16. 1366

    I love the wood grain!!

  17. 1367

    I really like the polka dot one! The built in scoop hanger is such a good idea!

  18. 1368

    I love the polka dot one!

  19. 1369

    How interesting and unique – Since I am a Leo I would love to have a leopard one for a couple of my kitties here at Kelley Katz! Meow for Now ,,^..^,,

  20. 1370
    Lauren Davis

    Love love Love the polka dot one!

  21. 1371
    Stephanie Stephens

    To the sublime notes of Smokey Robinson, the Rolling Stones…

    Going to a Go Go, every c’body,
    Going to a Go Go, c’mon, “meow,”…
    Don’t you wanna GO!
    And that’s all right, tell me…

    Well, there’s a brand cool box I found, meow…
    Cats coming from miles around, meow,
    They come from everywhere
    If you drop somethin’ in there
    You see every cat in town, meow!

    Going to a Go Go, every c’body
    Going to a Go Go, c’mon “meow,”…
    Don’t you wanna Go?
    And that’s alright tell me…

    It doesn’t matter where cats are,
    A Go Go can’t be far
    You’ll see the cats from your block,
    So don’t be shocked if you see your
    favorite feline star!

    Goin’ to a Go Go, cause every c’body’s
    Goin’ to a Go Go, Aw come on, meow
    Don’t you want to go. YEAH, cats come on!

    (Gosh. That’s it. Gotta’ GO GO now! Bye!)

  22. 1372
    Polly H.

    I would choose black, so mod! I love the construction of this litter box…a lot!

  23. 1373
    Daryl Potts

    The wood grain would good with my new floors and my soon to be homemade cat tower! *fingers crossed*

  24. 1374
  25. 1375

    Such a cute and functional litter box, the wood grain would go great with my decor!

  26. 1376

    ohh wood grain s spiffy

  27. 1377
    Ebenezer Savoie

    Wood Grain for us please…

  28. 1378
    Jill Keenley

    Would live to have such a stylish litter box that dies t need to get hidden in the laundry room!!

  29. 1379
    Stephanie Thompson

    Metallic. Cats in Space.

  30. 1380

    I’d definitely go with the flower design, because my little girl is just such a sweet princess. 8)

  31. 1381
    Di Unger

    We’d really love to win the polka dot Kitty A GoGo designer litter box! Usually litter boxes are not very pleasing to the eye but these are so cute, almost like an accent accessory!

  32. 1382

    I love the animal print! and I love the scoop hanger on the back!!

  33. 1383

    I too would choose the polka dot!

  34. 1384

    The metalic litter box is the one I would choose.

  35. 1385

    My girl would love the flower power although the adorable polka dot is a close second. What a great idea to help with a not always fun task.

  36. 1386

    Look interesting! I like the idea of the slide out tray and the scoop right on the lid, looks like it fits perfectly! :)

  37. 1387
    Gail Whitman

    This is so awesome!!!! I would love to have the wood grain one–it would work perfectly in my bedroom where the cats have taken over.

  38. 1388

    I would definitely go with black. This is awesome and I love that there is a place to put the scooper!

  39. 1389

    Any one of these styles would match my home and my Kittie’s personalities! please pick me and i will let you choose which one to send me :) very cool design!! love it!

  40. 1390

    How awesome are these?

  41. 1391

    They’re all beautiful! My first choice would be the polka-dot, but any of them would look so much better than what I currently have in my living room.

  42. 1392

    Flower print

  43. 1393

    I LOVE THE PATTERNS and My fuzzy little crew (7) would love one too! ADORABLY CUTE!

  44. 1394

    My 8 cats would love the flower design! Although I have an equal amount of boys and girls, the boys are rather effeminate!

    And, since I recently adopted the 8th, another box would be much appreciated!

  45. 1395

    I love all the design choices!

  46. 1396
    Sarah K

    Polka Dot Please!

  47. 1397

    love the polka dot

  48. 1398
    Bella Anda

    I just adopted 2 cats which were about to be put down and I’d love to have a nice and calming room for them and the flowered top would be ideal!

  49. 1399

    Love them all, but I’d go with the wood grain.

  50. 1400

    i think i would get poka dot or the black just they look very cool and mo would like this i think

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