Win a Case of Stretch & Scratch Scratchers for Your Favorite Cat Shelter or Rescue!

Fri, Sep 7, 2012

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Here’s a fun Friday giveaway! It’s your chance to win a full case of 50 Stretch and Scratch scratchers to be donated directly to your favorite cat shelter or rescue! The lovely folks at Stretch and Scratch created their entire business around improving the lives of cats by making and selling these awesome little scratchers. The scratchers help kitties living temporally in caged environments by providing them with exercise and entertainment, plus when the cats get adopted and go to their new homes, they can take their scratcher with them for a little extra comfort.


Just like with all of our giveaways, please leave a comment on this post to enter, but be sure to tell us the name and website (if available) of the cat shelter or rescue where you will donate the Stretch and Scratch scratchers if you win. Any cat rescue organization that could benefit from the Stretch and Scratch scratchers is eligible, they don’t need to have a shelter facility. Foster-based rescues also need to place cats in cages during adoption events, so the scratchers would be great for them, too.

The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on September 14, 2012. One entry per person, please. This giveaway includes free shipping in the continental US, so if you’re outside that area, please feel free to enter as long as the shelter you’re picking is in the continental US.

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1,304 Responses to “Win a Case of Stretch & Scratch Scratchers for Your Favorite Cat Shelter or Rescue!”

  1. 501
  2. 502
    Kelly Giuliano

    Would love to win a case for these at the shelter I volunteer at. The Kitty Loft in Brooklyn, NY!

  3. 503

    The Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County

    1104 Big Four Arch Road
    Crawfordsville, IN 47933

  4. 504
    Patricia Harrison

    I am a volunteer and a foster mama for Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue. We are a very young rescue group they just started in May of this year. We as a group are doing wonderful things to help minimize the feral cat population of Mountain House through their TNR program. Through our efforts we have come across several kittens that we are fostering and getting spayed and neutered and finding forever homes for. The kitty scratchers would be such a great addition to our crates , so that our babies would have something to keep themselves occupied while waiting for their forever homes

  5. 505
    Lori Skaggs

    I would love to win these for Colony Cats in Columbus, OH.

  6. 506
    Julia Inman

    The Cathouse on the Kings do a fabolous job for all the felines in need and those cats are deserving of this box full of goodies

  7. 507
    sox fan 12

    Daniel & his friends @ the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center would really really like a case of these.

  8. 508

    I have five furkids from the Animal Welfare Society of New Milford, CT. AWS made the news last week when an adoptable pitbull named Rocky was stolen, then returned the next day. Here’s their site –

  9. 509

    Well this is a win-win… no matter who wins it will be a deserving shelter, i’m sure. I’ve got one in mind as well, Happy Tails in Sacramento, CA

  10. 510

    I would donate the scratchers to Animal House in St. Louis, MO.

  11. 511

    THE CAT HOUSE ON THE KINGS is a no kill animal sanctuary that spays and neuters all their cats and kittens and gives them all the medical care they need. Please consider them for these, they sure could use them. Please check them out on FB THE CAT HOUSE ON THE KINGS.COM see the story about how Tammy(foster mommy who works there) is helping to heal Marmalady a kitten who was brought to them with a broken leg and is now healing well.

  12. 512

    I’d like to win these for the Humane Society of Cambria County, located at 743 Galleria Drive Extension, Johnstown, Pa

  13. 513
    melissa Volunteers for Animal Protection in Kingwood is where I got my second pair. They’re sweet people and work very hard.

  14. 514

    Would love to see The Cat House on The Kings in Parlier, CA get these. What a wonderful thing for people to do.

  15. 515
  16. 516

    They have like 700 cats….They never kill, only love the beautiful fur babies. THE CAT HOUSE ON THE KINGS in California could really use these.

  17. 517
    Mickey M

    Cat House on the Kings is my choice to give a cat a forever home if he’s not adopted.

  18. 518

    I vote for Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation. The staff and volunteers work really hard to make all the animals as comfortable as possible until we can find them fur-ever homes. The cats are my personal favorite!

  19. 519

    I would like to nominate Charm City Animal Rescue in Baltimore, MD. They are tireless and always partner with other shelters to pool resources. Amazing group of people!

  20. 520

    I’d like to nominate THE CAT HOUSE ON THE KINGS in Parlier, CA! They’re fab & could really use these.

    Second nomination, if I’m allowed the HUNDRED CAT FOUNDATION in Centre Hall, PA! Equally fabulous & could use.

    Both are awesome with rescue, TNR, spay/neuter & all around helping cats in need!

  21. 521

    Thank you for offering this, and if I am picked my election is for North Central Animal Services here in Los Angeles.

  22. 522
    vicki fowkes

    id like them to go to blind cat rescue, CA. they take in blind and FV positive cats and give them a home or find an adopter or just the attention alot o other places cant or wont.

  23. 523

    I would love The Cat House on the Kings to receive this giveaway.

  24. 524

    Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, CA. They take in just about any kitty and if they can’t be adopted the kitties get to stay there!

  25. 525
    Janice weaver

    I would like to donate to milwaukee animal rescue center

  26. 526

    What a great giveaway – thank you so much Stretch and Scratch and Moderncat.

    I enter Paws & Whiskers no kill cat shelter in Toledo OH.

    33 hillwyck drive
    toledo oh 43615
    419 536 1914

    I know which ever rescue wins they will be thrilled.

  27. 527

    If I win. I’d like Kitten Rescue in Los angeles to receive the Scratchers.
    Thank you

  28. 528
    Griselda Gallardo

    Cat House on the Kings Parlier, CA
    Those kitties could really use some :)

  29. 529
    Bresil, Madame Chat

    It is great to design a products for cats in shelters who have to stay in cages.
    Good karma for the folks at Stretch and Scratch!

  30. 530
    Pamela C

    Feral Fanciers, they’ve had a high risk year trying to save a Feral Colony of abandoned pets that was kicked off a Bird/Public Park. They are all volunteer and they don’t go home at “5″.

  31. 531

    Would love to see them go to the residents at

    Old Bridge Animal Shelter
    1 Old Bridge Plaza
    c/o Lt. C. McNamara
    Old Bridge, NJ 08857

  32. 532
    Suzanne Douglass

    I nominate the cat house on the kings.

    The Cat House On The Kings
    7120 S. Kings River Rd.
    Parlier, California 93648

  33. 533

    We use these at our shelter. They do help. We buy a lot of them. A donated case would go a long way.

    The SPCA of Tampa Bay Largo, FL

  34. 534
    Imelda Vasquez

    If I win, I’d like the Stretch and Scratch scratchers to go to the “Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center”. They rescue many, many cats and dogs and do a great job at caring and finding good homes for them. They helped me tremendously in advising me when I fostered kittens of my own!

  35. 535

    I would like to nominate the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

  36. 536
    Sharon Franzen

    I would like to nominate The Cat House on the Kings, Parlier, CA. They provide a loving home for 700 cats (and some dogs and other animals too!)

  37. 537

    I live in Philly and the cats at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) would be delighted to receive these.

  38. 538

    Animal Shelter Assistance Program, Santa Barbara, CA

  39. 539

    like so many cats at shelters, they will spend the rest of their lives in a cage. any little bit of enjoyment would be so wonderful for them. so, if not my local shelter, anywhere would be GREAT!!!! thank you Stretch & Scratch so much! :-)

  40. 540
    Brad Hubbard

    Several of my friends volunteer at our local no-kill shelter. I could see these being wonderful for all those kitties.

    Animal Shelter Assistance Program

    Santa Barbara, CA

  41. 541
    Cheryl J

    What a great giveaway and thank you for the opportunity!

    I would like to nominate Forever Home Feline Ranch a cage free cat sanctuary and rescue located in Springfield, Illinois. These would be great to use at our offsite adoptions.

  42. 542

    I’d be happy for any shelter to win these, but I’d especially love it if Siamese Rescue won.

  43. 543
    Barbara Freeman

    Pulaski County (Missouri) Humane Society foster homes and their physical shelter – Loving Paws Adoption Center ( would love to have these.

  44. 544

    I’d love to win this for paws and claws in Rochester, MN.

  45. 545

    I would like to nominate Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center in Greenfield, WI to win

  46. 546
  47. 547

    Thank you for this opportunity to win these for the Hawaiian Humane Society in Honolulu, Hawaii!

  48. 548

    I would love to share these scratchers with a local rescue group called Animal Friends Rescue Project in Monterey, CA. They do great work at providing good homes to kitties of all ages.

  49. 549

    My little Isis chose me when I stopped into the Humane Society one night just to check out the cats. I would love the chance to win these and donate them back to them in her name :-)

  50. 550


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