Win a Case of Stretch & Scratch Scratchers for Your Favorite Cat Shelter or Rescue!

Fri, Sep 7, 2012

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Here’s a fun Friday giveaway! It’s your chance to win a full case of 50 Stretch and Scratch scratchers to be donated directly to your favorite cat shelter or rescue! The lovely folks at Stretch and Scratch created their entire business around improving the lives of cats by making and selling these awesome little scratchers. The scratchers help kitties living temporally in caged environments by providing them with exercise and entertainment, plus when the cats get adopted and go to their new homes, they can take their scratcher with them for a little extra comfort.


Just like with all of our giveaways, please leave a comment on this post to enter, but be sure to tell us the name and website (if available) of the cat shelter or rescue where you will donate the Stretch and Scratch scratchers if you win. Any cat rescue organization that could benefit from the Stretch and Scratch scratchers is eligible, they don’t need to have a shelter facility. Foster-based rescues also need to place cats in cages during adoption events, so the scratchers would be great for them, too.

The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on September 14, 2012. One entry per person, please. This giveaway includes free shipping in the continental US, so if you’re outside that area, please feel free to enter as long as the shelter you’re picking is in the continental US.

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1,304 Responses to “Win a Case of Stretch & Scratch Scratchers for Your Favorite Cat Shelter or Rescue!”

  1. 601

    I would love for Hands Helping Paw’s Inc. of Norman to win these. These would come in so handy all their cats and kittens awaiting adoption at PetsMart in Norman. Of course this is where I adopted 3 of my cats. Great job to Kim, Sue and all the people who help get so many homeless cats & kittens a great new life with a forever family.

  2. 602

    We are a HSOC no kill shelter Ina resort town. Unfortunately, resort guests leave resort kitties behind. We also have an abundance of kittens right now, so teaching them to scratch the pads and not us is a benefit for their future homes. For all the kitties out there good luck to us all!

  3. 603
    Joell Walters

    I vote for Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center!

  4. 604

    I bet the Animal Welfare League on chicago’s south side could use these!

  5. 605

    I would love to donate a set to the Washington Animal Rescue League in DC! What a terrific giveaway!!

  6. 606
    Gail von Huene

    If I win these cat scratchers will go to Lapcats in Sacramento, California. They save adult cats that are slated to be euthanized and find them a forever home.

  7. 607

    I’d love to win this for Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP) in Santa Barbara, CA.

    They take such amazing care of the kitties in the shelter– it’s a no-kill. The place is clean, bright and full of love.
    Animal Shelter Assistance Program
    5473 Overpass Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

  8. 608

    BARCS in Baltimore took in over 200 cats and kittens in the first 5 – yes, 5- days of August alone. The shelter is actively seeking fosters and adopters all of the time. The Stretch and Scratch scratchers would help the more timid kitties feel comfortable, and bring out their great personalities, so that they have a better chance to be adopted.

  9. 609

    PAWS Chicago is a wonderful no-kill shelter and they’re trying to make all of Chicago a no-kill city!

  10. 610
    deborah wheeler

    I’d like to nominate THE CAT HOUSE ON THE KINGS in Parlier, CA – if I had lots of space I’d love to run a shelter like this!

  11. 611

    Times have been hard on our local shelter with many budget cuts. This would certainly make the kitties day brighter (and caretakers happier also). Their website is:

    Thank you

  12. 612
    Amber w

    Cocecho valley humane society. They are a small shelter and the kitties would love these!!

  13. 613

    The kitties at Clowder House Foundation in St Louis, MO would love these scratchers. Clowder House provides lifetime care for your cat when you are no longer able. Clowder House also takes in strays, abused and abandoned cats as funds allow. Strays that can be socialized are available for adoption. Clowder House also has a separate house for cats with feline lieukemia. Clowder House is totally staffed by volunteers. There are around 250 cats. I don’t volunteer currently so don’t know the exact current count. The web site is

    Thank You!

  14. 614

    I would love to win and donate to Blind Cat Rescue

  15. 615
    Marty Whitney

    I would love to donate these to PAWS.(Pet Animal Welfare Society) in Norwalk, CT
    Thank you

  16. 616


  17. 617

    I’d like to nominate the Arizona Animal Welfare League in Phoenix. Good luck to all the shelters as they are all deserving!

  18. 618

    I vote for Cats Cradle who brought us the wonderful Corky

  19. 619
  20. 620
    Richard Hicks

    Like this very much. Even shelter kitties need to stretch those paws/claws
    Winston Salem NC chapter

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  21. 621

    Cat House On The Kings, please!!

  22. 622
    Laura K

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!! I would love these scratchers to be sent to the SPCA serving Erie County (Tonawanda, NY). I volunteer & foster felines for them and I feel our area is truly blessed with the work they do saving kitties! This donation would help our shelter cats stay happy & healthy while waiting for their forever home!

  23. 623

    MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA, where I volunteer, already uses these and I know a free case would thrill them.

  24. 624
    Clover Gibbs

    The Cat House On The
    7120 S. Kings River Rd., Parlier, California 93648

  25. 625
    Jason Gibbs

    The Cat House On The
    7120 S. Kings River Rd., Parlier, California 93648

  26. 626

    Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue would be the place I would donate them! Yay!

  27. 627

    What a great giveaway. I would donate these to the Siamese Cat Rescue Center in VA. They do great work placing Siamese throughout the East Coast.

  28. 628

    Mineola Tx, shelter needs support! Out here in the country, people are always dropping their unwanted pets by the side of the road. Please help the good folk in Mineola, TX.

  29. 629

    This is a very nice gift! The largest animal shelter in my area is Dakin Animal Shelter, located in Springfield, MA. They provide an important service and have excellent staff and volunteers.

  30. 630
  31. 631

    I would donate the Stretch & Scratch Scratchers to Good Mews Animal Foundation of Marietta, GA,, where I am a volunteer and where two of my three cats came from.

  32. 632
    C Holmes

    Happy Tails
    Phone 1 (916) 556-1155

    Happy Tails operates Sacramento’s only cage-free Adoption Center. It is a place where potential adopters can sit and visit with all the cats as they pick who they want to go home with

  33. 633
    Susan St.Pierre

    If i win ,i would have them sent to the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center

  34. 634

    This is such a fabulous product! I would donate it to:
    Richmond Animal Care and Control –

  35. 635

    What a great idea! I would love to win and donate mine to “Association for Animal Rights” in Reisterstown, Maryland. They are my beloved cat Frankie’s “alma mater”!

  36. 636
    Woodgie's Gramma
    PAWS animal shelter – Montclair, NJ

  37. 637

    The Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor is a nonprofit, no kill no time limit shelter. We do have dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and sometimess baby deers,kits(baby fox) and many injured or abandoned animals. We have a cat room some of our cats have been with us for years waiting for their forever homes. They live in cages and die for attention and play. These scratchers could make a difference in their lives. check us out on the web and our facebook page.

  38. 638

    I know the kitties at the Greenville Humane Society would love these!

  39. 639

    Great give away!!

    Montgomery County Animal Shelter. in TEXAS

  40. 640

    Voting for Willy’s Kitty Angels (

  41. 641

    Please send these to:

    The Buddy Center
    4556 Castleton Court
    Castle Rock, CO 80109

    The kitties who are waiting for adoption there could really use them!

  42. 642
    EJ Butler

    Cats Cradle Shelter In Fargo, North Dakota! Thank you!

  43. 643
  44. 644
    Julie Carvill

    My Caroline was rescued from a hoarding case by Orange St Cats.

  45. 645

    If I won these scratchers I would donate Liberty Humane Society in Jersey city where I got my 3 beautiful girls!

  46. 646
    Beth C

    Thank you for the chance to win these for the following very deserving shelter. They would be wonderful for the cats that are in quarantine and must be in cages up to 6 months.

    Bristol Animal Shelter in Bristol, RI

  47. 647
    Pamela Sage

    When I first saw these on your site, I thought of making a donation of a case to my local shelter as a memorial, though money is tight for me at present. Several of my rescue kitties, including one who passed recently, have come from the Humane Society of Elmore County Like most shelters, they are struggling to survive on only donations. They do their best, but the kitties going through there, especially the ones in the smaller cages at the PetSmart adoption centers really need this outlet. If you can provide a case, I’ll order another case as a matching donation.

  48. 648
    Steve Martinez

    Bristol Animal Shelter., Bristol R.I. Thanks!!!!

  49. 649

    Austin Pets Alive!
    1156 West Cesar Chavez
    Austin, TX 78703

  50. 650

    I would like to enter to win.

    They would really love to win and share with the many adoptable Siamese cats.


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