Win a Case of Stretch & Scratch Scratchers for Your Favorite Cat Shelter or Rescue!

Fri, Sep 7, 2012

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Here’s a fun Friday giveaway! It’s your chance to win a full case of 50 Stretch and Scratch scratchers to be donated directly to your favorite cat shelter or rescue! The lovely folks at Stretch and Scratch created their entire business around improving the lives of cats by making and selling these awesome little scratchers. The scratchers help kitties living temporally in caged environments by providing them with exercise and entertainment, plus when the cats get adopted and go to their new homes, they can take their scratcher with them for a little extra comfort.


Just like with all of our giveaways, please leave a comment on this post to enter, but be sure to tell us the name and website (if available) of the cat shelter or rescue where you will donate the Stretch and Scratch scratchers if you win. Any cat rescue organization that could benefit from the Stretch and Scratch scratchers is eligible, they don’t need to have a shelter facility. Foster-based rescues also need to place cats in cages during adoption events, so the scratchers would be great for them, too.

The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on September 14, 2012. One entry per person, please. This giveaway includes free shipping in the continental US, so if you’re outside that area, please feel free to enter as long as the shelter you’re picking is in the continental US.

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1,304 Responses to “Win a Case of Stretch & Scratch Scratchers for Your Favorite Cat Shelter or Rescue!”

  1. 1201
    Renee Coyle

    I vote for Itty Bitty Kitty

  2. 1202

    Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society – good people who are deeply and actively committed to the welfare of all animals.

  3. 1203
    Jen Weaver

    Itty Bitty Kitty in Allentown, PA would love to use these in the two adoption centers we maintain.

  4. 1204

    Itty Bitty Kitty!

  5. 1205
    helen buchanan

    Catnip cat rescue of Delaware County pa. PLEASE and thank you :)

  6. 1206
    kat McEvoy

    These are a great addition to any cats world! I feel that the itty bitty kitty cat rescue would love to have these!

  7. 1207
    Amy H

    Community Cat in Whitewater, Wisconsin! An amazing organization who is always there for the community.

  8. 1208

    I got my Tigger from the Everett Animal Shelter in Everett, Wa. This is a FANTASTIC facility, very clean, very animal/pet oriented. I would love to see them get something like this for the “cat pod”.

  9. 1209

    Dane County Friends of Ferals! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  10. 1210

    Humane Society of Southeast Missouri in Cape Girardeau, MO.

  11. 1211

    I’d love for the Royal Oak Animal Shelter in Michigan to have these

  12. 1212

    Itty Bitty Orphan Kitty Rescue does fantastic work and has lots of kitten claws to sharpen!

  13. 1213
    Carrie Palmer

    Those posts are great! They can save a lot of furniture. Adoptive cat parents will love these.

  14. 1214

    My local Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter does good work.

    Two locations (maybe they could split the 50 scratchers if they win):

    Santa Cruz Location
    2200 7th Avenue
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062

    Watsonville Location
    580 Airport Blvd.
    Watsonville, CA 95076

  15. 1215

    CATS Cradle Shelter in ND really makes an all out attempt using social media to get forever homes for the kitties. Hope they win.

  16. 1216

    I would like to enter this for our favorite cat rescue in a small town. A very good young woman vet. has taken it on herself to take care of all the cats in our area. The name is Village Cat Rescue in Comanche, OK.
    Please help her out with some freebies!

  17. 1217

    Itty Bitty Kitty should get these! They would be awesome for the cats in transition and would encourage owners to purchase said posts once the cats are adopted! I use them at home!

  18. 1218

    I vote for VOKRA (VANCOUVER ORPHAN KITTEN RESCUE ASSOCIATION)! They are an amazing organization that relies solely on donations. I am a foster parent with them and know these scratchers would go to great use!

  19. 1219
    A Attura

    Washington Animal Rescue League (Washington DC)

  20. 1220

    I would like to win these scratchers for DFW Animal Rescue in Dallas, TX: I know how greatly appreciated they would be!

  21. 1221

    Having Itty Bitty Kitty use these in their adoption cages would be a great demonstration of how much cats really do love to use the stretch and scratchers.

  22. 1222

    looks like fun !

  23. 1223
    Jess W

    I know the local shelter TAILS Humane Society would love to get these!

  24. 1224

    Trying to decide between the local shelter – T. Russell Reitz Regional Animal Shelter and our local HS- Riley Co. Humane Society. If I can’t decide, I’ll split them

  25. 1225

    Baton Rouge Animal Shelter would soo appreciate these! Thanks for the contest!

  26. 1226

    The Webark No Kill Animal Shelter in Moundsville, WV does great work with other shelters in the area. In our rural WV area, there are many stray cats and dogs that need help, and Webark saves many animals from being euthanized. Their website is:

  27. 1227

    I’d love a box of these to go to They do such great work for the kitties!!!

  28. 1228

    My vote is for Second Chance Pets, an all-foster cat & dog rescue group in League City, TX. SCP’s website is Thanks!

  29. 1229
    gail king

    They work very hard for all the babies. They are truly deserving of this prize!!! She is always taking in babies and trying to place them in forever homes. They work hard at placing kitties in good homes that will love them and take good care of them. They do their best to educate people about spaying and neutering all animals. Her and her husband work very hard for the kitties as they have no voice but AdvoCats clearly states
    a voice for the kitties.

  30. 1230

    I would love for the Nova Scotia SPCA ( have some of these for their kitties waiting for a forever home. I would gladly pay the shipping costs to Canada if I win!

  31. 1231
    Betsy Mescavage

    Itty Bitty Kitty in Allentown Pa is a non-profit no-kill rescue. It has no paid staff and 100% volunteers. A small but dedicated rescue with no shelter building but cats and kittens are placed in foster homes. The group runs 2 adoption centers and the foster cats are placed in the center for no longer than 2 weeks at a time. These scratchers would be ideal for the centers.

  32. 1232

    I volunteer for the Delaware Humane Association, They would be so happy to receive these!!! Thanks so much for the chance.

  33. 1233
    margret s could reallly use these!

  34. 1234
    Michelle Miller

    I’d be sending the case to the Lancaster Humane League.

  35. 1235
    elaine – They have found homes for so many lucky kitties – thanks for the giveaway!

  36. 1236

    The cats and kittens at SAFE Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic in Raleigh NC would love to have 50 cat scratchers.

  37. 1237

    I’m voting for Home For Life, The Animal Sanctuary of St Croix Valley, P.O. Box 847, Stillwater, MN 55082

    They take in special needs, old or ill animals who are unable to find homes.

    Amazing work they do.

  38. 1238

    oh noes, a spambot!
    i would like to give these to the espanola aminal shelter in new mexico.
    thank you.

  39. 1239
    Amanda S

    Lucky Cat Adoptions…

  40. 1240
    Kisha A

    I vote for Colony Cats in Dublin, OH. I adopted my two kitties from there this past February. They have plenty of kitties needing scratching posts as they awaite their new homes & some needing them in their cages as they overcome an illness so they may also be adopted.

  41. 1241
    Amy D.

    Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA (Virginia) is a fantastic no-kill shelter, and the place I found my two kitty babies! Their website is here:

  42. 1242
  43. 1243
    Tammy Baugh

    Since I have taken many an abandoned cat to my local Animal Shelter, Bloomington, (Indiana) Animal Shelter, and they always take in each cat. I’d sure like to win them a case of these scratchers! Not only would it be nice for the staff, the poor felines would really love them!

  44. 1244
    Lisa Frick

    Itty Bitty Kitty could really use these to help

  45. 1245
    Amanda Archer

    Itty Bitty Kitty out doing great things. Their kitties could use these.

  46. 1246
    Lisa Mescavage

    Itty bitty kitty can use these for their adoptions. Help a new family get started with their new kitty!

  47. 1247
    Tim S

    I would like Willy’s Kitty Angels ( to win the prize.

  48. 1248

    Austin Pets Alive is a great shelter and adoption organization here in Centeral Texas!

  49. 1249
    Cassandra Phillips-Sears

    I would *love* for my local humane society to get these:

    Stevens-Swan Humane Society

    5664 Horatio Street, Utica, NY 13502

  50. 1250

    Our cats love these scratchers in their cages! Keep em busy until they go onto the adoption floor.

    Tree House Humane Society.


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