Book Review: Kitty Jones Kitty Crafts ENTER TO WIN!

Mon, Sep 17, 2012

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I’m so excited to tell you about a brand new book, available this week for the first time. If you love cats, crafts and modern design, then this is a must-have for your reading list! It’s Kitty Jones Kitty Crafts: Beautifully Designed Projects for a Cat-Friendly Home by Jen Curry, founder of Kitty Jones.

Jen has been making well-designed cat toys, scratchers, and other home goods with Kitty Jones since 2007. This book brings her ideas and inspiration to you, complete with beautiful photographs and easy-to-follow instructions. The book is divided into two sections: PLAY including DIY projects for making stylish cat toys, scratchers, hideaways and more; and HOME filled with feline-themed decorative items that don’t scream crazy cat lady.

Four adorable kitty models are photographed throughout the book, bringing the projects to life. The book is beautifully designed and an absolute pleasure to read. This is the perfect holiday gift for all of your crafty cat-loving friends!


Here’s your chance to win a copy of Kitty Jones Kitty Crafts, plus the winner will get to choose one of Kitty Jones’ adorable catnip stuffed mice pictured below! All of the Kitty Jones fabrics are designed and printed in the Kitty Jones studio in Queens, NY using water-based inks and organic cotton canvas, so these are some of the best cat toys ever!

To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on September 24, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses everywhere!

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694 Responses to “Book Review: Kitty Jones Kitty Crafts ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 251
    Allie Birmingham

    I would love to win this book and the mouse toy. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  2. 252

    This is great! I’m presenting a workshop on the importance of play and DYI cat toys. I will add this to the resource handout. It is fun to see what others create and to share new homemade stuff with my 6 cats.

  3. 253

    Cats and DIY Crafts! Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. 254
    Andrea Robbs

    OMG,I just joined a local cat rescue to helo them by moaking cat toys for the craft fair that they are having to raise money for the kitties! This is fate :) Fingers Crossed!

  5. 255
    Joan Beard

    What fun, my cats would love me to make them things and I would enjoy it.

  6. 256

    Excellent (in Montgomery Burns voice)

  7. 257
  8. 258

    Great idea, I am always looking for new ways to make art with my cats. Both my boys, Diesel and Leopold, have “painted” pictures.
    The mice are adorable!

  9. 259

    I love DIY cat toys! This would be great!

  10. 260

    I would to make my home more fun for the kitties!

  11. 261

    Fantastic! Something to keep both me and the kitties entertained!

  12. 262

    What a great idea! This looks like a fabulous book! And the mice are super cute :)

  13. 263

    Please count me in!

  14. 264
    kim c

    I have three wonderful cats to entertain so this would be fun to win! Thanks for the chance!

  15. 265
    Katrina Ojaste

    Oh man, this would be so awesome to have :D

  16. 266

    Look. This is a cool book with cool projects. But there is NO WAY to have a “HOME filled with feline-themed decorative items” and not look like a crazy cat lady/gentleman. No matter how modern and clean your feline-themed items are, it’s still a house full of cat images.

  17. 267


  18. 268

    I would be interested in the read.

  19. 269
    Andrea S

    I absolutely LOVE to do crafts for my cats, and this looks like a great book with lots of new ideas to try out!

  20. 270

    This would be great to have so that I would be able to make my own Kitty Fun! Crossing my Paws, lol…

  21. 271
    Denise Kelly

    This book sounds like a crafter’s dream – to make toys and decorative items for and about cats?!? What’s not to love? And those catnip mice are so sweet….

    Sign me up!

  22. 272
    Amy D.

    What a great idea – awesome giveaway! I am surrounded my cat-lovers (and cats, of course!) in my life so this would be a great resource to have with Christmas coming up sooner than we think…lots of gifts handmade with love :)

  23. 273

    I love reading everyone’s comments! We too would love more DIY kitty ideas for our kitty-friendly home, but I would be just as happy to see any of you win this!

  24. 274
    michiel holcombe jr

    my kitties really love to play if i could learn to make stuff just for them that would be awesome for me and them

  25. 275

    Always looking for great ideas for making toys for my two boys, Misha and Nikko. Would love to win!!

  26. 276

    My cat couldn’t leave a comment so I’m doing it in his place. Nice book.

  27. 277
    Dana Pipkin

    This looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

  28. 278
    Kendel M

    I am in love with this book, I would love a copy!!!!

  29. 279

    This book not only sounds interesting, but a lot of fun! I’d LOVE to win it… my kitties would love for me to win it too :-) . Maybe I’ll get a copy for the crafters who help support our animal shelter. They could really put the projects to good use.

  30. 280

    Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the consideration.

  31. 281

    October 12th is “kids day” here in my country.
    My furry babies would love some new dyo cute items
    If mom get the book I will still have some time to prepare them…
    These’s no way to find a book like this here in Brazil – and the mices are cool as well

  32. 282
    Debbi T

    What a great idea! Would love to have this for my 6 cats and my 2 grandcats.

  33. 283


  34. 284

    Would be awesome to learn some crafts,especially for my precious fur babies,and a little mouse just what my lexie and Nikki need,yes please

  35. 285
    Julie Cresta

    Ohh i would love to this!!!

  36. 286
    Elena Sebastiani

    I would love to win this book and toy. I just adopted two kittens and I am in the process of fixing up a room for them. Thank you for this opportunity.

  37. 287

    As an artist, I would love to put my creativity to use for my cats!

  38. 288

    wonderful prize package! would be fun for me and my fur babies!

  39. 289

    would be fun to see all of the crafts

  40. 290

    So cute! It’s nice to see tasteful craft books (and especially with a cat theme that’s not too syrupy)!

  41. 291

    So very cute! The little mice are my kitties’ favorites of all their toys.

  42. 292
    Rachel Thompson

    I would love this !!!! I could make the crafts to sell for the animal shelter I volunteer with. My two kitties would love the mices to pieces :) Thanks for putting out the book, I am always looking for crafts, Ideas on things to sell to help the animals at the shelter !!!

  43. 293
    Carole Williams

    Love DIY. Hyper Lee needs more toys to hide under sofa.

  44. 294
  45. 295

    I would SO welcome the opportunity to eradicate the ‘cat lady’ look from my house!

  46. 296
    Cyndi WIlliams

    I would love to win this for the Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center in Defiance OH

  47. 297

    Darling, darling things for the kitties! What a fun book!

  48. 298
    Liz Lotz

    Brilliant! Already given me tons of ideas for Christmas cards! Poor Shackleton’s going to be the talk of the town (not that he isn’t already!)

  49. 299

    The book would be awesome to have! My 3 kitties would have lots of fun playing with the catnip mice!

  50. 300

    Oh Wow! I would just absolutely ‘LOVE’ to have this book. It would be Purrrrfect for a crafty crazy cat lady like me and keep me and the kitty clan happy as they played with my creations, and the more ‘cat’ themed decorations around my home the better:) =^..^=

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