Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!

Mon, Oct 8, 2012

Animal Welfare, Giveaways

We’re spreading the love with this special giveaway from Kittyblock! This is your chance to win a free Kittyblock for yourself, plus a second Kittyblock for your favorite cat rescue! Kitties love this sturdy 15″ cube of extra thick corrugated cardboard. They can lounge in it and on it, plus every surface is perfect for scratching.

The Kittyblock is a cat magnet! Check out photos of cats enjoying the Kittyblock on the Kittyblock Facebook page, and be sure to add your own.


To enter this special giveaway, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the cat rescue or shelter where you would like the second Kittyblock to be donated. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on October 16, 2012. One entry per person. Winners and winning cat rescues must be in the US. International readers are welcome to enter and designate a cat rescue in the US to receive both Kittyblocks.

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1,462 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!”

  1. 451
    Tess R

    Hope 4 animals, San Gabriel, CA

  2. 452

    This is so cool! I wood give the other one to the milo foundation.

  3. 453

    Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, needs all the great toys it can get and does the best work with them. bestfriends.org!

  4. 454

    My 6 cats would love a kitty block!

  5. 455

    My kitties would have a ball with this

  6. 456
    Michelle Wolff

    One for me. One for Forgotten Felines in Aurora, CO. ;-)

  7. 457

    Would love, love, love this!

  8. 458

    Any cat would love this!

  9. 459

    So cute! I would love a second one to go to Cat Welfare in Columbus Ohio. :D

  10. 460

    Matzah would love to hide in this scratcher! She loves enclosed spaces. She was a feral cat that I tamed with patience and love (totally tame, now!). She lives in my jewelry studio and helps with my inspiration! The second prize should be sent to The Cat House in Lincoln, Nebraska. Love to all feline creatures in God’s kingdom. Peace. LS

  11. 461
    Angela Wells

    Scotland County Humane Society right here in Laurinburg NC.

  12. 462
    Patricia Eddy

    This would be awesome. I would like the second to go to Whisker City Cat Rescue.

  13. 463

    A purrfect scratcher for my little one!

  14. 464

    What fun for all kitties lucky enough to have one! My choice for the additional one would be Adopt-an-Angel in Wilmington NC

  15. 465

    I love these! I would donate the second one to Happy Tale Humane in Franklin, TN.

  16. 466

    The kitties at Animal Friends Rescue Project of Pacific Grove CA would love these blocks, and so would mine!

  17. 467

    One for Vivvi and one for PetHelpers of Charleston, the no-kill shelter where she had me at “meow”.

  18. 468

    My three kitties would just love this Kitty block- and so would the numerous cats at the Tompkins County SPCA in Ithaca, NY, the first (!) no-kill community in the States!!! :-)

  19. 469

    These are great! My critters would love one and the other would go to our local non-kill rescue shelter, TownCats! Thank you!

  20. 470

    Baltimore’s MDSPCA could sure use one of these – and Rory would love it, too!

  21. 471
    Denise E

    I would love to win one of these for my 2 Bengals. They would have a blast with it. And I would like for the Bengal Rescue in Louisville KY to have the second to share with their Bengals. They are an awesome breed!!

  22. 472

    I would love this to go to BLIND CAT RESCUE AND SANCTUARY IN N.C.they are wonderful giving blind kitties a forever home! They are just like our kitties,running,playing,and chasing,the only difference is they are blind..
    My 9 would also love to win it!

  23. 473
    Janice C

    My kitties would love one of these terrific scratchers & I’d like to send another one to wonderful folks at Cat House On the Kings along the King’s River in CA.

  24. 474

    I would like to win one for my two new shelter kittens, Eponine and Westley, and also give one to the Greensburg Decatur Animal Shelter where I adopted them from! The Shelter does a fantastic job taking care of their cats and has had a recent influx of over 100 cats and kittens in the span of one month! This would be a delightful surprise!

  25. 475

    Love this…. but it could cause a fight at my house. Want it anyway.

  26. 476

    Wonderful!!!! My charity is Kitty Cottage in PA

  27. 477

    Love the block!

  28. 478

    My cats would love it, as would the cats at the Mt Vernon NY Animal Shelter. They deserve some treats.

  29. 479

    PAWS Tinley Park, IL would be ever so grateful to get anything to help them and their animals in these rough times. We might give both of them to the shelter. Even though Trouble and Gracie wouldn’t be happy, they’d say OK mom go ahead.

  30. 480
    Stacy Cole

    Love to gift one to NEW LIFE PET ADOPTION! No-Kill Animal Shelter

    125 Cattail Ave.
    Marathon, WI 54448
    E-mail – info@nlpac.com
    Phone – 715-443-6699
    Fax – 715-443-6690

  31. 481

    Save the Cats in Bucks County, PA.

  32. 482

    Love this!

  33. 483
    dawn l

    My Chloe would love this scratcher! The kitties at H.A.R.T (homeless animal rescue team) of Maine in Cumberland Maine would greatly appreciate one too!

  34. 484

    This would tickle the fancy of the cats in Cat Welfare Association of Columbus Ohio, not to mention my Pooh Bear!!

  35. 485

    Kitty Angels are a wonderful no kill shelter in Tyngsboro Ma.,I love to see a kittyblock go to them and my Charlie would love to have the other one.Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. 486

    Great. The rescue is P.U.R.R. in West VA

  37. 487
    Gabriel Montalvo

    My girls would love this !
    Save a Cat Rescue in Houston, Tx

  38. 488
    Athena H.

    This is a fun idea for the kitties. A scratcher and a place to lay all in one. I would like to donate the second one to CAT RANCH RESCUE of Robbinsville, NC.

  39. 489

    What a great idea!

  40. 490

    My babies would appreciate this as well as the kitties at the MD SPCA.

  41. 491

    These are so great my boys would love them!

  42. 492

    I would like the second block to go to “CAT’S CRADLE SHELTER” in Fargo ND. That is the shelter that rescued “Corky” the cat that was born with a rare deformity in which the bones in his legs are formed backwards and overlapping one another. They footed (no pun intended)the cost of the surgery and rehab to give a chance to a kitty that others may have euthanized. Corky was featured on the Premiere issue of ModernCat magazine. I just Love the positive spirit of these rescuers in Fargo ND.

  43. 493
    christy r.


    I would love to win one and also have one donated to A New Leash on Life Pet Rescue in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    Thanks !

  44. 494

    Purrfect Pals, Arlington, WA.

  45. 495

    My four cats and the local Animal Defense League (a no kill shelter) would greatly benefit. thank you

  46. 496

    I would love one of these! I’d like my other one to go to the Delaware SPCA Stanton Shelter where I volunteer! Those kitties would love this!

  47. 497

    The kitties at EARS in Englewood, FL would enjoy this while they wait for a forever home. My neighbor resued one and he would love this in his castle.

  48. 498

    I know my cats would absolutely love the Kittyblock! My favorite pet rescue organization is PETS, Inc. located in West Columbia, South Carolina. They are a fantastic organization doing wonders on a shoestring budget. One of our beloved cats, Scooter, was a rescued kitten adopted from them. Thank you!
    (p.s. If I am lucky enough to win, I would love for PETS, Inc. to receive both Kittyblocks.)

  49. 499

    My two kittens Frida and Diego would love this, and I’d donate the second one to the Humane Society of Charlotte, NC. Without them Frida wouldn’t have a Diego. (And she’d be so sad becase they are BFF’s.)

  50. 500
    Sarah L

    I know my girls would love it, and so would the cats of The Rescue House in San Diego.

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