Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!

Mon, Oct 8, 2012

Animal Welfare, Giveaways

We’re spreading the love with this special giveaway from Kittyblock! This is your chance to win a free Kittyblock for yourself, plus a second Kittyblock for your favorite cat rescue! Kitties love this sturdy 15″ cube of extra thick corrugated cardboard. They can lounge in it and on it, plus every surface is perfect for scratching.

The Kittyblock is a cat magnet! Check out photos of cats enjoying the Kittyblock on the Kittyblock Facebook page, and be sure to add your own.


To enter this special giveaway, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the cat rescue or shelter where you would like the second Kittyblock to be donated. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on October 16, 2012. One entry per person. Winners and winning cat rescues must be in the US. International readers are welcome to enter and designate a cat rescue in the US to receive both Kittyblocks.

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1,462 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!”

  1. 501
    Amy Gilbert

    The Ark animal shelter in Huntsville, Alabama where no cats are turned away. Plus, they have a wonderful thrift store there to raise money for the shelter as the shelter runs completely on donations.

  2. 502

    I know my 3 girls would love this! And my family and I would give the second to Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ. That’s where all of my kitties came from and thanks to Liberty’s wonderful fosters and care I have 3 happy, loving and healthy rescued kitties.

  3. 503

    My vats love scratchers! I would give my second one to the AZ Humane Society because that us where I found both my cats :)

  4. 504

    Trouble would love to share one with the local shelter.

  5. 505
    Dr. Anne

    One for me, one for Billerica Cat Care Coalition, http://www.billericacatcarecoalition.org :-)

  6. 506
    Cindy Bangart

    Very cool! My favorite shelter is http://www.pawschicago.org

  7. 507
    Kelly D

    awesome blocks…and I would give the second one to my local Humane Society

  8. 508
  9. 509

    No wonder it is a cat magnet! What a cool little kitty spot!

  10. 510

    I would like a Kittyblock for The Cat Care Society. My kitties would love one too!

  11. 511

    Wake SPCA!!!

  12. 512
    Karen Bollaert

    My cats would love this! Sean Casey Animal Rescue is an incredible and worthy organization that does amazing work for some of the most desperate cases in Brooklyn, NY. Check them out @ http://www.nyanimalrescue.org/

  13. 513
    catherine turley

    puffy paws kitty haven!

  14. 514

    WIllow and Yodie LOVE these so much. I can see them hanging out in it already!
    Love to send one to Worcester Animal Resuce.

  15. 515

    My sofa would love one!

  16. 516

    I’d send one to PAWS Humane Society in Kyle, Texas.

  17. 517
    Kayleen Devlin

    I would love to win this for Paws and Prayers, a local rescue here in Akron Ohio. They do a lot to help animals! And all of my recue cats would go bonkers for one of these! Thanks!

  18. 518
    susan sprague

    my late cat, Jackson , would have loved this. i know his pal, Simpson, would also love it. please consider/

  19. 519

    Oooh, one for Girlkitty, and one for Denver Dumb Friends’ League Quebec Street Shelter, please!

  20. 520

    I’m sure my cats would adore this, and the cats in the Citizens for Animal Protection Kitty Cat Cabaret (otherwise known as the free-range room) would love it as well!

  21. 521

    We can never have enough cardboard scratchers in our home. I’d love to win, of course, and send the other scratcher to Portland’s Animal Rescue & Care Fund!

  22. 522

    TigerBalm would love this! And we’d love to be able to give one to MSPCA Nevins Farm here in Massachusetts! (that’s were we found our dear kitty!)

  23. 523

    I would love one, as would Furry Friends Rescue in West Des Moines IA

  24. 524

    My boys, Pixel & Coco, would love this and so would the kitties at CATS Cradle in Fargo, ND!

  25. 525

    My kitties would love this!! The second one to Albuquerque’s Eastside Animal Control.

  26. 526

    My girls (two of whom were adopted from The Animal Project in NYC) would love this…

  27. 527

    My girlfriend and our cats would loooooooooooooove this. If I win the second will be going to the Cat Ranch Rescue, cage free sanctuary, in Grahm County, NC.

  28. 528

    Love it! Abandoned Pet Rescue in Ft Lauderdale would love one too!!

  29. 529

    I’d love one of these and I’d love the other one to go to Old Bridge Animal Shelter in NJ!

  30. 530
    Chris Jolly

    My kitties would love one and the second I would love to send to The Purr Factory. They are a small non-profit dedicated to the rescue of abandoned, abused, and unwanted felines in Middle Tennessee.

  31. 531
    Kate B

    My kitties would love the kitty block and the cats at the SPCA of Pinellas County would as well. Thanks so much!

  32. 532

    I would love for the 2nd one to go to the Maui Humane Society, where I got my abyssinian kitty from! I have been looking for a great lounger for her :)

  33. 533

    luv, luv, luv the simplicity and the green ness of this item, the rescue would be the rude ranch in Harwood MD….

  34. 534

    I would donate mine to a foster home for Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue!

  35. 535

    This is great!

  36. 536

    Good Mews Animal Foundation in Marietta Ga would love one of these. My three kittens would too!

  37. 537
    Janel M.

    I would like to donate the 2nd Kittyblock to Animal Friends Rescue Project.

  38. 538

    Since I’m not American, I dont know much about names of local organizations.So, if I win this time my cats will be glad in giving our two gifts to the organization with biggest number of black and /or disabled kittens.
    A gift from Brazilian Black cats :-)

  39. 539
    Diana G

    Our kitties love cardboard and I know they’d love this. We got them at the most wonderful shelter. The SPCA of MD. I’m sure they’d appreciate one of these for their cat house.

  40. 540

    Too Cute! I need one of these for my future kitty!! :)

  41. 541
    Jaime V

    Humane Society of West Michigan in Grand Rapids, MI! :)

  42. 542

    Yes please! My boys would love this!

  43. 543

    My cats would love this!! I can picture my cats playing on this.
    I would love to have one sent to the AlleyCat Brigade.

  44. 544

    Great idea! Would love to help out my cats as well as the kitties at Houston BARC.

  45. 545

    This looks like a winner! I’d like the second one to go to Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats at http://www.almosthomeadoptions.com/

  46. 546

    SPCR in Wisconsin is my choice! I found my beautiful grover through them. I know my boys would get hours of good scratching out of one of these!

  47. 547

    Nice gesture! I’d like to win one for my cat girls and one for Itty Bitty Kitty, Inc (Allentown, PA).

  48. 548

    Cape Ann Animal Aid at 24 Paws Lane in Gloucester, MA, so deserves this. It’s a brand new (recently moved from a tiny, one-room building) two-story cat and dog shelter that is cheerful, attentive to the animals, and spotlessly clean. Cats live not in cages but in their very own two-level, 2-room condos and are allowed out where there is ample wandering and climbing space, as well as two large, open enclosures for those who are less outgoing. I’ve never seen such a happy shelter–I accompany a disabled client to volunteer there every week. There’s even a special room with enclosures for humans and their potential adoptees to get to know each other in peace. Even if CAAA doesn’t win a Kittyblock, everyone in the MA North Shore area, please take note: This is a VERY worthy cause.

  49. 549

    Bastrop County Animal Control, Bastrop, Texas. They are trying to improve care of stray cats, great cattery recently built.

  50. 550
    Jennie Schacht

    Do I ever have a kitty who would LOVE that! As would Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue (www.hopalong.org).

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