Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!

Mon, Oct 8, 2012

Animal Welfare, Giveaways

We’re spreading the love with this special giveaway from Kittyblock! This is your chance to win a free Kittyblock for yourself, plus a second Kittyblock for your favorite cat rescue! Kitties love this sturdy 15″ cube of extra thick corrugated cardboard. They can lounge in it and on it, plus every surface is perfect for scratching.

The Kittyblock is a cat magnet! Check out photos of cats enjoying the Kittyblock on the Kittyblock Facebook page, and be sure to add your own.


To enter this special giveaway, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the cat rescue or shelter where you would like the second Kittyblock to be donated. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on October 16, 2012. One entry per person. Winners and winning cat rescues must be in the US. International readers are welcome to enter and designate a cat rescue in the US to receive both Kittyblocks.

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1,462 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!”

  1. 1301

    My two kitties would love to explore, hide, and lounge in this kitty-centric Kittyblock. They are adjusting to a new brother, a rescue lab puppy, and reminding them they are important too is critical now!

  2. 1302

    And having a Kittyblock to give to the St. Francis Animal Rescue would be purrrfect!

  3. 1303

    Animalkind in Hudson, NY

  4. 1304

    My 6 kitties would all fight over it, but maybe I’d reserve it for my foster kittens. The other would be donated to http://www.yourspca.org The SPCA serving Erie County NY where I volunteer & foster cats. Thank you!

  5. 1305

    What a fantastic scratcher. I would love to give one to PAWS – Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.

  6. 1306
    Amy Marino

    We would LOVE to have a Kittyblock to hang out in! We would share our extra Kittyblock with the Erie County SPCA! Lots kitty hugs, Bambino, Bocce & Biscotti

  7. 1307

    I would love to share one with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

  8. 1308

    My kitties would love one!

  9. 1309
    Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs

    We would like to choose *Catopia Feline Rescue of Arizona* to the winner of the cool *Kittyblock*.
    Their website is: http://catopiafelinerescue.org
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. 1310
    Stephanie Polm

    I would donate the second one to PAWSitively Cats in Tucson, AZ

  11. 1311

    I would donate one to the Humane Society of Cape Girardeau, MO.

  12. 1312

    Another snazzy scratcher! I would love to donate a Kittyblock to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter in Fairbanks, AK.

  13. 1313

    Would love one. I would donate one to Animal Adoption Foundation in Ross, OH where I got my 2 kitties from.

  14. 1314

    Would like to share one with Bideawee in Westhampton, NY

  15. 1315

    My kitty has turned her nose up at the sleepypod, and will only sleep in boxes. This is the perfect design solution to shoe boxes around the house. She will love this! I would share this with the Humane Society where I got my love.

  16. 1316

    Meoowz resq!! They are a great rescue group and totally deserve it!!

  17. 1317

    Would absolutely love to donate one to Fur-ever Loved!

  18. 1318

    I would donate it to Animalkind in Hudson, NY, where I adopted my eldest kitty, Neesha.

  19. 1319

    I would like to donate a Kittyblock to Bideawee, located in NYC. They provide amazing veterinary services and adoption services – I have been taking my cats there since they were babies and have always been pleased!

  20. 1320
    Ava M

    My kitties would love to have a Kittyblock and to be able to share one with MeoowzResQ in Orange, CA. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. 1321

    My kitties and foster kitties would love one. And one for Meoowzresq in orange ca

  22. 1322

    It’s simple: Kittyblocks make happy kittys, happy kittys make happy people! =) Spreading the love to MeoowzResq Orange,CA

  23. 1323

    I would love one, and one for MeoowzResQ in Orange, CA!

  24. 1324

    I would love to donate one to the Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor, MI (I would like to point out that they are independent – not funded by the MI Humane Society or any other such organization).

  25. 1325
    Cathy Rigney

    Please ! my kitties want and kittyblock and one Kittyblock to MeoowzResQ in Orange County, CA would be purrfect!

  26. 1326

    Love it and would love to win one for Shadow Cats Rescue in Round Rock, Texas.

  27. 1327

    Kitties here would love the kittyblock. One for MeoowzResQ in Orange, Ca too please.

  28. 1328

    My little invader Zim would love a kittyblock :) and I would love to give one to Cat Ranch Rescue of NC :)

  29. 1329

    Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats in Westminster, Colorado, would get the Kittyblock. They are a nonprofit, cage-free, no-kill adoption center, rescue and sanctuary. It is an amazing place for kitties to live until they find their forever homes!

  30. 1330

    My two foster kitties would have a great time with a Kittyblock and MeoowsResQ in Orange, CA would love to have one too.

  31. 1331

    My two Maine Coons would love this, and so would the San Diego Humane Society with their new 24-hour kitten program!

  32. 1332

    My 4 fosters would love playing in the Kittyblock and MeoowsResQ in Orange, CA could surely use one.

  33. 1333

    MeeoowsResQ is my rescue and my fosters and my permies would love this! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  34. 1334

    All my kitties (fosters included!) would absolutely LOVE a Kittyblock and would share one with Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary in Erie, PA

  35. 1335

    I know my kitties would love this Kittyblock. I would donate the second one to Pawsitively Cats, Tucson, Az.

  36. 1336

    My cats love these cardboard scratchers and I would have one go to Furkids in Atlanta Ga.

  37. 1337
    Paulette Kaskinen

    This would be awesome for my 3 cats to compete for, and the other would go to the wonderful Redmond Humane Society in Redmond, OR!

  38. 1338
    Jinnie Han

    this would be wonderful gift for my Toto who’s 3rd birthday is coming up in 20days~
    Also, would be nice to give out the gift to the rescue service who gave me the opportunity to adopt 2 lovely cats from them~

  39. 1339

    My two cats would love this, especially Maxwell who was a rescue cat from Animal Allies in Duluth, MN. He loved hanging out in their cat “community” room while he was waiting for adoption and I bet the cats that are hanging out there now would love it, too!

  40. 1340

    All my kitties would love this, but especially my one that likes to sit in boxes, hide in holes and scratch cardboard. This is a great combination! MeoowzResQ should get the 2nd one!

  41. 1341

    I’d give one to
    Second Chance for Homeless Pets
    (Salt Lake County 200 E. Gordon Lane,
    Salt Lake City, UT 84107

  42. 1342

    Wow! One creation that can meet so many f Calvin’s needs. A mostly enclosed space to curl into, a raised surface to keep an eye out while napping, and an ideal stretching and scratching form for his long body.

  43. 1343

    And I forgot. SPCA in Penacook, NH could make good use of one too.

  44. 1344

    My seven kitties would flip over this super cool kittyblock. And they would love to share that excitement with their friends at Blind Cat Rescue in St. Pauls, NC.

  45. 1345

    the kitty block would be super popular in my apartment.
    I would give the second to PAWS.

  46. 1346
    Kim H.

    My cat would be the coolest on the block and so would The Pixie Project who sheltered him for 4 months before he came home with me!

  47. 1347

    That looks awesome. Kind of jealous.

  48. 1348
    wendy p.

    I live on a ranch have so many rescue kitty’s of my own. I have many shredded cat trees…. I also foster for meowzresq in orange, Ca, We would LOVE new ones people think my cats are terrors not so like their trees,,,,,,

  49. 1349
    wendy p.

    Every cat on my ranch is a rescue they all love their trees they are shredded i would love a new one money goes for food I

  50. 1350

    My cats would love this… it would be a scratching heaven! The second would be donated to Karma’s Rescue of Kansas City, from which I adopted one of my cats. Thanks!

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