Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!

Mon, Oct 8, 2012

Animal Welfare, Giveaways

We’re spreading the love with this special giveaway from Kittyblock! This is your chance to win a free Kittyblock for yourself, plus a second Kittyblock for your favorite cat rescue! Kitties love this sturdy 15″ cube of extra thick corrugated cardboard. They can lounge in it and on it, plus every surface is perfect for scratching.

The Kittyblock is a cat magnet! Check out photos of cats enjoying the Kittyblock on the Kittyblock Facebook page, and be sure to add your own.


To enter this special giveaway, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the cat rescue or shelter where you would like the second Kittyblock to be donated. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on October 16, 2012. One entry per person. Winners and winning cat rescues must be in the US. International readers are welcome to enter and designate a cat rescue in the US to receive both Kittyblocks.

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1,462 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kittyblock For Yourself and One For Your Favorite Cat Rescue!”

  1. 1401

    My kitties would love one! My foster kittens would love it, too! My rescue is MeoowzResQ in CA! Thanks for the chance!!

  2. 1402

    My 3 cats and my neighbors cat says: we luvs cardboard.

  3. 1403
    Audrey Kolb

    I would love to send the other to Florence South Carolina’s Humane Society, where I’ve brought abandoned kittens before.

  4. 1404

    The kitty block is just what my cardboard obsessed kitty, Rosie would fall in love with!

    My shelter of choice is “Safe Place” of Colorado Springs. They are amazing in that they rescue pets whose parent has had to go into Hospice or is to sick & dying.
    They provide huge comfort to the human parents that are fearing for what will become of the much loved “fur children”.
    Thank you for this chance to help them!

  5. 1405

    My cats and the cats at Animal Rescue of Merrimac Valley in Massachusetts cat sanctuary would love one too!!!! http://Www.ARMV.org

  6. 1406

    Cool, stylish and functional to boot! What cat could ask for more?

    I’d like to donate the block to Lollypop Farm. The felines in their cat habitat area would consider the block to be purr-fect bliss. :)

  7. 1407
    Ethel Thompson

    How could a cat not love this: totally scratchable, and you can climb all over and through it!

    My shelter is For the Luv of Paws in Golden Valley, AZ.

  8. 1408
    Amy h

    We own one and they love it! Would love to have another.

  9. 1409

    Love these scratchers- great giveaway!
    I would love the opportunity to give one to the Bluebell Foundation for cats… (http://www.dovecanyon.org/bluebell/)

  10. 1410

    My Kitties would LOVE one they are all rescue and special needs and MeoowzResq,Orange,Ca would enjoy one too i’m SURE !!!

  11. 1411

    My cats would love this. They are always looking for places to hang out. I would like to donate the other one to Crash’s Landing and Cat Rescue in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  12. 1412

    My kitty, Kookie, loves her scratcher that is out of the same material…I know she’d go nuts over this!
    I would donate the 2nd one to the small cats at Lions, Tigers and Bears.

  13. 1413
    Steven Schwartz

    Madam Chub Chub and VOKRA would love one of these

  14. 1414
    laurie schultz

    wonderful idea! hope we win so I can take them both to the Tama County Humane society in Tama, Iowa. Was researcing for a items in our newe cat room we are desiging!

  15. 1415
    Brooke Jacobs

    I love this! And I know my cats definitely will too!
    I would donate the block to Randolph Animal Shelter in Randolph, NJ.

  16. 1416

    Valley Animal Center


    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  17. 1417

    I’d love a kitty block! I think the SPCA could use the other. Did I win?!

  18. 1418

    I would love to see one of these at the Home Fur Good no kill animal shelter in Phoenix Arizona.


  19. 1419

    I would love one and so would the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center!

  20. 1420

    I would love a wall of these….!

  21. 1421
    jenn b

    this would really help felines inc. in chicago!

  22. 1422

    Oops. K2 just reminded me to tell you that we’d like our donated block to go to Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ.

  23. 1423
    Pamela Hum

    Im sure the blind cat sanctuary in NC would enjoy some kitty.

  24. 1424
    Alison Fain

    Bella would like this….I would love for one to go to Rogue Valley Humane Society

  25. 1425

    My cat Joe would love one, and so would Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC — it’s the least they could get for bringing me my crazy kitty.

  26. 1426

    Of course I would love one,and I would like one to go to Cat’s cradle.

  27. 1427
    Susie Snyder

    My kitties would love the block! They love to sharpen their claws on everything…one for MeoowzResQ too please.

  28. 1428

    My cats Cash & Carter would love this and so would our favorite cat rescue place South King County Cats. Thank you, Toni

  29. 1429
    Debbie Schmidt

    Would love one of these for my babies. Their poor tree has just about had it. Our shelter is Help The Animals, Inc. Thanks for the chance!

  30. 1430

    My menagerie of four cats would undoubtedly love a Kittyblock…and so would C.A.R.L. (Companion Animal Rescue League of Duluth, GA), which works so hard to find homes for cats and dogs, kittens and puppies…has awesome fosters…and also partners with Planned
    Pethood to offer low-cost spay/neuter services.

  31. 1431

    The cats would so enjoy this. North Valley Animal Hospital in Ft. Mohave AZ is the shelter for Laughlin NV. I’m sure they’d love to have one too.

  32. 1432

    Cats are my love is a wonderful rescue in Orlando. They are so loving and wonderful to their rescues and patiently wait, sometimes as long as a year, to find the right families for these itty bitty kitties. We look forward to adopting our next family member from them and know they would greatly appreciate any gift for their furry friends. Please consider donating to them if you can. They’d love the gesture.

  33. 1433

    I would give to my friends’ two cats!

  34. 1434
    Bonnie C

    http://www.kittyandk-9connection.org is the shelter I’d give the second Kittyblock to if I won. Luna was adopted from their organization and she is the best cat ever! Thank you for the contest.

  35. 1435

    I would love to win one of these! My rescue of choice is Flagler Cats!

  36. 1436

    While I’d love to have one for my two fuzzballs, I’d have to say donate both to the following rescues: Catnap from the Heart in LaGrange, IL, and Lakeland Animal Shelter in Elkhorn, WI. In the past two weeks, I just adopted Lexi and Gia respectively from these two rescues.

  37. 1437

    That would be so nice to have–any cardboard box I happen to have is soon in shreds, and it would be so nice to have something that is MADE to be a claw sharpener! The second one would go to the Claremore Animal Shelter in Claremore, OK–as with many community shelters, they are always in need of materials.

  38. 1438

    We wanna win one!!

  39. 1439

    With 2 Egyptian Mau kittens who are extremely active, this would be great for our home!

  40. 1440
    Arwen Morton

    Kitty Harbor in Seattle, WA!!

  41. 1441
    Ashley Kirk

    My kitties love cardboard, this kittyblock would be put to good use!

    My rescue of choice is P.U.R.R. WV in Grafton, WV :)

  42. 1442

    I pray for that all kitties are rescued!

  43. 1443
    Melissa Trax

    Great giveaway! My shelter of choice is the Animal Rescue League of Western PA, Offsite location: Petco Waterfront.

  44. 1444
    Dorothy L Hubbard

    My cats would adore this kittyblock. The other would go to the animal shelter in osceolam IA

  45. 1445

    Great gift for all of the angels still waiting for their chance to go home. My shelter is Lakeland Animal Shelter in Elkhorn, WI.

  46. 1446

    My 9 rescue kitties thank you for this great giveaway & even if our mom does not win we will still make her purchase one!!! The kitties at Web Of Life in Chesapeke, VA would love them too!!!

  47. 1447

    Too late to win one for Animal Protective League in Cleveland??

  48. 1448
    Lora Bretz

    WOuld LOVE to give one to C.A.R.E. / West Cat Rescue in Richmond, VA.

  49. 1449

    I volunteer at In-Sync Exotics in Wylie, TX, a local big cat sanctuary, & some of our smaller cats (bobcats, servals, ocelot) would LOVE one of these!!! Please pick my entry, as In-Sync deserves SO much for all the amazing things they do for their 60 or so big cats. In fact, pick my entry & I’ll donate my Kitty Block to them as well. :)

  50. 1450
    Jen M

    Not sure if this is still going on, but hopefully it’s not too late to win a kittyblock for Friends of Cats in El Cajon, San Diego, CA!

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