Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!

Tue, Oct 16, 2012

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It’s National Feral Cat Day and we’re celebrating with a giveaway from Catnip Hill! One lucky reader is going to win a Feral Cat Hat in the color and size of their choice!

These cozy fleece hats will keep you warm this winter as you care for your colony, plus you’ll fit right in with a tipped left ear. Feral Cat Hats are available from the Catnip Hill Etsy shop and 10% of all sales in the month of October will be donated to Alley Cat Allies!


To enter to win your very own Feral Cat Hat, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 23, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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494 Responses to “Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!”

  1. 451
    Patricia Hughes

    We have a very dedicated feral cat program here in the Capital Region. S.C.R.U.F.F. (Spaying Capital Region Unowned Feral Felines founded by Dr. Susan Sikule of Just Cats Veterinary Clinic. Modeling itself after the nationally acclaimed Alley Cat Allies, Scruff sponsors monthly spay/neuter days, and since January 2007, we have spayed/ neutered over 1200 feral cats! We have ‘trapping teams’ who have trapped in frigid windchill to save some ferals in a building that was to be demolished.

    I’m one of the many trappers who knows how much a warm hat is essential to being there for the feral kitties. I hope the product will also be a ‘conversation starter’ to educate this need in communities. Kudos to you.

  2. 452

    I like the grey one, it’s the same color as my Enzo.

  3. 453
    c.d. lambright

    I’ve spayed/neutered 5 feral cats plus my own. It is the only way to go!!

  4. 454
    Nicole D.

    How sweet! What an honor it would be to wear one!

  5. 455
    Sue M

    What cute hats. I have 8 cats that have all come from the “streets” as kittens. It is a shame that there are so many stray and feral cats. I thank the many organizations that are trying to help with this problem.

  6. 456

    Our entire cat family comes from a single feral colony w/2 additional street cats who were “thrown” out. The ferals were a gift from the matriarch of the family, she choose a selection of kittens and brought them to us. We had some tough sells, esp w/the one who was 2 yo and fully feral when we tricked her into living with us. At 12, she is now one of the most loving cats and quite the talker, we have long convos with her! The one thing we consistently support, no matter what, is our local TNR group. Ferals deserve love too!

  7. 457
    Barbara Molfetta

    What a great prize! It would definitely bring awareness to those that ask about it. The best part of the hat, the tipped ear. I am amazed at the generosity of people that take the time to love these cats.

  8. 458

    These hats are too cute! And for a good cause as well.

  9. 459

    Celebrating the life of Theo on this National Feral Cat Day. Would love to win for my quartet of cat rescues–all black, 4 brothers. Boy would they fight over this!

  10. 460
    Alicia C.

    Those hats are soooo cute! I would love to have the light pink one! :D Especially because its for National feral Cat Day!

  11. 461
    wendy ciaardi

    THESE are so awesome ! great job… @ facebook ..check hopatcongpoundproject , we are building a 24 by 47 foot building at our very very old animal pound. Our ACO , has a huge heart for ferals… we have many that our pound is their home… the new building we built will be there forever home. …. would love your hats for our fundraisers ! can you give us a great price ? its cold here in jersey . Thanks for showing your love and compassion … Wendy

  12. 462

    Lovely hats and a a great cause!

  13. 463
    Donna Blackmon

    Every communiy should have a catch, spay/neuter, release program for feral cats. It keeps the feral cat community in check, and healthier. People should stop considering them a nuisance and realize that they keep the rodent and snake population down. The community that I used to live in was so intolerant of feral cats that people would be fined heavily if they fed them. The county’s “rescue” program went from one area to the next to catch them, along with stray dogs. Most, if not all were gassed. We would get a card in the mail about once a year telling us when they were going to be in our area so that we would know to keep our pets indoors. It’s a shame.

  14. 464
    Cathy Thornburn

    These are FANTASTIC! Finally, a reason to wear a hat.

  15. 465

    I want one!

  16. 466
    Tanya R

    That is so cool! Looks very warm, which would come in handy if I won seeing as I live in Canada. I’d pick a black one in honor of my former stray (who would of become feral if he hadn’t been found as a kitten) Spooky who was a black cat and who went to Rainbow Bridge this past April.

  17. 467

    How creative and what a fun way to spread the word about the benefits of TNR! Love it!

  18. 468
    N. Morris

    My Saige Marie Sassy-Pants is a rescued feral with a snipped ear. She’s still a little shy after being home with me for over 3 years. But when she wants some luving she is just the cutest thing.

    Her brother Benjamin Buttons not a feral but a rescued dumpster kitten was hand raised and is my shadow, following me everywhere…

    Luv my originally unwanted fur babies and they are spoiled rotten.

  19. 469

    what a cool hat and I learned something I didn’t know. All the colors are so awesome. I hope I get one

  20. 470

    THat hat looks awesome! I want one!

  21. 471

    Just had to take one of my socialized outside kitties to the vet…he had very high fever, tested positive for feline aids, but he made it and is now on my enclosed patio getting antibiotics. Wish I could take him in but I have 4 house cats. He would need to be an only cat. Anyone near Palm Springs, CA want to adopt this loving guy?

  22. 472
    Lisa F.

    How cute is this hat?! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win it. (Fingers crossed!)

  23. 473

    My cat sports the half-ear look.

  24. 474

    I can look like Kitty!

  25. 475

    Thank you for promoting TNR programs and taking in ferals! I work in a clinic that has a TNR program and I love it! Once a year we have a free feral month where people bring in their caught ferals to get spayed and neutered for free. It blows my mind when people bring over 100 ferals everyday during that month.

  26. 476

    These are so cute and look really warm.

  27. 477

    I love the ear! Such a unique little touch.

  28. 478
    Anja M.

    I love these hats. Very cute :)

  29. 479

    Love the idea to get the word out!

  30. 480

    Great idea! Great hats!

  31. 481

    What every cat women needs!

  32. 482
    Sharon Rickert

    One day I opened my door and a big white tom was there. Not feral, but definitely homeless. I brought him in and named him Ghengis. I would love to wear a white cat hat to remember him.

  33. 483

    I would love to win one for my daughter, she is a big advocate of animals especially cats. Three of my cats were rescued by her from the street during winter season and they are beautiful, loving cats.

  34. 484

    As a real man, I will wear this!

  35. 485

    Ah, love the hats!

  36. 486

    I know just the cat rescuer that I will give this to.

  37. 487

    It will help us TNR the feral cats in the backyard!!!

  38. 488

    These hats are great. Thank you for the giveaway.

  39. 489

    So sorry for your breaking heart in the loss of your dear Theo. Awww.
    I know someone who who love this hat!

  40. 490
    Josephine Greco

    Great prize!

  41. 491
    joanne tanner

    I need this for Halloween! It will be a great opener for discussing TNR with people!

  42. 492

    Love these! Have bottle-fed, spluttered, and placed 60 feral kittens for and feed one colony for them, too.

  43. 493

    I love these hats so much, I’m going to order one!

  44. 494

    I know that i’m late for the draw but i just fawed this site and i would love to have a feral cat hat for wereing this winter well i look after my feral kitties in my back yard I live in Regina sask so can you please tell me how or were i can got one please and thank you from shantlle

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