Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!

Tue, Oct 16, 2012

Animal Welfare, Giveaways

It’s National Feral Cat Day and we’re celebrating with a giveaway from Catnip Hill! One lucky reader is going to win a Feral Cat Hat in the color and size of their choice!

These cozy fleece hats will keep you warm this winter as you care for your colony, plus you’ll fit right in with a tipped left ear. Feral Cat Hats are available from the Catnip Hill Etsy shop and 10% of all sales in the month of October will be donated to Alley Cat Allies!


To enter to win your very own Feral Cat Hat, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 23, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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494 Responses to “Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!”

  1. 101

    Just love this! I have adopeted 3 cats from Hands Helping Paws and found a forth. Would love to have one of these hats to wear this winter. Cutest idea ever!!!!

  2. 102

    I would love to win this hat! Love the tipped ear!

  3. 103

    I live in Maine, and those hats look purrrrfect to keep my head warm on icy cold winter days!

  4. 104
    Barbara Sikes

    Awesome hat! Would love one of these

  5. 105
    Kristina Betz

    I would love to win……would be great to wear when feeding my colonies or volunteering during TNR clinics.

    Super cute!!!!

  6. 106
    Pamela Sage

    Love ‘em! Just my style! The Internet filter at work is blocking me out, but I’ll see if I can get on the site elsewhere. I’d like the leopard print if there’s a choice. If I buy and win, it will still be great to have an extra to give out as an Xmas present to one of my fellow cataholics.

  7. 107

    Super cute! Would make a purrfect gift for my cold weather friend!

  8. 108
    Kimberly Felipe

    Oh those are fabulous!! I would love any of the dark brown styles. So cute! And I love that this shop is in Grand Rapids — my college town. :) Thanks!!

  9. 109

    Love it love it, want one, please.

  10. 110

    Way cool!

  11. 111

    I’d love a black or black and white one! The tipped ear would give me a great chance to talk about TNR!

  12. 112

    Love the hat and love what it stands for.

  13. 113

    The one with the calico ears. I typically get the children’s size.

  14. 114

    How creative! I would love to give this hat to my girlfriend who maintains a feral colony – lovingly, I might add! She would just love it and would wear it all the time during our Denver winters!

  15. 115
    Jacqueline Paneque

    Wow, these are awesome!!! It doesn’t get super cold in Los Angeles but I would still wear it :) It’s a great conversation starter too! Many people are not aware of what of what TNR is.

  16. 116
    Marie Cordalis

    First of all, I am so sorry for your loss. Theo was a beautiful kitty and he looked so sweet in his pictures. I know how hard it is to lose one of the family and my thoughts are with you. I DO believe we’ll all be together with our fur children over the rainbow bridge one day.
    I would love to add any of these darling hats to my hat collection. I’m a cancer/kidney transplant survivor and thanks to all the treatments and medications I have very little hair so I wear a hat every day. How appropriate this one would be for me, cat lover that I am. My husband and I love cats so much that our small business is named for one of my rescues, Munchie who lived to be 23 years old.

  17. 117

    Cute hat and a great cause!

  18. 118
    Lea Anne Campbell

    My heart goes out to all the feral cats especially now winter is coming. Love the idea and the ear. I just trapped another baby and have her and she is doing great. She is also gray with stripes like Theo.

  19. 119

    Cute hats!

  20. 120

    Right on Kate. I’m a huge supporter of TNR myself, being the caretaker of a small colony. Condolences on Theo :(

  21. 121
    Danielle K

    These are adorable! Would love to win :)

  22. 122
    Jennifer Y

    Such a cute hat! I love the notched ear!!

  23. 123

    This is one hat I would absolutely feel comfortable wearing. Thanks so much for the chance.

  24. 124
    Sharon G

    This hat is so darn cute!! Love the tipped ear. I would wear it proudly!!

  25. 125
    Reem AlHashmi

    These look so cute! I’d pick one that looks closest to my cat’s coat color and pattern so we could match :P

  26. 126

    Four of my cats are tipped so I would fit right in at home.

  27. 127

    Kate so sorry to hear of Theo’s passing. What a lovely tribute to him.

  28. 128
    Kerry Vistisen

    What a great idea! I would love one of these hats. All of my cats were stray/feral/dumped at one time.

  29. 129
    Darci A

    oh gosh, that’s adorable!

  30. 130

    these are so cute! i would match my sweet little boy, Benson :)

  31. 131
    Debbie L

    We just rescued 2 feral kittens. I fed them all summer and now they are coming to us and we are going to keep them, get them shots and get them spayed and neutered.

  32. 132

    I loved your piece about Uncle Theo. My Bubba also came from a “feral” colony at the ripe old age of about two years old. Everyone said feral cats cannot be socialized; well, Bubba will prove them wrong. Colonies that are cared for by loving humans produce easily socializable cats. And I would love to walk Bubba while wearing one of these hats (white, to match the cat).

  33. 133

    I forgot to add, that today is my birthday and the cat-ears hat would make a particularly nice gift :)

  34. 134
    Susan Smith

    Love the hats and the purpose! The tipped ear is perfect…

  35. 135
    jung yoon

    My rescued white kitty Medic might appreciate seeing mama cat with same clippped ears. :) These are adorable!

  36. 136

    These are adorable! thanks for the chance to win one. Kudos to Catnip Hill for donating to ACA.

  37. 137

    These are awesome! And perfect for a feral cat lover!

  38. 138

    Love it! I’m a big TNR advocate and semi-active in some TNR programs here. I would definitely wear this.

  39. 139

    I love the look of these hats!!! Going on my Christmas list for sure.

  40. 140
    kevin h

    what a fab way to remember theo with these hats !!

    I tip my hat to you , well i hope to tip my clipped left ear hat to you :)

  41. 141

    SO cute. Looks so cozy.

  42. 142

    I’m deeply sorry for your loss, as I’m sure Theo was loved as though he was one of your children.

    These hats are absolutely adorable & look quite stylish as well. I sure would love to wear one during the upcoming winter months. Unfortunately finances are limited this year. So if I’m not lucky enough to win, I’ve bookmarked to perhaps purchase one of these beautiful hats next winter. If I am lucky to ever receive one, I’ll definitely wear this hat with pride & love in my heart for all feral & house cats! <3 <3 <3.

    RIP Theo

  43. 143

    super super cute! I absolutely love these!!

  44. 144

    Oh the CUTE! I’d wear it every day.

  45. 145

    Gorgeous! I’d love to have one and wear it proudly:)=^..^=

  46. 146

    How cute, I can’t choose a favorite because they’re all so nice!

  47. 147

    I am very sorry for your loss! Poor Theo. =(
    I am a feral cat caregiver & several of my 5 girls are former ferals who warmed up quickly when I began feeding them.
    I would love to win this fabulous hat!
    Thank you for sending out the msg about feral cats!

  48. 148

    ooh, the stripey ones are the cutest :)

  49. 149
    Anna A

    These hats are adorable!

  50. 150

    I suspect this will also make a nice Halloween costume :)

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