Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!

Tue, Oct 16, 2012

Animal Welfare, Giveaways

It’s National Feral Cat Day and we’re celebrating with a giveaway from Catnip Hill! One lucky reader is going to win a Feral Cat Hat in the color and size of their choice!

These cozy fleece hats will keep you warm this winter as you care for your colony, plus you’ll fit right in with a tipped left ear. Feral Cat Hats are available from the Catnip Hill Etsy shop and 10% of all sales in the month of October will be donated to Alley Cat Allies!


To enter to win your very own Feral Cat Hat, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 23, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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494 Responses to “Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!”

  1. 301
    Nancy Ohm

    Super cute!

  2. 302

    what a conversation starter

  3. 303

    I am fully suppotive of TNR. Would wear proundly

  4. 304
    S. Crews

    This is so cool. I could wear when at adoption shows, or heck, just outside putting up the Christmas lights.

  5. 305
    L. Azlin

    How neat. I love the idea! And I like that there are options for men and women. All cat gear for people seems aimed for women, or aren’t something they guys would want to wear. lol

  6. 306
    sally schwartz

    how clever. this would certainly come in handy in the upcoming winter.

  7. 307

    Ferals give and receive love, too.

  8. 308
    deborah fiorille

    Meow! How cute are those

  9. 309
    Laurel Connell

    Loved the story about your kitty and I can relate! I have a big kitty that I brought from America to live with me in New Zealand, had to, he was there for me through a bitter divorce and the death of his littermate as well. Anyway so now here in New Zealand, there are stray cats all over where we live, and one little teenu tiny female started hanging around my big boy, (he’s fixed) and became friends…but she won’t let humans near her. It’s been a process, but midget (because she’s so tiny compared to my big boy haha) has gone from bolting away anytime a door even opened, a year ago, to today she sleeps on my bed snuggled up with my kitty when we go to bed at night and she’s right there with my boy Angel when he’s following me around for breakfast. So she’s gotten a lot better. We’ve adopted her…not officially or anything, because she’s stray/feral? but we feed her and after we discovered she was pregnant from another stray, poor girl, she had kittens under the house and we took them in to be cared for and her as well, as soon as kittens weened, she got the snip. She’s all happy now, but still no touching of the human kind. (except sneaky ones when she’s asleep..hehe) sorry for long story, but I <3 our feral kitty and I LOVE your feral kitty hats!

  10. 310
    Lisa Barrett

    Thank you for sharing your sweet Theo with us on Nat’l Feral Cat Day – I”m sorry that he’s gone.

  11. 311
    Courtney W.

    Too adorable!

  12. 312
    Lisa Anne

    They are so precious! I love the nipped ear, TNR indication, right?

    ^.^< <3

    Lisa Anne

  13. 313
  14. 314

    What cute hats! It would be an honor to win and wear one. Loved reading about Theo. My two are spoiled kitties, but I work with PAWS Watch of RI, which also works to Trap Spay Newter & Release. I admit I don’t do the traping myself, but nobody sells raffle tickets like I can! It’s all about the kitties.

  15. 315
  16. 316
    Debra Warden

    These hats are sooo darn cute!!! Id love to wear one :)

  17. 317

    It’s certainly the perfect time of year for these cute hats – my ears are already getting cold outside!

  18. 318

    I would give this to my favorite feral feeder for the Branford Compassion Club’ s colonies.

  19. 319

    Such a beautiful story on Theo. What a special cat, and so beautiful!! May he be in eternal peace and happiness. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for cats, Kate. You truly made a difference in Theo’s life.

  20. 320
    marilyn kollar

    I also take care of a feral colony,and am trying to spread the word about TNR. Ferals can make some of the best cat compaions they just take a little more time and tlc <3

  21. 321

    Very cute!

  22. 322

    Love the hat and would wear it honoring our feral cat, Skittles. It took me a year just to pat him, a year to get him to sit on my lap…with the door open so he didn’t feel trapped…he lived to be an overweight senior and a wonderful friend.

  23. 323

    What a cute hat!

  24. 324
  25. 325

    Aww, super-duper cute! I would totally wear one of these! (And as a bonus, I really do need a new hat for this winter!)

  26. 326
    Donna (& Mitzi & Blackbird)

    I would proudly wear this hat as I feed my homeless buddies. And I would wear it around town so when questioned about it I could educate the questioner about the importance of TNR.

  27. 327

    We already have snow, I think I need one :)

  28. 328

    A calico hat would be purrfic for my daughter to celebrate her crazy, calico manx named bunny!

  29. 329

    I would love to wear this hat, I have two cats that were left behind by their mother in a bush at a friends home two years apart. I’ve had them since they were babies, we made sure they were abandon before removing them, they were very small and need to be bottle feed. Maxie and Izzy Bear are both happy healthy cats and I cant imagine not having them in my life.

  30. 330
    K.A. Liddick

    I would love this, so cute! I would be a nice way to remember Mambo the 10 year old FiV+ former feral cat we adopted, who passed away last year. We spent a year getting him to come inside, after he did he retired to the sofa, and slept with me everynight.

  31. 331
    Paulette Smith

    What a great idea! Hopefully they will help increase awareness of of the feral cat problem’s need for help.

  32. 332
    Julie Bauer

    OMG! Theo looks almost EXACTLY like my 13 yr old three legger, Tallulah!!! I would be more than proud to sport one of these clip eared hats!!!!

  33. 333
  34. 334

    Very cool hats! Cat ears are ALWAYS in fashion!!

  35. 335

    Ha! How adorable. Love ‘em and would like one for myself. :)

  36. 336
    Pat Ruppert

    Sweet hat! Want one!!

  37. 337
    Paula Chait

    I <3 these hats and would wear mine proudly if I win!!

  38. 338

    I must say that I have never seen anything so endearing as an ear-tipped hat in honor of ferals. I would be HONORED to wear such a delightful hat. One entry please and thanks!! :)

  39. 339

    Super cute!!

  40. 340

    What a great way to teach folks about TNR I’d pick the gray one in honor of Theo!

  41. 341
    Jenna M Wood

    Thanks for the chance!

  42. 342

    That is just an amazing idea, love the tipped ear – great way to start a conversation with those that do not know of ear tipping. good call.

  43. 343
    Libby Hess

    Your story was beautiful. I too am active with cats–feeding, TNRing
    and adopting out free-roaming cats. I have had several rescued cats, and find them to be the most grateful, loving companions I could ask for. Thank you for bringing attention to National Feral Cat Day!

  44. 344

    My cat Boi was feral. It took almost 1 year to get him to be an inside cat. Now he’s my big baby.

  45. 345
    Cat Tee Mission

    What a CUTE hat! Would love to win :)

  46. 346

    Charming! Keep up the good work!

  47. 347

    LOL I love these fun,cute cat hats,since my Charlie is a Tuxedo,I’d love to win the Tuxedo cat hat,Thanks. =^..^=

  48. 348

    What a wonderful idea and a great way to get the word out about TNR.

  49. 349
    Dave Fluke

    Just a darn cute cat and an incredibly sad story; it brought a tear to my eye. Semper Fi Theo.

  50. 350
    Debra Hall

    i have an ole feral cat i didnt know about the clipped ear at the time but i did name him vangough

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