Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!

Tue, Oct 16, 2012

Animal Welfare, Giveaways

It’s National Feral Cat Day and we’re celebrating with a giveaway from Catnip Hill! One lucky reader is going to win a Feral Cat Hat in the color and size of their choice!

These cozy fleece hats will keep you warm this winter as you care for your colony, plus you’ll fit right in with a tipped left ear. Feral Cat Hats are available from the Catnip Hill Etsy shop and 10% of all sales in the month of October will be donated to Alley Cat Allies!


To enter to win your very own Feral Cat Hat, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 23, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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494 Responses to “Catnip Hill Feral Cat Hat Giveaway for National Feral Cat Day!”

  1. 351

    Love the cute hats…loved that you shared Theo’s memories with us more.

  2. 352

    what a great idea! love the feral cat hat!

  3. 353
    Janet Melvin

    Theo…what a sweetie…I’d be proud to show my support for feral kitties.

  4. 354
    Susan A.

    These are so cute!

  5. 355

    These hats mean so much as well as the cause they represent. I was involved with the neuter and spay program for all of my “garage kitties”. I had a mommy kitty who had two litters in my garage. I let them live in there with heated beds and heated water bowls. I brought the second litter in and eventually the first litter which was a little harder since they were out there much longer and not as socialized. I still have mommy and most of the babies with me in my home today. They are the most lovable and beautiful babies!

  6. 356

    These hats are PHENOMENAL!

  7. 357
    Susan Scott

    I love it. Both of my cats were feral kittens and I am so glad I have them. RIP to your Theo.

  8. 358

    OMG!!! Must have!!!! If I don’t win, I’m buying one. Maybe several! They are SOOOOOO GREAT!

  9. 359

    This is a hat I would really wear!

  10. 360

    Ohhhhhh! A cat lover like me need this hat!!! Soooo cute!!! <3

  11. 361
    Erin Frealy

    I would wear this hat! and I’m usually a hat person. These are so wonderful.

  12. 362

    I’m so sorry about Theo. Sometimes I think it’s harder to lose a young cat, whose company you thought you’d get to enjoy for much longer than 5, 6 or 7 years. Been there, done that. My heart goes out to you.

    The Feral CatHats are fab! All of our cats were from feral cat colonies. We love feral cats and I would love one of these hats. It would be difficult to choose from all of the great colors, however!

  13. 363

    These hats are so cute!

  14. 364
    Pam S

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved kitty. Theo was beautiful and I’m sure a loving soul.

  15. 365
    Brooke Jacobs

    I do TNR in Brooklyn and would LOVE one of these! They are awesome! And all three of my girls are ear tipped!

  16. 366
    Stephanie D.

    These are beyond cute! It would be perfect on my cat-loving girlfriend. :)

  17. 367

    How adorable

  18. 368

    I love these! What a great way to show off my kitty love in the winter.

  19. 369
    Lynn Duncan (Seamonkey)

    These are so cute! I’d want black, to match Katniss.. she was a rescue but has both ear points (with little tufts, thankyouverymuch!)

    We should get some to sell at the shelter!

  20. 370
    erin s.

    this would be purrfect for winter trapping days! =^.^=

  21. 371
    susanne m.

    Wonderful caps seem to be very cosy. I would love to have one here in germany for the winter.

  22. 372

    Ah, I’d love to win, but I think I better go buy me one of these! Then WHEN I WIN I can have 2! Thanks for this opportunity. I see lotsa other things on Etsy that are just as adorable. PurrZ Baby!

  23. 373

    Very sweet. And thanks for sharing about Theo; it touched my heart.

  24. 374

    I am sorry for your loss but happy you have such good memories. My fuzzy babies are all from feral communities also and I would not trade for the world. I love the hat idea, it is a great symbol for a great cause.

  25. 375
    Deborah Darsie

    I really appreciate the wonderful story of Theo and the rest of your former feral clowder. Thank you for helping them!

    If I were to win this…I would LOVE a hat in dilute tortie, but since that might be too complex a silvery blue-gray like a russian blue would be my next fave.

  26. 376

    What a lovely hat! We have 8 beautiful feral cats….don’t what we would do without them now! I just found out about Ally Cat Allies yesterday….am glad there is a national support group…we have several no kill…adoption groups here….and they recently had feature articles in the paper needing people to adopt the cats…and local people stepped up to the plate…and gave them homes! They truly can bring happiness to people! Sorry about Theo….but he has empowered you to help other cats and people to get involved for their cause….

  27. 377

    Your story about Theo made me cry. I lost my beloved “Smelly Cat” in April. My heart goes out to you. I am picturing them both playing at Rainbow Bridge waiting for us to come get them one day…

  28. 378
    Dani Brewer

    I love getting my daily dose of MC…but today was bittersweet. From a devoted cat-mom to another – my heart sincerely goes out. To feral cats!

  29. 379

    SO CUTE! I would love to sport one of these hats…in black.

  30. 380
    Kim Overhamm

    O.M.G. I’m founder of a TNR group right here in AZ, and we’re always looking for new ear tip ideas for events. Plus during Winter I often hang out at night while I trap, so the cats don’t have to stay long in the traps in the cold. This hat would be SO absolutely purrfect for every aspect of my life! LOVE it!! Ear tips are so much a part of my life, that I often find myself looking twice at cats without them, because it feels like something is amiss.

    Kate, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Theo. I’m also very thankful to you for giving him a loving home, being a community cat, and FIV+. And for being such an advocate for TNR and community cats everywhere.

  31. 381
    Marcia Helfrich

    What a cute hat and for such a good cause! I’d love a leopard print one. So sorry for the loss of your sweet Theo :(

  32. 382

    Theo was a beautiful cat! The hats are very cute.

  33. 383
    christy r.

    These are so cute and such a fun way to identify yourself as a cat lover. Thanks for the contest and good luck to all !

  34. 384

    These hats are absolutely adorable, and I would be proud to wear one!

  35. 385

    These caps are adorably meaningful to those kind souls who know and endorse TNR, and generously care and feed feral colonies. Kudos to the designer!

  36. 386

    Super cute!!!!

  37. 387

    So sorry for Uncle Theo.
    The feral hats are really nice.

  38. 388

    AWESOME! – I must have one!

  39. 389

    I love these cats. We have a few in my mom’s neighborhood who are “tipped.” Some are friendlier than others, and we feed them all.

  40. 390
    Nancy Cox

    The hats are so cute. My 2 fur babies and I would be so adorable if we all had ears that matched! I am so sorry for the loss of Theo. Once a baby enters your heart, they never leave. I will keep you in my prayers.

  41. 391

    Good idea ! Nice colours !

  42. 392
    Michelle B

    So glad you shared your memories and pictures of Theo. So sorry for your loss. I love these hats that will help support such a worthy cause.

  43. 393

    The black hat reminds me of one of my cats who died of FIP two years ago. It would a nice tribute to him.

  44. 394

    Love these – would look great when snowboarding.

  45. 395

    cute hats!

  46. 396

    Id wear it to bed On my head! LOL very cute!

  47. 397

    Theo’s story was beautiful, remininding me of my own three inside rescue girls and the 30 or so that I take care of at my two colony’s. thank you…

  48. 398

    Buffy and Spike want mommy to have one of these great hats.

  49. 399

    I love these hats. Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Theo. None of mine were TNR or colonized but 3 of mine were strays& only 1 made to the Maricopa county animals shelter and to my place.

  50. 400
    Susan Q. Kennedy

    I love these hats. I love my cats and would be proud to wear cat ears on my head. The kids at the school I teach at would love to see me in this hat at recess.

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