Introducing CatAmazing Puzzle Toy for Cats ENTER TO WIN!

Sun, Oct 21, 2012

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Introducing CatAmazing, a new toy for super-intelligent kitties! This is a fun little puzzle box that is really well-designed. They just sent us one to test and I’m really impressed with everything about it.

CatAmazing is a corrugated cardboard puzzle box with a colored insert piece creating hard to reach channels that kitty can access through different shaped openings on the outside. It’s quite thoughtfully designed, with three different levels of difficulty and using colors that are best seen by cats.

CatAmazing is very easy to put together, with just two pieces that ship in a flat package.

I set-up the CatAmazing and put some tasty treats inside and the frenzy began…

The extremely food-motivated kittens pretty much dominated, then finally Ando had a chance to check it out for himself. Alas, we were out of treats. What to do?

Fill it with toys! I loaded the box with small toys — fuzzy mice, jingle balls, ping pong balls, etc. — and the kittens set to work emptying it right away. They can do this for hours. It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained, including yourself because it’s so much fun to watch as the cats poke their paws in the different openings, trying to get at the goodies inside.

CatAmazing is available at for just $14.95, including free shipping to US addresses.


Three lucky readers are each going to have the chance to try CatAmazing for themselves! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 28, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,301 Responses to “Introducing CatAmazing Puzzle Toy for Cats ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 901

    This toy looks amazing! And we can’t get it in Canada :(

  2. 902

    Bring on the party!

  3. 903

    Great toy! It would keep our kitties occupied for hours.

  4. 904
    Mary Hayes

    Ohhh I want one of these for my Heri!! He is soooo smart…I would love to see how long it would take for him to master this… Kazuri…hmmm he is a kitty and takes a bit longer to learn the processes but would love to see him also try!!! They both would love this!!!!

  5. 905
    Andrea James

    Finally a great toy that is not made out of plastic. My Nicky would love to have one :-)

  6. 906
    Jenina Stewart

    Very interesting that cats see purple best… must be why I love cats so much as purple is the best!

  7. 907
    victoria palmer

    This is great. I’m sure my smart kitty’s would have fun figuring it out.
    I just wonder which of the five would figure it out first.

  8. 908

    This is such a great toy for cats. I think both my cats would love to have this!

  9. 909
    Emily Park

    The kitties at the rescue I volunteer at would LOVE one of these!!

  10. 910
    Iggy Pop Pbt

    What a wonderful toy! My cat Henry, the rascal, will really enjoy this toy, he is such a wonderful, mischevious cat, he needs lots of toys to get his energy going!

  11. 911

    I can see this as wonderful entertainment… for ME–watching the fur kids try to figure out the appropriate technique!

  12. 912
    Rick Wetzel

    I’m sure this toy beats the one on my iPad.

  13. 913
    Lauren B

    This thing is truly amazing! I would love to have one for my curious kitty Mini and her older brother Cozmo!

  14. 914

    wow looks like the kitties in picture are having a blast. sure could use something like this to keep my girls busy.

  15. 915

    This is a great idea for our hyperactive cat!

  16. 916

    wow! looks funny!

  17. 917

    Our cats would love this — especially if we put treats inside!!

  18. 918

    This is great! I always buy blue toys because it seems like she responds best to those. I would love to have this for my girl.

  19. 919

    What a great idea!!

  20. 920

    purple, yellow, green – i had no idea!

  21. 921
    Mary Wightman

    This toy is AWESOME! I am a flight attendant and have a wonderful petsitter but sometimes feel my babies are understimulated because I have to travel so much….but this toy would help alleviate some of my guilt! They would LOVE it!

  22. 922

    Pick me! Pick me! This is so easy to assemble and so much fun for kitties! please pick me my 2 cats would love this.

  23. 923

    This is the cat’s meow

  24. 924

    I wonder which of my cats would be the best puzzle solver?

  25. 925

    Love that this toy is multi-dimensional. I had bought a plastic one, similar concept but not as complex, and my cat was bored with it within minutes. This cardboard one has different sized holes, different shapes, different depths…everything to keep a cat’s curiosity peaked! Obviously this toy was created by someone who understands cats! Thank you!

  26. 926

    My kitties have recently gone from outdoor kitties to indoor kitties and this would make for some great entertainment for them.

    Thank you for the contest!

  27. 927

    Awesome! I would love to have one of these for my kitties. The love boxes, especially onces with holes! I’m wondering if the box is sturdy enough to support a cat? Out of my four, the biggest likes to destroy boxes by laying on them :)

  28. 928
    Amy Marino

    We want one!!! Love Bocce, Bambino & Biscotti…the cats

  29. 929

    My cats, Airmid and Bast, get bored so easily. I think a toy like this would be perfect for them because it could give them some entertainment throughout the day when we’re all at work and school. Thank you for the opportunity!

  30. 930

    My boys would love this! I know one of them would have more fun putting things IN it then taking things OUT of it! :)

  31. 931
    cathy dell

    what a terrific Idea! my cats would love this!

  32. 932
    cathy dell

    OMG- this is perfect!

  33. 933
    Renee Nicole Midden

    AWE$SOME!!! i know three cats in particular that would LOVE this!!!

  34. 934

    So cute while the parents are away, the fury kids will play!

  35. 935

    My cats would love more intellectually stimulating games!

  36. 936
    Jennifer Mauger

    Too cool! Love that it can be used with food and toys!

  37. 937

    the gang would love this toy

  38. 938

    With a animal rescue and many cats in the reswcure, they would love more toys. It always amazes me that cats never lose the kitten playing.

  39. 939
    Rachel Martini

    this looks like a good time for all! i would love to win one!

  40. 940

    Montrose and Gigi would LOVE this!!

  41. 941

    Both of our kitties are so playful and would absolutely love one of these!

  42. 942

    Fantastic Idea! I’m sure my Buffy could get lots of enjoyment from this.

  43. 943

    This toy would be hours of entertainment for my little guys …!!! I can see Lucky challenging Thomas to a cat duel…

  44. 944

    I’ve got eight cat-kids that would have a wild time with this!

  45. 945
    Jess W

    My Josie would love this! If we don’t win one I’ll have to buy it as her Christmas present this year.

  46. 946

    Love this product! Would be great for the cat’s boredom when they are at the adoption center!

  47. 947
    helen buchanan

    love this and my fur babies would love it too. great idea.

  48. 948
    Teresa W.

    Great toy! And interesting info about kitties and the colors they see. This would help keep my pair out of trouble so I can have some better quality study time. It is possible their cute play would be a greater distraction!

  49. 949
    Lisa Szpara

    Ooh love this!!! My fur kids would have fun fur hours xo

  50. 950

    Possum wants to find the treats.
    Cow wants to find the pistashio nuts that are her favorite toys
    Pick us please!!

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