Does Your Kitty Deserve a Snowball or a Lump of Coal? Exclusive Holiday Giveaway from The Cat Ball!

Sat, Nov 24, 2012


Some kitties are naughty and some are nice — but we love them all! And one lucky kitty is going to win one of these limited edition Cat Ball Hideaway Beds for some serious holiday napping!

Jenna from The Cat Ball whipped up these two gorgeous creations just for our special holiday giveaway. The winner will get to choose either the “Lump of Coal” Cat Ball in black fabric trimmed with floofy black and white faux fur, or the “Snowball” Cat Ball made of beautiful off-white crushed velvet and trimmed with white faux fur.

The “Lump of Coal” is a one-of-a-kind Cat Ball, and the “Snowball” is available from The Cat Ball Etsy shop, where you can get 15% off your purchase with coupon code MODERNCAT15.


To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us which Cat Ball you’d choose (The “Lump of Coal” or the “Snowball”). The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on December 2, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US, however international readers are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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1,225 Responses to “Does Your Kitty Deserve a Snowball or a Lump of Coal? Exclusive Holiday Giveaway from The Cat Ball!”

  1. 951

    My Little John “owns” all the cat beds in the house; his little brother Buddy doesn’t dare use one! So Little John deserves a Lump of Coal, but Buddy deserves something he can finally call his. If Buddy wins, I plan to put Daddy’s slippers in it (he sleeps with his face in Daddy’s slipper) to mark it as his before Little John can even check it out!

  2. 952

    Lump of coal!!!!

  3. 953

    lump of coal, although both are great!

  4. 954

    My big boy would fit perfectly in the lump of coal!

  5. 955

    I love the lump of coal bed and I know the kits would too!

  6. 956

    I would love the lump of coal since I have a sphynx who would dye the white one with her skin oil. I love these!

  7. 957

    I LOVE them both, but the Lump of Coal would be GREAT for Coco!

  8. 958
    Nancy D

    I have cats that deserve the coal and others that deserve the snowball. But I am sure they would all like either one.

  9. 959

    really really lovely!!!

  10. 960
    Tracy O.

    LUMP O’ COAL, definitely. Yep.

  11. 961
    Terri Halle

    Clever idea, that any cat would love to have, especially MINE!

  12. 962

    My cats say “No snowballs, please. The only snow in our house comes in on Mama’s shoes”. I think that means they would like the lump of coal to keep them warm.

  13. 963

    I would choose the lump of coal because the hole is smaller and my kitty would like the space better. So cute!

  14. 964

    My cat, Samson, definitely deserves a snowball this year. He’s had a very rough year and got very sick & almost died. He’s back now and better than ever! I’d love the lump of coal cat bed because it looks a little more cozy & like a good place he could hide from our dogs.

  15. 965
  16. 966

    Both are beautiful!! Tatiana & Bailey have several beds of their own, and as much as they would love these, if we won, we would donate them to our favorite shelter, Wayside Waifs! We choose The Snowball, because all the kitties would look great in it, but especially the black cats that are sometimes harder to adopt out.

  17. 967
    Sarah Delano

    Love it! What great holiday fun for the kitties! My two cats would be in heaven!

  18. 968
    Debbie Kennedy

    I like the lump of coal

  19. 969
    Paul Pallardy

    Shadow would like the “Lump Of Coal” please. cause it matches
    his fur. Will it be here before Christmas, So I can put it under
    the tree for him?

  20. 970

    Lump of coal please! My cats are all perfect and they don’t deserve the rebuke, but they would look more handsome peeping out of the coal.

  21. 971

    Wow, mine would love either. But the lump of coal is so pretty. Zuess my black kitty would love it and look gorgeous in it. My grey baby would ador it, he likes pretty things. so pretty.

  22. 972

    I would choose Snowball. My Nixy is pure white, and I’m guessing that’s why he’s attracted to anything white he can get his paws on! Sweaters, chairs, blankets, even strange dogs! He would absolutely love a new bed in such magnificent colors.

  23. 973
    brook weber

    My cat deserves Both a lump of coal and a snowball. He’s equal part devil and angel depending on his mood. he’s a very cool cat.

  24. 974

    They both deserve lumps of coal but we love them regardless.

  25. 975

    They are both awesome, but Scooter would probably opt for the lump of coal. She is a little dickens.

  26. 976

    Lump of Coal!

  27. 977

    Lump of coal for sure! It’s so chic and would go great with our furniture. Plus the kitties would be so happy with the small opening.

  28. 978

    “Lump of Coal” but I love them all anyway, lol!

  29. 979
    Christine Partin

    Snowball my Shaded Cameo Persian cat deserves the Snowball bed because he currently sleeps on our bed on top of a furry blanket.

  30. 980

    Snowball, please! The girls will look beautiful lounging in the white fur…

  31. 981
    L.A. Forsythe

    Dirty kitties better get the lump ‘o coal!

  32. 982

    Lump of coal for sure! I can imagine Leo and Mimi playing in and out and possibly on top,not to mention Mimi is sooooo lazy she would definitely want to snuggle down this winter.

  33. 983

    I have a naughty and a good cat… but since they both shed a lot of fur, I think the white one will be more practical.

  34. 984

    Oh my Mao would *love* this cat ball!

  35. 985
    Sara M

    OMG! These are absolutely stunning!! i SOOOOO want one!! :)

  36. 986

    Lump of coal for Pumpkin the one-eyed pirate cat!

  37. 987
    kathy johnson

    we would enjoy either one but even though my boy is as pure as a sownball, we favor the coal.

  38. 988

    Paczki deserves the Snowball. There’s not an ounce of mischievousness in his majestic furriness! He watches over the kids like it’s his job. Nobody could ask for a better cat! Who needs a dog with the likes of Paczki in the house??

  39. 989
    Melissa Clifford

    Wouldn’t it be fun to win? It’s hard to choose. I think the snowball would get more use. The boys love their cubes.

  40. 990

    I don’t know about my girls, but I would love to see them in the “Lump of Coal” =D

  41. 991
    Colleen McKenna

    I would love to say that super cooper aka monkey b deserves the snowball but this past year he has shown his true wild cat nature. But I still love my monkey.

  42. 992

    Definitely the lump of coal for my kitties

  43. 993

    Lump of Coal as it would match all my kitties…two black and one darling calico. They’re all a combo of naughty and nice! ;)

  44. 994

    My Kiwi would be sooo suited to the “lump of coal” as he is such a little demon!I can see his face poking out of this marvelous “ball” and showing us his biting-face(which is my son’s very favorite face)He would love it I’m sure!What a cute item and a great idea :)

  45. 995

    The snowball! it is adorable and my cat loves anything white. Seriously, anything white, she will be all over it.

  46. 996

    I would choose coal lol. My little mini bangle Skeeter is a handful. I love her soo much. But she seems to only love me back. Whenever my amazing boyfriend comes over to visit he trys sooo hard to be friends with her and she just won’t have it. She bites and attacks, but as soon as he leaves shes in my lap being as cute as she can be. He secretly likes her anyways :) She will be moving with me soon to a new home where she will have 2 brothers to play with, I am nervous about it and I think she will deserve a beautiful bed like this to be able to hide in while she adjusts to new surroundings. :) Skeeter is a beautiful animal and she deserves the best :)

  47. 997

    They’re both great for different reasons: lump of coal because it hides dirt and dust; snowball because of the lighter color. Surprise me with either one!

  48. 998

    Defiantly a lump of coal

  49. 999

    Lump of Coal! Lump of Coal! It’s not about his behavior, because he really is sweet, but he’s still not out of his feral shell, unlike his siblings, and he is a little black cat who often wishes himself invisible. Inside a Lump of Coal, he could be both safely tucked inside and camouflaged — a dream come true for him!!!

  50. 1000

    Lump of coal for my naughty kitties

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