Does Your Kitty Deserve a Snowball or a Lump of Coal? Exclusive Holiday Giveaway from The Cat Ball!

Sat, Nov 24, 2012


Some kitties are naughty and some are nice — but we love them all! And one lucky kitty is going to win one of these limited edition Cat Ball Hideaway Beds for some serious holiday napping!

Jenna from The Cat Ball whipped up these two gorgeous creations just for our special holiday giveaway. The winner will get to choose either the “Lump of Coal” Cat Ball in black fabric trimmed with floofy black and white faux fur, or the “Snowball” Cat Ball made of beautiful off-white crushed velvet and trimmed with white faux fur.

The “Lump of Coal” is a one-of-a-kind Cat Ball, and the “Snowball” is available from The Cat Ball Etsy shop, where you can get 15% off your purchase with coupon code MODERNCAT15.


To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us which Cat Ball you’d choose (The “Lump of Coal” or the “Snowball”). The winner will be selected in a random drawing and announced on December 2, 2012. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US, however international readers are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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1,225 Responses to “Does Your Kitty Deserve a Snowball or a Lump of Coal? Exclusive Holiday Giveaway from The Cat Ball!”

  1. 1001
    laurie d

    Lump of coal is so neat! Spike and Ben need that one–haha.

  2. 1002

    While Wrigley deserves a snowball – he’d much more enjoy the Lump of Coal. So Lump of Coal it is!!!

  3. 1003
    Patti Salmon

    Love the lump of coal. Would donate to my local no kill shelter

  4. 1004
    Jacqueline R.

    my two little rascals would like the lump of coal!

  5. 1005
    Marilyn Kollar

    My fur babies would love to find this under the Christmas tree

  6. 1006

    We would love the lump of coal. It is so beautiful. My black cats face would look so cute peeking out of that.

  7. 1007
    Angela T

    Lump of Coal is great! My babies would love it!

  8. 1008

    My kitty definitely deserves the snowball! She is 16 & has always been such a good girl! She loves to curl up in a comfy cat bed and take long naps & this would be perfect for her.

  9. 1009

    Our Thomas deserves a Lump of Coal. He has been a naughty kitty this year…

  10. 1010

    I’d have to go with the snowball! My cat would blend right in.

  11. 1011
    Carrie Clemons

    Today, the lump of coal, lol.

  12. 1012

    Each one of my four would love to have a lump of coal!

  13. 1013
    kelli fitzgerald

    Lump of coal please :-)

  14. 1014
    Kim Harmon

    A snowball would be much appreciated by my Da Capo! It would make up for the lack of snow he’ll be getting this winter here in the Northwest.

  15. 1015

    I love the lump of coal, my Dexter is definitely part devil

  16. 1016

    Lump of Coal for certain!!! They would love the feathers and it would make me chuckle every time I saw it :)

  17. 1017

    My little devils would love the Lump of Coal!!! Cute idea!

  18. 1018

    I would love to have the lump of coal for my girl, but she is an angel!

  19. 1019

    Ooooo…purty! My guys definitely deserve a lump of coal =)

  20. 1020

    Though I try to give Mogwai the best possible beds and toys, she generally only loves and plays with homemade or things that can be bought cheap. Strange right?! Lump of coal for her!

  21. 1021

    My cat Pepper would love the ‘Lump of coal’ he is such a cuddly boy and I could see him sleeping in there for hours

  22. 1022

    Our girls would love the snowball !!!

  23. 1023

    Both the beds are gorgeous, but I’d dearly love the Lump of Coal! Fluffy bed for my fluffy black cat! <3

  24. 1024
    Kathy B

    Seriously think the lump of coal is charming and my furbabies would absoiutely love one–thanks for the giveaway!

  25. 1025

    I think my cats are more the lump of coal-types. They are crazy monsters! They would love one of these.

  26. 1026

    I’d love the Snowball for my kitties.

  27. 1027

    i think my kitties would like the lump of coal, that is so cute

  28. 1028

    Simone would match the Snowball purrfectly! She might -deserve- the coal, but I spoil her anyway :3

  29. 1029
    Heather Kranz

    Lump of Coal. =^..^=

  30. 1030
    Kimberly Duncan

    Loki wants the lump of coal. >^..^<

  31. 1031

    I would choose the Snowball.

  32. 1032
    jung y

    Snowball of course! My white cat Medic would feel too exposed in black :P

  33. 1033

    My cat would loooove the snowball!!

  34. 1034
    Cricket Tiger

    Lump of coal, hands down. Can’t wait to see how many try to cram inside at one time!

  35. 1035
    Akira & Ryuchi

    Kitties and I would enjoy having a snowball to play with =^.^=

  36. 1036
    Phyllis Wiggins

    One of my cats, Camille, deserves the lump of coal. Her sister, Katrina, had a bad fall and broke her jaw and went through a lot of pain and suffering. Now that Katrina is well Camille is jealous and hisses at her all the time.

  37. 1037

    I love Lump of Coal!!!!!!!!!!!! and my cat too :D

  38. 1038
    Lea Anne Campbell

    Love the lump of coal. How creative and fun.

  39. 1039
    Laura Workman

    I’d choose the Lump of Coal bed because our kitty is SO bad but we love her SO much. :)

  40. 1040
    Sarah C

    Definitely the lump of coal for Samantha!! She was tossing a toy around and begging me (loudly) to come play with her at 2:30 this morning. Now she’s sound asleep — but I have to go to work.

  41. 1041

    My kitty Remy definitely deserves the snowball. He was so good in the car over Thanksgiving on the way to his grandma and grandpa’s house. He loves warm cozy places where he can be all tucked in.

  42. 1042

    I love all the beds but the lump of coal is my favorite

  43. 1043
    Dr. Anne

    Definitely the lump of coal–my cats are not the angelic type!

  44. 1044

    My kitty Remy definitely deserves the snowball. He was so good in the car over Thanksgiving on the way to his grandma and grandpa’s house.

  45. 1045
    Laura k

    My two boys deserve a lump of coal for all the things they knock over and break. Cat tree? Why climb that 150 bucks when we can climb shelves? ;) lumps of coal…and kisses

  46. 1046

    My kitties are both sweethearts, but I think they would like the lump of coal one better since it looks like they can hide from the dog in it more than in the snowball one. The dog (Papillon) would probably use it, too, anyhow.

  47. 1047

    My cats deserve both! They are lovable little stinkers!

  48. 1048

    My hairless baby loves to cuddle inside anything but I think she would look gorgeous in the lump of coal.

  49. 1049

    I think that both my cats would love either one, but they deserve the snowball. Our house was robbed and ransacked last year leaving Jeanette very scare and very protective of her people. She began to eat nervously and often. To ease her anxiety at being left home alone during the day, we rescued a kitten named Max. She immediately matured over night and saw to it that he was a well-loved and often-groomed kitten. Now that he’s gaining in size, they tend to play fight like brother and sister but they would defend one another no matter what. The snowball would be a great way for them to cuddle together or hide in wait to “attack” the other in play.

  50. 1050

    The fabulous lump of coal for my black cat, Beckenbauer. He’s a bad boy and he knows it.

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